Office of Sustainability

JJC recognizes that true sustainability involves a commitment to environmental, social, and economic improvement. JJC encourages planning, solutions, and actions that provide benefits for students, employees, and the community.

Volunteer Opportunities Spring 2024

Sustainability is supporting people and the planet, so how can we help? There are so many ways people can make a positive impact on their neighbors and local environment, and often people want to volunteer but don't know where to start! That's why our group will be showing opportunities to join a volunteer day with local non-profits and the college.

Earn volunteer hours and meet up with the Sustainability Union to volunteer in Joliet. Open to students, faculty, and staff! Register online to find out location and more information.


Campus Sustainability Month

Thank you to our 200+ attendees for making our meetings and events, and congratulations to our raffle winners!

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Congratulations to our winners! This semester we gave away 2 hammocks and a solar pack charger! Look out for giveaways during Earth month in 2023.


Scan the QR to learn more information and see what the Sustainability Union is up to!