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International Students

JJC was the first public community college in the United States and was established in 1901. We offer over 180 degrees and certificates that you can choose from.

International Students

At JJC, students will train with expert professors and have access to the latest technology. Located just 72 kilometers outside of downtown Chicago, students have the opportunity to spend their free time enjoying attractions like city tours, lake views, museums, sporting events and more.

JJC proudly accepts international students from all over the world and we look forward to assisting with your educational goals.

F-1 Visa

If you are interested in obtaining an F-1 visa or are already an F-1 student and interested in transferring to JJC, you can reach our International Student Services office at Intlstudent@jjc.edu or complete the online request form.

The choice to attend college in the United States under an F-1 visa is an exciting adventure and we are pleased to learn you are interested in beginning your college career at Joliet Junior College! Acceptance to Joliet Junior College will enable you to receive an I-20 which is required for students to apply for an F-1 visa. Students can find a Checklist included on the JJC International Student Application to help them keep track of when their admissions package is complete prior to submission.

Steps to Apply for Admission

  1. Submit an International Student Application

    Go to the International Student Application

    Once the application is complete, please e-mail to intlstudent@jjc.edu or mail to: 

    Joliet Junior College
    International Student Services Office
    1215 Houbolt Rd.
    Joliet, IL 60431


  2. Provide Proof of English Proficiency

    TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) Score: You must send your original TOEFL report to JJC.  Minimum scores must meet or exceed a 60 iBT.  TOEFL information can be found at ETS.  JJC's destination code is 1346 to send transcripts.

    IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Score: You must send your original IELTS report to JJC.  Minimum score must meet or exceed a 6.0 (IELTS)  www.ielts.org/en-us

    PTE Academic: Please send your test score report to JJC.  Minimum score must meet or exceed a 44.  https://pearsonpte.com/ 

    iTEP Academic Plus: Please send your test score report to JJC.  Minimum score must meet or exceed a 3.7.  https://www.itepexam.com/

    Applicants are exempt from the English language proficiency requirement if they are citizens of a recognized English-speaking country as identified by the United States government.

    Students who are currently attending a high school in the U.S. on an F-1 visa may submit ACT or SAT scores in lieu of the English Proficiency exam scores listed. 

    Students who are transferring to JJC from another university or college within the U.S. on an F-1 visa may be exempt from submitting English Language Proficiency scores, except when transferring from an Intensive English Language Training/ESL program.

  3. Submit Academic Transcripts

    To prove U.S. high school equivalency: Students must submit a document/documents which indicate they have completed the equivalency of high school in their home country.  If high school equivalency documents are not in English, then a certified English translation must be attached to the documents.  JJC reserves the right to request additional evaluation by a third-party service such as Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE) or World Education Services (WES), at the expense of the student, if necessary.

    To prove college/university equivalency: If the student completed college level courses abroad, JJC will only accept 'course-by-course' credential evaluations conducted by a NACES approved organization such as ECE or WES. 

    If some college/university credits were completed within the U.S., then the student should submit an official transcript in a sealed/signed envelope.

  4. Provide Photocopy of Passport

    End date on passport must be valid for at least 6 months into the future.  Include photocopies of any F-2 dependents that will also be accompanying the F-1 visa holder.


Have You Been Accepted to JJC?

Here's what you need to know. Please view each section for important information.

  • Requesting an I-20

    1. All prospective students must submit financial documentation certifying immediate access to funding for at least one academic year of their studies pursuant to 8 CFR § 214.2
    2. A student and/or sponsor(s) must submit an official original bank letter on bank letterhead certifying the account holder's name, type of account, current balance, and the date the statement or letter was issued.  Information contained in the document should be in English, however, the currency does not need to be converted into U.S. dollars.  The bank account being used for evidence of financial support may be in a sponsor's name and a student may have multiple sponsors.  Financial documents must be no more than 6 months old at the time of submission.  Download a sample bank letter
    3. Student must complete and submit an Affidavit of Support.  Types of financial documents that can and cannot be accepted are listed on the Affidavit of Support.  
    4. Additional documentation only for those students transferring to JJC from a U.S. high school or college/university:
      • Copies of all previous I-20s issued to you as an F-1 visa holder
      • All U.S. high school or college transcripts.  Include a copy of all high school/college transcripts from each U.S. institution attended. 
      • International Transfer-In Form
        • Must be completed by the student as well as the student's current Designated School Official (DSO) upon acceptance to JJC. 
    5. Completed documents may be sent to International Student Services at intlstudent@jjc.edu

  • Change of Status

    If you are already in the U.S.A. on a non-immigrant visa type other than F-1, you will need to change your immigration status to F-1 in order to enroll in classes towards earning a degree from JJC. 

    For further assistance and information regarding the change of status process, please contact the International Student Services office at intlstudent@jjc.edu or (815) 280-2870.

  • Additional Steps

    Prepare for Your Visa Interview

    Step 1: Schedule your visa interview.*
    • Contact your country’s U.S. Consulate General/Embassy
    • Complete a Form DS-160 online and print confirmation page
    • Pay $185 application fee; refer to the Embassy or Consulate website to apply for details regarding fee payment

    Step 2: Pay for your SEVIS number online.

    Step 3: Take all required documents with you to the interview.
    • Please bring: a passport valid for at least six months into the future; your I-20; a JJC admission letter; passport-sized photos; a DS-160 online application for nonimmigrant visa (travel.state.gov); proof of MRV payment; Visa reciprocity fee (if applicable); evidence of English ability appropriate for level of study; evidence of financial support; evidence of intent to depart the U.S. once you have completed your studies; any other documents listed on the Embassy or Consulate website for a F-1 student visa
    • Be prepared to show your transcripts and diplomas from previous schools

    Step 4: Go to your interview.
    • Be honest and prove you have a strong tie to your country
    • Wait for F-1 visa approval before purchasing airline tickets

    * Bringing a dependent with you on an F-2 visa? You must provide proof of your relationship to the dependent If your dependent will not apply for their visa at the same time as you, then when they have their appointment they must also provide a copy of your visa, passport, and I-20, along with any other necessary documents as dictated by the Embassy or Consulate.

    Step 5: Set up your JJC Email.
    • Visit jjc.edu/password to activate your JJC email
    • Quick tip: Take a photo to remember your password
    • All JJC communication will be sent to your new email address once enrolled

    Step 6: Complete online orientation.
    • Visit jjc.edu/nso, then click on “Brand New College Student”
    • Enter your student ID, email and password to view the entire New Student Presentation

    Step 7: Pack your bags.
    • Joliet weather can be as high as 38°C in August and as low as -18°C in January
    • Make sure you have all important documents, such as your I-20 and visa/passport, packed in your carry-on luggage

    Step 8: Purchase health insurance and airplane tickets.

    Notify JJC with your expected arrival date.

    • Purchase airline tickets to O’Hare International Airport or Midway in Chicago, with an arrival date no more than 30 days prior to the Program Start date listed on your I-20
    • Notify International Student Services of your itinerary
    • Airport pick-up may be possible but not guaranteed; rideshares like Uber and Lyft are available at an additional cost

    Step 9: Arrive in the U.S.

    Complete your immigration check in with JJC.


    Contact Information:

    International Student Services
    Joliet Junior College
    1215 Houbolt Road
    Joliet, IL 60431

    Phone: +1 (815) 280-2870
    E-mail: intlstudent@jjc.edu
    Skype: jjcinternational
    Facebook: facebook.com/internationaljjc

  • Cost of Attendance

    The international student tuition rate is $460 per credit hour.  F-1 visa students are required to enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester, meaning the approximate total cost in tuition per academic year (Fall and Spring semester) is $11,040.  

    When requesting an I-20, international students are required to show evidence of available liquid funds for additional expenses per academic year, such as housing, food, books, clothing, etc. The current total amount (tuition + books, fees, & living expenses) a student must show proof of in order to obtain an I-20 is currently $26,112.

  • Housing Information

    Housing in Joliet, IL, U.S.A

    Looking for a place to live while you earn your degree? JJC recommends the following apartment complexes.

    Note: These are only recommendations. Do your own research and secure a safe place to reside where you feel comfortable.

    The Woodlands

    1615 Arbor Lane, Crest Hill, IL 60403
    Web: woodlandsofcresthill.com
    Phone: (815) 741-0000

    • $692 to $1,091 per month
    • Six to 14-month lease
    • Accessible to JJC by public transportation
    • No credit check required

    The Birches

    2355 White Birch Lane, Joliet, IL 60435
    Web: thebirches-apts.com
    Phone: (815) 808-3417

    • $740-$1,430 per month
    • 12-month lease, but can do less (3-9 months) for an extra charge
    • Accessible to JJC by public transportation


    You may have to pay a monthly utility fee in addition to rent. This may include cable and internet.

    Don’t want to pay for internet? Public computer access is available through area libraries, JJC computer labs and there may even be a community center with free WiFi at your apartment complex.

  • Health Insurance

    International Student Health Insurance Options

    Our list below includes only a few suggestions. Feel free to do your own research and choose a plan that will work best for you.

    • International Student Insurance:  internationalstudentinsurance.com
    • ISO Insurance: isoa.org
    • iNext International Insurance: inext.com/plans/travel-to-usa
    • GeoBlue International Health Insurance for Higher Education: geobluestudents.com
    • ISP International Student Protection: intlstudentprotection.com


    You must choose a plan that provides coverage in Illinois. If you plan to travel to other states, consider a plan that provides coverage nationally.

  • Important Deadlines & Information for all Prospective Students

    Please note the deadline dates below for complete applications and all supporting documentation: 

    Fall Semester Deadlines: 
    • New Student: June 1
    • Transferring F-1 Student: July 1

    Spring Semester Deadlines: 
    • New Student: November 1
    • Transferring F-1 Student: December 1

    This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant students.

    Joliet Junior College provides access to third party links and information as a courtesy to our students. The College claims no responsibility for the content, reliability and/or activities of this linked, third-party website(s).

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