What does it mean to be sustainable?

Our campus is sustainable because it is environmentally healthy, economically sufficient and socially inclusive. Breaking up the word "sustainability" into these three parts (environmental, economic and social) helps us adequately define sustainability on our campus.

Earth Month 2021

  • April 1-May 3: Scholarship Opportunity

    Scholarship Opportunity: "Sustainability Warrior Poster Competition"

    April 1-May 3
    Enrolled students will create a virtual poster/infographic with insights from topics discussed during Earth Month. Winning posters will receive one of two $250 scholarships courtesy of OSA and their virtual posters will be featured on the JJC Sustainability website. View the full guidelines.

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  • April 1-30: Trash Bash Competition

    Trash Bash Competition

    April 1-30
    JJC is competing against SMHEC Member Institutions to pick up the most trash. Using the Litterati mobile app, we will track the clean-up efforts and add to a global database about the impact of litter in our streets. The winning institution will receive a $250 stipend to support sustainability initiatives on campus. Download the Litterati app and participate with the code JJCSP2021.

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  • April 13-27: Life-Changing Tours of the JJC Natural Areas

    Life-Changing Tours of the JJC Natural Areas

    Experience the Beauty of JJC's Fen
    Tuesday, April 13, 10 a.m.

    Biology professor Andrew Neill will teach you about the importance of the fen for the local ecosystem. Limited to 25 attendees. Dress for the weather and wear a mask. After signing up, mark your calendar to meet outside by the cafeteria (by the picnic tables) on Main Campus. Questions? Contact aneill@jjc.edu.

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    Arboretum Tour
    Tuesday, April 20, 10 a.m.

    Horticulture professor Lisa Perkins will help you identify the plants and trees growing in the Arboretum. Limited to 25 attendees. Dress for the weather and wear a mask. Meet at the Arboretum entrance. Questions? Contact lperkins@jjc.edu.

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    Greenhouse Land Lab Tour
    Tuesday, April 27, 1-2 p.m.

    Horticulture professor Frederic Miller will teach you about greenhouse management and the plant species that the JJC Horticultural Sciences Department is growing. Limited to 25 attendees. Dress for the weather and wear a mask. Questions? Contact fmiller@jjc.edu.

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  • April 7-8: NWF EcoCareers Conference

    NWF EcoCareers Conference

    April 7-8, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day

    • What is it? The NWF EcoCareers Conference prepares students and young professionals for wildlife and sustainability careers. The conference will provide information on the latest EcoCareer trends (from leading analysts and employers), clarify career-enhancing credentials and academic offerings, and formulate a better understanding of the competencies employers seek in the green sector.
    • Who is invited? Students, faculty and staff from high schools, colleges and universities across the country and globe.
    • Check out the conference agenda, speakers list and exhibitors - and sign up for free!

    At the conference, you can:

    • Discover the types of jobs available in the clean economy, compensation levels and advancement opportunities across clean economy sectors
    • Enhance understanding of how to develop effective career plans that include degree programs and project-based learning credentials, while becoming familiar with supportive programming offered through the NWF EcoLeaders Program
    • Explore online sustainability career skill resources that can help college instructors enhance academic offerings for sustainability across various disciplines
    • Meet others across fields interested in leading for a clean economy including students, faculty and employers and learn about ways to support one another

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  • April 10: Houbolt Road Clean Up

    Houbolt Road Clean Up

    Saturday, April 10, 10 a.m. to Noon
    Help us clean trash from the street area near the entrances of JJC's Main Campus. We will be using the Litterati mobile app to compete in the Trash Bash Challenge! Meet up at the Greenhouse Entrance at 10 a.m. Bring a water bottle and gloves. Dress for the weather and wear a mask. For more info, contact Maria Anna Rafac at mrafac@jjc.edu or Ericka Gonzalez at egonzale@jjc.edu.

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  • April 16: SMHEC Sustainable Food Challenge

    SMHEC Sustainable Food Challenge

    Friday, April 16, 1 p.m.
    The SMHEC sustainability Committee is creating a digital Sustainable Food Cookbook. Submit your recipe, then, join us live on Friday, April 16 at 1 p.m. to celebrate your success. Visit the challenge site to learn more.

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  • April 18: JJC's Prairie Ecological Restoration Day

    JJC's Prairie Ecological Restoration Day

    Sunday, April 18, 8 a.m. to Noon
    The Forest Preserve District of Will County and the JJC Science Department are looking for volunteers to restore the native ecology of the prairie. You will learn about invasive species and the importance to keep native plants in place. Limited to 25 volunteers. Dress for the weather and wear a mask. Bring reusable water bottles and snacks.

    RSVP to Eva Murdoch at emurdoch@jjc.edu

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  • April 21: Meaningful Action: A Panel on Environmental Justice in the Local Context

    Meaningful Action: A Panel on Environmental Justice in the Local Context

    April 21, 1:30 p.m.
    During this presentation, you will learn what environmental justice means and how its principles can be applied to local issues. 

    To RSVP for the Zoom link, contact Janine Hicks at (815) 740-3807 or jhicks@jjc.edu.

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  • April 22: Documentary Panel Discussion on "David Attenborough: A Life in Our Planet"

    Documentary Panel Discussion on "David Attenborough: A Life in Our Planet"

    Thursday, April 22, 2-4 p.m.
    The community will have access through Netflix to view the documentary during JJC's Earth Month (April 2021). The panel discussion will be centered around the topics that David Attenborough addresses in the film and expand from there. Andrew Neill, biology professor, will be the moderator of a student panel discussion of the film. 

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  • April 23: SMHEC "Go Solar" Presentation and Q&A with Experts

    SMHEC "Go Solar" Presentation and Q&A with Experts

    Friday, April 23, Noon
    SMHEC and Prairie State College are bringing together two local experts to help you understand how residents in the region are going solar. This session will explore residential rooftop and community solar. Bring your questions. 

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  • April 24: PTK Adopt a Highway Street Clean Up

    PTK Adopt a Highway Street Clean Up

    Saturday, April 24, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
    Alpha Lambda Phi is looking for volunteers to help clear trash on the stretch on Weber Road from Larkin Avenue to Renwick Road. Gloves, bags and vests will be provided. Meet at the parking lot near Fire Water BBQ, 1847 Knapp St., Crest Hill, IL 60403. Bring your reusable water bottle and snacks. Community service hours will be given to all attendees. PTK members will receive twice the amount of community service hours for this event only.

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  • April 30: Arbor Day Seed Giveaway

    Arbor Day Seed Giveaway

    Friday, April 30
    Visit the Arboretum for a seed giveaway.

  • Free Gifts

    Free gifts will be given to attendees during Earth Month.

Environmental Sustainability at JJC

Environmental sustainability is about not depleting our vital natural resources faster than they are renewed to ensure that people and other species live well now and in the future. You can:

  • Get Priority Parking - Main Campus

    JJC offers priority parking spaces for hybrid and Low Emission Vehicles (LEV).

    View LEV designated parking areas on Main Campus

    Have a hybrid or low emissions vehicle and want to park in one of our spaces? 

    Have an electric car?
    Electric vehicle drivers can park and power up at the same time with JJC's ChargePoint Electric Car Charging Stations. The ChargePoint Electric Car Charging Stations are in East Lot 2.

    electric car charging station joliet junior college jjc


  • Solar Panels

    electric car charging station joliet junior college jjcSaving the college more than $1.6 million in electricity expenses over 25 years, JJC's solar array consists of 3,542 solar panels on Main Campus.

    Over the life of this system, it is estimated to produce 61,836,250 kWh of clean and reliable electricity. JJC is expected to offset its total energy consumption by 22.5 percent, making the campus one of the greenest in the state. Learn more.

    Other smaller groupings of solar panels, powering sections of lighting, can also be found across campus.  

  • Take a Class

    Learn in our environmentally friendly (LEED certified (PDF)) buildings or take a class online. Providing quality education while using the least amount of resources is one of our sustainable priorities.

    Learn more about our facilities and online class offerings.

    See a list of sustainability courses on the Get Involved page.

  • Walk or Bike the Trails

    Explore the self-guided prairie and forest trails on Main Campus! The college has 2.75 miles of paved trail and two miles of unpaved nature trails. The paved trail is part of the Rock Run Trail. The Rock Run Trail connects to the 61-mile I&M Canal Trail.

    There are many landmarks along these trails, such as a limestone wall that was built by Confederate Civil War prisoners. Also, there are granite boulders brought down from the north by a glacier 12,000 years ago.

    View a map of our forest and prairie trails

  • Recycle

    JJC offers recycling for:

    • Paper
    • Bottles and bottle caps (only fall and spring semesters)
    • Cans
    • Tires and motor oil
    • Organic waste
    • Toners and ink cartridges
    • Pens and markers (only fall and spring semesters)
      • JJC recycles expired pens and markers to the company, Terracycle. Terracycle rewards its contributors using a point system that equals donations to three charitable organizations: Charity: Water, Carbon Fund, and Eco Schools USA. 

    Learn more by calling Facilities at extensions x2553 or x2332.

Economic Sustainability at JJC

Economic sustainability is about the economic climate evolving to meet the needs of the people by being efficient, responsible, and dependable for the long term. You can:

Social Sustainability at JJC

Social sustainability is about education, diversity, tolerance, inclusion, empathy, and equity achieved by a strong civil society and a developed sense of community. You can: