For High School Counselors

Why JJC is Perfect for Your Students

  • JJC is Inclusive. Our students come from all walks of life, which means there's a place for everyone to fit in - and there are opportunities to learn from others' unique perspectives. 
  • In-Demand Career Training. From radiologic technology to computer networking, JJC offers training in hot career fields. Many programs lead to in-demand opportunities that only require an associate degree, without the need to transfer. 
  • Easily Transfer. JJC's agreements with four-year schools can help students save time - and money.
  • Flexibility. Students can take classes at their own pace, even if that means only one class per semester.
  • Affordable Tuition. Students can save upwards of $20K on their education compared to a four-year school.

How High School Students Can Get Started

Take Dual Credit Classes
  • Dual credit classes are high school courses that also count toward a student's college degree. Even if students don't ultimately choose JJC, they can use these classes for transfer to the university of their choice. The best part? They cost significantly less than a typical college class. 
Take JJC Classes While Still in High School
  • Students age 17 or below are considered "Early Entry" students. They can take JJC classes online or in the evenings while still in high school. This is a great option for students who want to get a head start on their college degree. 
Apply to JJC for College.
  • Talk to your juniors and seniors about choosing JJC after high school. Our application is completely free, so there's no harm in filling it out.

For Students About to Start at JJC

  • Admitted Students

    After applying to JJC, all students* should visit our Admitted Students page to learn about next steps (such as submitting high school transcripts, placement testing, student orientation, advising and more).

    *with the exception of dual credit students

  • How to Setup Your New Account

    Upon acceptance into Joliet Junior College (JJC) and after the creation of your new student account, JJC will send an email to the personal email address you provided in your application, containing your new JJC email address. 

    Refer to the New Account Setup page for instructions on ID lookup and password setting. 

    Students will need their username and password to log in to MyJJC. MyJJC is a one-stop-shop for access to important information like a student's class schedule, financial aid, deadlines and more. 

Help Your Students Research JJC

Application/Enrollment to JJC

  • Dual Credit: Applying to JJC

    What to Know

    Dual credit classes are as demanding as a typical college course. Placement testing may be required. Students should first speak with high school counselor to see if dual credit classes are right for them.

    How to Apply 

    1. Speak to your counselor or teacher about Dual Credit class options.
    2. View the list of Dual Credit courses available at your high school.
    3. When filling out the application, choose the correct semester.
    4. Under "Educational Goals," select "I only plan to complete one or several courses."
    5. Under "Reason for Attending JJC," select "Other."

    JJC Dual Credit Student Application

    What to Do After You Apply

    1. Look up your JJC ID number and emailYou will need this to register for placement exams and Dual Credit courses.
    2. If your counselor or teacher asked you to register for the Accuplacer or ALEKS placement exams, visit our Testing Services page to make your appointment. Confirmation of your appointment will be sent to your JJC email address.


  • Early Entry: Applying to JJC

    What to Know

    Students age 17 or younger can become early entry students and take college classes at JJC. Placement testing may be required. It's possible that JJC may request to interview an applicant for the Early Entry Program.

    How to Apply

    Students must complete the following steps no later than 14 days before the first day of the semester.

    1. Discuss this opportunity with your high school counselor.
    2. Complete an Early Entry enrollment form (PDF). Then, submit this form to the JJC Admissions Office. Email the form to or mail it to the JJC Admissions Office, 1215 Houbolt Rd., Joliet, IL 60431.
    3. Complete a JJC application.

    Early Entry Enrollment Form (PDF)
    JJC Application

    What to Do After You Apply

    Visit our Admitted Students page and follow all of the steps.


  • Applying to JJC for College

    What to Know

    Students must meet at least one of these requirements.

    • 18 years of age
    • A high school graduate (or soon-to-be graduate)
    • Earned your GED

    Nursing, Vet Tech, Sonography and Radiology Students

    These programs require a second application. Contact JJC to learn more.

    How to Apply

    1. Complete a JJC application.

    JJC Application

    What to Do After You Apply

    Visit our Admitted Students page and follow all of the steps.

    Application Tutorial Video



Financial Help & Other Resources

  • Payment Plans

    Payment Plans

    JJC's interest-free monthly payment plan is available to all students. Advantages include:

    • Easy enrollment process
    • Flexible, online payments
    • Pay on a monthly schedule

    Students who want to make monthly payments need to make sure that they enroll early.

    Learn More About Our Payment Plan


    Contact our Student Accounts & Payments Office. Call (815) 280-6688.

  • Scholarships

    Scholarship Opportunities

    High school students intending to go to JJC can apply for many JJC scholarships. Awards can range from $200 to $1,000 each. 

    Fall Semester
    For scholarships awarded in the fall, students must apply between Feb. 1 and May 1.

    Spring Semester
    For scholarships awarded in the spring, students must apply between Oct. 15 and Nov. 30.

    Video: How to Apply for Scholarships

    Scholarships for Undocumented Students

    If you are an undocumented student, please call (815) 280-2829 for information about scholarships.

  • Financial Aid

    Complete the FAFSA

    Any student's first step should be to complete the FAFSA at

    Not sure where to start? JJC's Financial Aid Office can help you complete the FAFSA, navigate the financial aid process and more. Virtual appointments are available. Please call (815) 280-2528 to schedule an appointment.

    Videos: How to Complete the FAFSA and More

    Learn About Financial Support Opportunities

  • Affordable Tuition

    At JJC, you can save more than $20K over the course of two years compared to a four-year school.

    View Tuition Rates

Questions about JJC? We're Here to Help You.

If you or one of your students has specific questions about JJC, contact one of our recruitment specialists.

Rosa SalazarRosa Salazar, Student Recruitment Coordinator
Phone: 815.280.2562
Language: Spanish & English
Primary High Schools: Joliet Central, Joliet West, Gardner South Wilmington, Wilmington, and Peotone


Elizabeth Wagner, Recruitment Specialist
Phone: 815.280.2355 
Primary High Schools: Coal City, Gardner South Wilmington, JCA, Lemont, Minooka, Newark, Peotone, Plainfield East, Providence, Dwight, Reed Custer and Wilmington

Ava Thommen

Ava Thommen, Recruitment Specialist
Phone: 815.280.2863
Primary High Schools: Bolingbrook, Lincoln Way Central, Lincoln Way East, Lincoln Way West, Lockport, Plainfield North, Plainfield South, Plainfield Central, Romeoville, Seneca