Student Advising Center

Academic advising is an important part of your success as a JJC student. JJC Advisors help you make decisions for your future career and educational goals and help guide you when you may find yourself stuck.

COVID-19 Safety Measures

  • Masks are optional.
  • Virtual and in person advising appointments are available. Current and returning students can call (815) 280-2673 for a student advising appointment.

I'm a New Student. How Do I Know When I'm Ready for Student Advising?

All new students must complete the first seven Admitted Student steps before making an appointment to see an advisor. This includes the watching the New Student Presentation via MyJJC.

See the Admitted Student Steps
How to Access the New Student Presentation
How to Set Up a Meeting with an Advisor

Before Your Appointment

Please Review the FAQ Sheet for Virtual Advising.

Our highly trained professionals will assist you with academic planning, which includes: 

  • Orienting you to the college and helping you navigate the first semester registration process
  • Academic and career coaching to help you make educational choices
  • Plans that show you exactly the courses you need for your chosen academic pathway
  • Assistance with preparing for transferring to another college or university
  • Programs and activities to help you adjust to college and address possible barriers to your success
  • A support plan and consistent outreach to help you stay on track 
  •  Help navigating the self-service resources in MyJJC 

To select classes that support your academic pathway, be sure to schedule an appointment with an advisor dedicated to your success!

The Student Advising Center staff can assist in scheduling advising appointments with Career Pathway coaches, Disability Services and the Center for Multicultural Access & Success

Student Advising Center on MyJJC

Advising Support Areas

  • New Students | New Students with Earned Credit

    The Student Advising Center provides academic advising for new students and students with college credit transferring to JJC from another college/university. Staff are also here to assist with general questions about transferring from JJC to another college/university.

    To learn more about new student steps, visit the Admitted Students page. 


  • Undecided or Exploring Students

    The Career Services Center can provide support in exploring majors and career pathways. Career Pathway Coaches are available to assist in choosing an academic pathway while exploring career options.

  • English Language Learners, Underrepresented and Undocumented Students

    The Center for Multicultural Access & Success (CMAS) provides academic advising for English Language Learners, underrepresented and undocumented students. CMAS also provides transfer advising.

    Información en Español

  • First Generation or Students with a Verified Disability

    The Center for Multicultural Access & Success provide academic advising. Visit their web pages to learn more about the department and the additional services they provide.

  • Major Specific Advising

    Once you have a solid academic plan, Faculty Advisors will help you map out all the academic requirements you need to complete. Faculty Advisors are experts in specific career and major areas and are available for most JJC programs. They provide assistance with major-specific educational planning transfer advising and specific career-related guidance.  Before scheduling an appointment with a Faculty Advisor, students should be able to clearly answer the following questions.

    1. Have you committed to a major of study?

    2. Do you know which career path you are pursuing within your major of study?

    3. Are you planning to transfer to another college or university after JJC? 

    4. What school do you plan transferring on to (if applicable)?

    If students can confidently answer these questions then they are ready to transition to major-specific advising. Please review the Faculty Advisors list and contact information to schedule an appointment for major-specific educational planning and transfer advising. If students still need assistance answering these questions and creating a clear plan please contact the Student Advising Center for an appointment. To learn more about what type of Advisor you need to work with review our Guided Academic Pathway Advising flowchart. 

  • Guest Students

    The Student Advising Center assists students enrolled at other colleges or universities wanting to take classes at JJC (usually but not limited to the Summer Semester). Advisors help students identify classes that will transfer back to their primary institutions.