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We've made it easier than ever for you to see our campus. Visit JJC without ever having to leave your living room!

Welcome to JJC!

We love our school - and we know that you're going to love it, too! From our passionate professors to our diverse student body, JJC is an easy place to fit in, find your place and discover your talents.

Thinking about becoming a student? 
Below you'll find at-a-glance videos and information. Learn more about our campus, the application process, what you can expect as a new student and more. 

About JJC

  • JJC Virtual Tour

    Check out our virtual tour! In these videos, you'll follow along with our JJC student guides as they walk you through our beautiful campus. Some highlights include our state-of-the-art buildings, outdoor areas and planetarium.

    JJC Virtual Tour

  • About JJC Pathways

    JJC offers nine academic pathways that separate career clusters into easy-to-understand groupings, making it easy for students to choose a major based on their interests and strengths.

    JJC Pathways

  • A Parent's Guide to JJC

    We know you want the best for your teen. That's why it's essential to emphasize the importance of going to college. Learn more about how you can help your kids navigate the college process below.

    A Parent's Guide to Joliet Junior College

Admissions Information

New Students

  • Introduction to MyJJC

    MyJJC is your one-stop-shop for access to important information like your class schedule, financial aid, deadlines and more. Your MyJJC account is created 24-72 hours after you apply to JJC.


  • How to Look Up Your MyJJC Username and Password

  • Placement Testing

    Is Placement Testing Required?

    Placement scores are mandatory for enrollment into English, math and other classes. If you are not exempt from testing, then you are required to take these exams. If you have a high enough ACT or SAT score, you may not need placement testing. Your PSAT or high school GPA may also excuse you from testing. Check out our temporary alternative measures or watch the video below to see if you qualify.

    Request to Take a Placement Exam

    Visit our Testing Services or Placement Testing pages to fill out a request form for testing.

  • New Student Orientation

    All new JJC students go through JJC's New Student Presentation. Available in both English and Spanish, this presentation will guide you through JJC's academic programs, support services, campus life and more.

    How to Access the New Student Presentation

    Go to the JJC New Student Presentation

  • Student Advising

    After completing the New Student Presentation, you can meet with an advisor to register for classes. This process is essential because JJC advisors will help you plan out your first semester of classes to best fit your major or transfer school requirements. 

    Watch our videos below to see what you can expect.

    How to Set Up a Meeting with a JJC Advisor

    What to Expect From Your Advising Session

  • How Online Classes Work

    JJC's online classes take place via the platform, iCampus, powered by Canvas. Learn how to navigate your online classes in the video below.

    How Online Classes Work

Financial Aid & Scholarships