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JJC Foundation

Your investment will allow the Joliet Junior College Foundation to provide opportunities for our students to grow and succeed in their educational pursuits!

JJC Foundation

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Learn more about the Joliet Junior College Foundation:

  • Ways to Give

    Ways to Give

    Below you will find some ways you can make an impact. Choose the option that best fits your giving needs. 

    Give Online

    Please use our quick and convenient online form to make a gift today via credit card. You can make a one-time donation or sign up for a recurring gift.

    Cash Gifts

    Gifts of cash usually take the form of cash, money orders or checks made payable to the Joliet Junior College Foundation. Please mail your contribution to:

    Joliet Junior College Foundation
    1215 Houbolt Road
    Joliet, IL 60431

    Scholarship Gifts

    Scholarships can be created through the JJC Foundation to support students as they work toward their degree. The foundation offers both annual and endowed scholarships.

    Gifts of Stock

    Stock gifts are accepted by the JJC Foundation. Giving appreciated stock can be tax-wise for some donors. Consult your financial advisor to see if this option may be right for you. Contact Kristi Mulvey, Executive Director, JJC Foundation at 85-280-2353 or kmulvey@jjc.edu.

    Matching Gifts

    Some companies may match your gift to education. Check with your Human Resources Department, complete the application form, and mail it with your check. We’ll do the rest.

    Planned Giving

    The Joliet Junior College Foundation's Planned Giving Program allows individuals the opportunity to ensure the financial well-being of Joliet Junior College by making gifts that provide a maximum benefit for the College, while decreasing the income tax, estate and gift tax burdens upon their estates and descendants. Philanthropic giving can merge your personal financial needs and tax planning. With the assistance of your tax and legal advisors, Joliet Junior College can assist you in making a difference in the future while you gain the greatest benefits today.

    • Current Will
    • Living Trust
    • Life Insurance
    • Real Estate
    • Retained Life Estate
    • Closely Held Stock
    • Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust
    • Charitable Remainder Unitrust
    • Charitable Lead Trust
    In-Kind Gifts

    Donations of goods and services are also known as in-kind donations. To make an in-kind gift please contact Kristi Mulvey, Executive Director, JJC Foundation at 815-280-2353 or kmulvey@jjc.edu.

    Memorial and Tribute Gifts

    Making a gift to the foundation in honor of a family member, mentor, colleague or friend is a thoughtful way to remember someone special and create a living legacy. The JJC Foundation will notify the individual or family of your gift, but will not specify the gift amount.

    Employee Giving/Payroll Deduction

    Joliet Junior College employees may make one-time or on-going contributions to the Foundation through payroll deduction.

  • Scholarship and Giving Funds

    The JJC Foundation has a variety of scholarship and giving funds for you to choose from when making your donation.

    Scholarship and Giving Options

    Below you will find a list of the many funds the JJC Foundation houses for donations. Find an option that best suits your giving needs.

    • Barnard, Edwin P. Memorial Scholarship
    • Benary, Ernst of America Scholarship Fund
    • Bono, Joseph Anthony Scholarship
    • Cattron, Carolyn and Dave Agricultural Education
    • Chicago Farmers Annual Scholarship
    • Christina's Mini Farm
    • Compeer Community College Scholarship
    • Davidson, Lorraine Agriculture Endowed Scholarship
    • Denzer, Adam Memorial Ag Scholarship
    • DeWitt & Parke Holland Ag Scholarship
    • Duzan, Bruce Memorial Scholarship
    • Eisenbrandt, William Memorial Agriculture Scholarship
    • Ethridge, Ivan and Doris Memorial Fund
    • GROWMARK, Inc. Annual Scholarship
    • Henderson, Harlan Endowed Memorial Scholarship
    • Horticulture Memorial Scholarship
    • Jensen Family Endowed Scholarship
    • JJC Foundation Agriculture Judging Contest Award
    • JJC Foundation Horticulture Judging Contest Award
    • JJC Horticulture Scholarship
    • Johnson, Carl Memorial Agriculture Scholarship
    • Johnson, William B. Ag Operations Endowment Fund
    • Johnson, William B. Memorial Agriculture Scholarship
    • Jurgens, Robert Memorial Agriculture Scholarship
    • Kohl, Richard & Bernadette Ag Scholarship
    • Nelson, Philip Agriculture Leadership Scholarship
    • Nichols, Paul Memorial Scholarship
    • Nootbaar, Tina M. Memorial Scholarship
    • Phillip, James and Helen Scholarship Fund
    • Richards, Gerald T. Richards Scholarship of the Lockport Lions Club
    • Richards, John F. Agriculture Scholarship
    • Rivera, Richard T. Memorial Horticulture Scholarship
    • Ross Memorial Endowed Scholarship, Melinda F.
    • Shoup Manufacturing Scholarship
    • Snider Family Ag Transfer Scholarship
    • Stewart, Mark Memorial Scholarship
    • Theiler, Francis and Helen JJC Agriculture
    • Vondrasek, John Memorial Scholarship
    • Wackerlin, Wayne Memorial Annual Scholarship
    • Wackerlin, Wayne Memorial Endowed Scholarship
    • Wadsworth Endowed Scholarship Fund
    • Walsh, Larry Annual Scholarship
    Allied Health and Nursing
    • 911 How Can I Help
    • Adelman Medical Scholarship
    • Allen, William Taylor Scholarship
    • AMITA St. Joseph Medical Center Transfer Scholarship
    • Bell, Ellen P. Memorial Scholarship
    • Cardosi, Jamie K. Memorial Nursing Scholarship
    • Cato, Laura Memorial Nursing Scholarship
    • Crawford, Dr. Clifford Endowed Scholarship
    • Crawford, Kim Memorial Scholarship
    • Czerkies, Carolyn Scholarship
    • Dalton Mallo, Dolores Nursing Scholarship
    • E.C.G. Annual Scholarship
    • Fagan, Janet Hennessey Nursing Scholarship
    • Fisk, Emily Howe Scholarship
    • Fitz, John and LaVeral Scholarship
    • Garcia, Guillermina Annual Scholarship
    • Harder, James E. & Donna M. Nursing Endowed Scholarship
    • In Loving Memory of Isabelle
    • JOHA Foundation Annual Scholarship
    • Just Breathe
    • Kapp, Victoria R. Nursing Endowed Scholarship
    • Lukancic-Monroe, Dr. Mildred Endowed Scholarship
    • Lukancic, Louis and Paula Scholarship
    • Lynch, Lore H. Memorial Scholarship
    • Mancuso, Rose Endowed Scholarship
    • Martinucci, August & Livia Scholarship
    • Meslar, Patti Mallo Nursing Scholarship
    • Morimoto, Paul & Ruth Scholarship
    • Morman, Elizabeth A. Memorial Nursing Scholarship
    • Morris Hospital Nursing Transfer Scholarship
    • Mullen, Dr. Wylie & Mrs. Shirley Scholarship
    • Nichols, Dr. Peter & Amanda Endowed Scholarship
    • Roa, Kathryn F. E.M.T. Memorial Endowed Scholarship
    • Ross, J.D. & Helen H. Scholarship
    • Saveas CNA Scholarship
    • Schmitz, Florence A. Memorial Scholarship
    • Schmitz, Russell & Bess Scholarship
    • Sherman, Rose Endowed Nursing Scholarship
    • Silver Cross Hospital Nursing Transfer Scholarship
    • Sova, Edward and Rita Wolz Sova Nursing Endowed Scholarship
    • Streitz, Dr. Thomas J. and Suzanne D. Endowed Scholarship
    • Tarizzo, Dr. Richard Scholarship
    • Taylor, Eunice H. Memorial Nursing Scholarship
    • Trizna, Susan Cipolle Nursing Scholarship
    • Wiers, Kimberly Slivka Scholarship
    • Will-Grundy Medical Society Alliance Scholarship
    • William Taylor Allen Annual Scholarship
    • Wirt, Jeanette Sing-Wirt Memorial Scholarship
    • Wunderlich, Dr. Warren and Darlene Endowed Scholarship
    • Bell, Sheldon C. Endowed Scholarship
    • Binion, Jack B. Endowed Scholarship
    • Burla, Joseph and Christine Endowed Scholarship
    • Business Faculty Scholarship
    • Conte, William R. Family Scholarship
    • Conterio Business Scholarship
    • Corradetti, John and Yola Endowed Scholarship
    • Crawford, Dr. Curtis J. Scholarship
    • Fox, Carol A. Annual Scholarship
    • Gantzert, Paul Annual Scholarship
    • Gantzert Endowed Scholarship
    • JJC Business Faculty Scholarship
    • Harder, James E. and Donna M. Harder Business Endowed Scholarship
    • Harvey, Glenn and Joanne Honorary IT Scholarship
    • Heartland Bank & Trust Annual Scholarship
    • Hometown National Bank Business Scholarship
    • Grundy County Chamber of Commerce Annual Scholarship
    • Kambic, Bernard E. Memorial Scholarship
    • Klotz, Timothy C. Memorial Endowed Scholarship
    • Lichtenwalter, Gary/Daylene  Scholarship
    • Manthei, Richard W. and Judith B. Endowed Scholarship
    • Matteson, Richard J. Accounting Scholarship Fund
    • McGirr, Vincent C. Scholarship
    • Meyer, Lois E. Memorial Scholarship
    • Oberwortmann, James F. Memorial Scholarship
    • Pelias, Steve & Sylvia Memorial Scholarship
    • R.L. Sohol Endowed Scholarship
    • Schultz, Marilyn J. Endowed Scholarship
    • Sratcha, Tom Sratcha Scholarship
    • Tierney, Joan Annual Scholarship
    • Tinkle, Dr. Lloyd L. Endowed Scholarship Fund
    • Tirapelli Ford Accounting Scholarship
    • Zonta Club of Joliet Area Endowed Scholarship
    Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement
    • Bustin, Dr. Frederick Law Enforcement Scholarship
    • Crime Stoppers of Will County Taylor Pirc Endowed Scholarship
    • Dufour, Tyler Law Enforcement Memorial Scholarship
    • Kerr, Archie S. Law Enforcement Scholarship
    • Law Abiding Citizen Annual Scholarship
    • Mayer, Steven W. Memorial Law Enforcement Educational Grant
    • Munch Family Scholarship
    • Pownall, George A. Endowed Scholarship
    • Walsh, Jonathan Edward Memorial Scholarship
    • Will County Juvenile Officer's Association
    Culinary Arts/Hospitality Management
    • Arkas Scholarship
    • Ben Loves to Cook
    • Boiardi, Hector Memorial Scholarship Fund
    • Cowgill, Mark Culinary Arts Scholarship
    • Crawford, Terry Culinary Arts Annual Scholarship
    • Culinary Arts Faculty Endowment
    • Equip-a-Culinary Student Scholarship
    • For the Love of Chocolate Scholarship
    • Frenchette, Paul W. Scholarship
    • Hamilton, Carol Hospitality Scholarship
    • Harrah's JJC Centennial Endowed Scholarship in Culinary Arts
    • Harrah's Joliet Casino Hotel Endowed Scholarship
    • Harvey, Kathy and Jim Culinary Arts Scholarship
    • Hollywood Casino Scholarship
    • Leeson, Eric Memorial Scholarship
    • Leeson, Scott & Nancy Scholarship
    • Roy, Adam Mentor Culinary Arts Scholarship
    • Spring Gala Scholarship
    • The Zonta Club of Joliet Area Culinary Arts Scholarship, in honor of Sue Pritz-Bornhofen
    • Wagner, Charles Memorial Scholarship
    • Wiers, Lingrel Susan Scholarship
    • Zdralevich, George Garden Scholarship
    • Zollner, David Scholarship in Culinary Arts
    • Zollner, Max & Marilyn Anniversary Scholarship
    • Brewer, Grace Scholarship
    • Griffin, Barbara J. Memorial Scholarship
    • Lee, Dr. Michael Endowed Scholarship 
    • Jensen, Jensen Family Endowed Scholarship
    • Rogers, Leah L. Scholarship
    • Ross, J.D. & Helen H. Scholarship
    English/World Languages
    • Asher, Patrick W. Scholarship
    • Barnes, Evelyn Scholarship
    • Burke, Dr. Robert P. Scholarship
    • Cockbill, Margaret J. Endowed Scholarship
    • Kerr, Lea B. Journalism Scholarship
    • Roach, Carl Memorial Scholarship
    • Schenk, Joyce Stewart Memorial Scholarship
    • Walters, Arthur L. and Ruby K. Scholarship
    • Wordeater Loudmouth McKracken Creative Writing Scholarship
    Fine Arts
    • Albano, Brian Memorial Scholarship
    • Arida, Gamil T. Art Scholarship
    • Ciccotelli, Gino J. Endowed Scholarship
    • Codo, Norman & Charlotte Art Scholarship
    • Dellinger, Hal D. Music Scholarship
    • Engleman, Richard H. and Clarice B. Music Scholarship
    • JJC Choir
    • JJC Music Service Scholarship
    • JJC Music Talent Scholarship
    • Kingsbury, John and Laura Art Scholarship
    • Krockey, Natalie, Isabella, Aaron and Noelle Music Scholarship
    • Lennon, Art and Lisa Memorial Scholarship
    • Lester, Paul F. and Katherine C. Music Scholarship
    • Lewis, Eldon R. Jazz Scholarship
    • Lewis, Jerry E. Fine Arts Scholarship
    • Lichtenwalter, Daylene/Gary Scholarship
    • Mallary, Robert A. Fine Arts Centennial Scholarship
    • McMillin, Jeffrey Memorial Scholarship
    • Oxborrow, Douglas F. Vocal/Choral Scholarship
    • Stone, Rosaline B. Theatre Scholarship
    • Sullivan, Bill J. Music Scholarship
    • Themis, John C. Scholarship (Music)
    • Tolf, Gale M. Emerging Artist Scholarship
    • West, Margaret L. Scholarship
    • A Leopard Never Changes Its Spots
    • Amazon Endowed Book Scholarship
    • American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association
    • Anderson, Harold Memorial Scholarship
    • Aschinberg, Dr. L. Claude M.D. Annual Scholarship
    • Bailey, Percy and Alice Annual Scholarship
    • Black Student Leader Association Scholarship
    • Bolingbrook Rotary Club Endowed Scholarship
    • Bridges, Brian Bridges Never Quit Scholarship
    • Brown, Honey Endowed Scholarship
    • Capetillo, Maria State Farm Annual Scholarship
    • Carlson, Raymond Memorial Scholarship
    • Chalstrom-Douglas, Robert & Marie Scholarship
    • Chavez, Richard L. Family Scholarship
    • CMM Scholarship Fund
    • The Community Foundation of Will County Endowed Scholarship - Established in honor of Dr. Judy Mitchell, President Emeritus, Joliet Junior College 
    • Corsetti, Carmine Memorial Annual Scholarship
    • Corsetti, Carmine Memorial Endowed Scholarship
    • Coughlin, Honorable Patrick and Kathryn Scholarship
    • Council for Working Women Scholarship
    • Crane Fund for Widows and Children Scholarship
    • Daughters of Penelope Scholarship
    • Dennis, Jewell/Tribute to Men of Color Endowed Scholarship
    • Desmarais, Norman A. Memorial Scholarship
    • Engers, Dr. Carolyn M. T. Endowed Scholarship
    • Engers, Dr. Carolyn M. T. Associate's Degree + Scholarship
    • Esworthy, Donald and Virginia Annual Scholarship
    • Exxon Mobil Veterans Book Scholarship
    • First American Bank Annual Scholarship
    • First Midwest Bank/NAACP Scholarship
    • Flemister, Dr. Glenda Scholarship
    • Freeman, Nancy Scholarship
    • French, Grayce Stadler Memorial Scholarship
    • Future JJC Alumni Annual Scholarship
    • Goeken-Martis, Sandra K. Scholarship
    • Graham, Douglas & Mildred Endowed Scholarship
    • Grants West Appliance Scholarship
    • Grundy County Chamber of Commerce and Industry Annual Scholarship
    • Gutierrez, Natividad and Felipa Aguilera Scholarship
    • Harper, Don Memorial Scholarship
    • Henderson, Doreen Annual Scholarship
    • Heniff, Marilyn Scholarship
    • Howard, Vic and Jennifer Annual Scholarship
    • JJC Alumni Endowed Scholarship
    • JJC Annuitants Association Annual Scholarship
    • JJC Foundation 50th Anniversary Endowed Scholarship
    • Johnson, Edward C./CAALAC Scholarship Fund
    • Joliet Township 12X12X12
    • Kasak, Deborah Trotter Annual Scholarship
    • Kennedy, Charles Scholarship
    • Klasing, Jr., Charles L. Scholarship
    • Klasing, Wayne G. and Barbara G. Endowed Scholarship
    • Krockey, Sol C. Memorial Scholarship
    • Latinos Unidos Scholarship
    • Learning & Skills Scholarship
    • McGirr, Vincent K. Scholarship
    • Midwest Generation Merit Scholarship
    • Mijeski, Richard Francis
    • Miller, Sarah Endowed Memorial Scholarship
    • Mitchell, Dr. Judy Endowed Scholarship
    • Namuo Family Endowed Scholarship
    • Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds Endowed Scholarship
    • Nicoll, Gil Memorial Math Endowed Scholarship
    • Orosco, Paul K. & Catherine M. Alumni Endowed Scholarship
    • Ozmon, Laird Scholarship
    • Peterson, Dr. John & Melanie Academic Scholarship
    • Phi Theta Kappa Patrick Asher Scholarship
    • Proulx, Dr. Gena Memorial Endowed Scholarship
    • Rivera, Richard T. Memorial Grounds Scholarship
    • Rotary Club of Joliet, Inc. Scholarship
    • Rousonelos, Dr. Stanley Scholarship
    • Rowley, Elmer Scholarship
    • Ruden, Donald E. Annual Scholarship
    • Schultz, Nichole Memorial Scholarship
    • Schluntz, Walter G. Memorial Scholarship
    • Seron, Dr. Merron Memorial Scholarship
    • Smith, Arthur G. Scholarship
    • Smith, Vera Scholarship
    • Sohol, R. L. Endowed Scholarship
    • Solfronk, Dr. Jacqueline A. Endowed Scholarship
    • Solfronk, Ludmilla Scholarship
    • Stadler-French, Grayce Memorial Scholarship
    • Steiner Kerman Education Foundation
    • Student Service Recognition Award
    • Suburban Service League Scholarship
    • Todd Family Annual Scholarship
    • Trackman, Anna and Samuel Scholarship
    • Trackman-Berlinsky, Maurice & Shirley Scholarship
    • Trackman-Given, Betty & James Scholarship
    • Trackman-Given, Dory & Sherman Scholarship
    • Trackman-Given, Marian & Robert Scholarship
    • Trackman Givens Gross, Julius & Mae
    • Trackman-Gross, Joyce & Milton
    • Trackman-Gross, Leon Scholarship
    • Trackman, Harry & Henrietta Scholarship
    • Trackman, Herbert Scholarship
    • Trackman, Louis R. Scholarship
    • Trackman, Louis & Esther
    • Trackman/Rabbi Hershman Scholarship
    • Trackman-Rubens, M. & L. Scholarship
    • Trams, A. Francis Trust Memorial Scholarship
    • Trygg, Stanley Jr., Scholarship
    • Tyriver, Steven & Gayle Scholarship
    • Steven and Gayle Tyriver Scholarship
    • Van Donk, Vivian R. Scholarship
    • Van Horn, Carl and Dorothy Book Scholarship
    • Wollschlager, Larry Scholarship Honoring Former Teacher Patrick Asher
    • Woman's Club of Joliet
    • Wunderlich, Robert J. Endowed Scholarship
    • Zaida, Walter F. Scholarship
    High School Merit 
    • JJC Foundation Scholarship - Bolingbrook High School
    • JJC Foundation Scholarship - Coal City High School
    • JJC Foundation Scholarship - Dwight High School
    • JJC Foundation Scholarship - Gardner-South Wilmington High School
    • JJC Foundation Scholarship - Joliet Central High School
    • JJC Foundation Scholarship - Joliet West High School
    • JJC Foundation Scholarship - Lemont High School
    • JJC Foundation Scholarship - Lincoln-Way Central High School
    • JJC Foundation Scholarship - Lincoln-Way East High School
    • JJC Foundation Scholarship - Lincoln-Way North High School
    • JJC Foundation Scholarship - Lockport High School
    • JJC Foundation Scholarship - Minooka High School
    • JJC Foundation Scholarship - Morris High School
    • JJC Foundation Scholarship - Newark High School
    • JJC Foundation Scholarship - Peotone High School
    • JJC Foundation Scholarship - Plainfield Central High School
    • JJC Foundation Scholarship - Plainfield East High School
    • JJC Foundation Scholarship - Plainfield North High School
    • JJC Foundation Scholarship - Plainfield South High School
    • JJC Foundation Scholarship - Pontiac/Odell High School
    • JJC Foundation Scholarship - Providence Catholic High School
    • JJC Foundation Scholarship - Reed-Custer High School
    • JJC Foundation Scholarship - Romeoville High School
    • JJC Foundation Scholarship - Seneca High School
    • JJC Foundation Scholarship - Wilmington High School
    • Murphy, Loretta Scholarship - Providence Catholic High School
    • Murphy, Loretta Scholarship - Joliet Catholic Academy 
    Library Technology
    • Levine, Barry Scholarship Award
    • Snider Family LTA Scholarship
    Natural Science / STEM
    • Hieggelke, Curtis J. and Estelle Endowed Scholarship
    • Menzer, Alfred and Oleta
    • Onsgard, Leonard & Alice Physics Scholarship
    • STEM Scholarship Program Scholarship
    Study Abroad
    • Corsetti, Anna Maria Scholarship for Excellence in World Languages/Study Abroad
    • Downes, Jack B. Study Abroad Scholarship
    • Study Abroad Annual Scholarship
    • Aguilar, Juan Memorial Scholarship
    • Aux Sable Liquid Products Scholarship
    • Bill, John M. Memorial Scholarship Fund
    • Burla, Frank Memorial Scholarship
    • CADD Advisory Board Scholarship
    • CITGO STEM Endowed Fund
    • Cwiklo, Edward C. Technical Scholarship
    • Engers, Carolyn M. T. Scholarship
    • Escue, Michael Memorial Scholarship
    • ExxonMobil Annual Scholarship
    • Frenchette, Paul W. Scholarship
    • Grainger Annual Scholarship
    • Greenway, Chuck & Bettie Scholarship
    • Hamilton Engineering Scholarship
    • Hamilton-Morse Scholarship
    • Harvey, Glenn and Joanne Honorary IT Scholarship
    • International Society of Automation Will-DuPage Section, Edward T. Meyers Memorial Scholarship
    • Kehlet, Alan B. & Lois Endress Scholarship
    • Kreidler, Lawrence & Phyllis Scholarship
    • Larson, Evard and Vernetta Memorial Scholarship
    • Manufacturing for the Future Annual Scholarship
    • Marchiniak, Lester Memorial Scholarship
    • Metalstamp, Inc. Scholarship
    • Muscle Up Annual Scholarship
    • Olin Corporation Annual Scholarship
    • OPT Pioneers Scholarship
    • Three Rivers Manufacturers' Association Endowed Scholarship in honor of Jerry Caamano
    • Tirapelli Ford Automotive Scholarship
    • TR Miller HVAC Scholarship
    • Valintis, Edward R. Annual Scholarship
    • Votta, Tiffany Pay It Forward Scholarship
    • Wahlen, Robert Memorial Endowed Scholarship
    • Walco Tool & Engineering Scholarship Fund
    • Zeborowski, Gerald & Brenda Endowed Scholarship
    • Allsopp, John H. & Clara E. Allsopp Hobbs Endowed Scholarship
    • Christiansen, Lloyd & Linda Scholarship
    • Cronin Schoolhouse/Marie Ghilain Scholarship
    • Pundaleeka, Dr. Sarode Endowed Scholarship
    • Puddicombe, Edmund C. Graduate Scholarship
    • Schmidt/Kuhn Scholarship
    • Snider Family Ag Transfer Scholarship
    • Susan H. Wood Scholarship
    • Vitoux, CDR George E. Work Scholarship
    Veterinary Medical Technology
    • Finley, Jean & Harold Veterinary Medical Endowed Scholarship
    • Hanover Park Animal Care Center Annual Scholarship
    • Muntwyler, Wanda Foundation
    • Stone City Kennel Club Scholarship
    • Vet Tech Study Abroad Scholarship
    Other Funds
    • Agricultural Department Special Projects
    • Ag/Hort Program
    • American Institute of Architects at JJC
    • Arboretum Fund
    • Automotive Service Tech
    • Awards for Excellence Endowment Fund
    • Bio Science Department
    • Business Education
    • CAALAC Fund
    • Career Services
    • CIOS Educational Program
    • Composer Fund
    • Corporate and Community Services
    • Criminal Justice Fund
    • Culinary Arts Department
    • Culinary Competition Team
    • Disability Services
    • Ecological Restoration Project
    • Empty Bowls Project
    • English/Foreign Language
    • Farm Fund
    • Fine Arts Department
    • Fine Arts Theatre Fund
    • Fire Science Program
    • Fitness Center/Equipment Replacement
    • Fosterpalooza
    • Habitat for Humanity Tools/Supplies Fund
    • Horticulture Landlab
    • IET/CDC Fund
    • ISA Student Section Fund
    • IT Tech Department
    • Intervarsity
    • JJC Athletic Administration Fund
    • JJC Baseball Fund
    • JJC Cheerleading Fund
    • JJC Community Band
    • JJC Cross Country Fund
    • JJC Early Childhood Center Fund
    • JJC Food Pantry
    • JJC Foundation 5K
    • JJC Jazz Ensemble
    • JJC Men's Basketball Fund
    • JJC Men's Soccer Fund
    • JJC Police & Community Engagement Fund
    • JJC Softball Fund
    • JJC Volleyball Fund
    • JJC Women's Basketball Fund
    • JJC Women's Soccer Fund
    • JJC Wrestling Team
    • Kids College
    • Intervarsity
    • Latinos Unidos Club
    • Learning Resource Center
    • Livestock Judging
    • Mathematics Department
    • Musica Viva
    • Night of Stars
    • Nursing Department
    • Orthotics/Prosthetics Laboratory Fund
    • Paver Program
    • Phi Theta Kappa
    • Planet Fund
    • Professional Development Action Team
    • Physical Science Department
    • Repair Café Fund
    • Rural Schoolhouse Museum Fund
    • Social Science Department
    • Sponsor an Animal
    • Student Ag Association
    • Student Emergency Fund
    • Student Mental Health Fund
    • Student Sustainability Fund
    • Technical Building Equipment Fund
    • Technical Department
    • Theatre Guest Art/Travel Fund
    • Trackman Planetarium
    • Unrestricted Gifts Fund
    • Vet Tech Program
    • Veteran's Alliance
    • Workforce Development
    • Workforce Education
    • Wrestling Endowment Fund

  • Partner With Us

    The generosity of our partners allows us to provide scholarships and enhance academic and athletic programs at the college.

    Partnership Opportunities

    Would your company or organization like to support our endeavors by making a gift to the JJC Foundation’s Sponsorship Campaign? Your investment will allow the foundation to provide opportunities for student to grow and succeed in their educational pursuits. This year’s campaign will not only fund scholarship for our students, but also our nationally-ranked athletic programs.

    Contact us for 2023 Sponsorship Opportunities

    Contact Information

    Joliet Junior College Foundation
    Campus Center: A-3023
    Amanda Quinn
    Assistant Director, Institutional Advancement
    Phone: 815-280-2693
    Email: aquinn@jjc.edu

  • Commemorative Pavers

    Leave your legacy at Joliet Junior College by ordering a customized, engraved paver brick.

    Celebrate Achievements. Commemorate Milestones. Honor Others.

    The Joliet Junior College Foundation is offering an opportunity to purchase commemorative paver bricks to recognize a graduation, wedding, birthday, anniversary, retirement or other special event.  For just $100, the paver brick is a unique way for alumni and friends to pay tribute to a loved one, beautify the campus and become a permanent part of the college's glorious history.  The paver bricks surround the Alumni Bell Tower located at the entrance of the Dr. Gena Proulx Campus Center. 

    Order your custom paver brick

  • Friends of the Arboretum – Trees for Tomorrow

    The Trees for Tomorrow program improves and diversifies the 11-acre Arboretum at Joliet Junior College. Make your donation today to enables the college to make the needed acquisitions to develop and maintain the arboretum well into the future.

    About Trees for Tomorrow

    We would like to enlist your support to improve and diversify the 11-acre arboretum at Joliet Junior College. The Arboretum was designed and partially planted in 1975 by Dr. William M. Zales. Your support will help to increase the number and diversity of plantings to include more than 200 species belonging to more than 100 genera in approximately 50 families. Our vision is to create a park-like setting with winding footpaths, benches, and educational information about the native and naturalized woody plants growing in the arboretum.

    Your tax-deductible gift will allow you to become a member of Friends of the Arboretum and will enable the college to make the needed acquisitions to develop and maintain the arboretum well into the future. Trees will be added to the arboretum in the spring and fall seasons of each year. To make your donation, please complete the form below.

    Give to JJC: Friends of the Arboretum


Last year...

Students were awarded more than $870,000 in scholarships and student emergency funds from the JJC Foundation

Mission of the JJC Foundation

The Joliet Junior College Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization, was established in 1973 to support the mission and goals of Joliet Junior College by raising and managing private dollars for scholarships, new buildings and equipment, the expansion and enrichment of academic programs, endowments and other priority needs.

The Joliet Junior College Foundation is recognized as the official gift-receiving agency of the College. Any gift to the College - unrestricted or restricted - given through the Foundation qualifies as a charitable gift within the limits of the law.

Foundation Facts & Stats

  1. Last year, students were awarded over $870,000 in scholarships and student emergency funds from the JJC Foundation.

  2. The totals assets of the JJC Foundation are almost $34.4 million, with $17.1 million in endowments.

  3. Yearly, the JJC Foundation provides $50,000 in Awards for Excellence and Innovation grants to faculty and staff for special projects and programs.

  4. Alumni, friends, employees, and community partners donated $2.1 million.

Joliet Junior College Foundation Board

The Joliet Junior College Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of College alumni and friends who provide invaluable counsel and assistance in strategic planning, fundraising, portfolio management, and other matters.

  • Board of Directors and Members

    J. David Conterio
    Hometown National Bank

    President Elect
    Christopher Brown
    Mayor of Morris, Illinois

    Vice President
    William Conte
    Morgan Stanley

    Brian Giegerich
    BMO Wealth Management

    Past President
    Dr. K. Brett Gould
    Retired, Lockport Township High School

    Present Board Members

    • Christopher Breyman - Grundy Bank
    • Chris Brown - City of Morris
    • Joseph F. Burla - Burla Properties, Retired
    • Troy Cicero - MulticultuReal Communications, Inc.
    • William Conte - Morgan Stanley
    • J. Dave Conterio - Hometown National Bank
    • Eric Danielson - Silver Cross Hospital
    • Noreen Dollinger - Dollinger Family Farm
    • Michael Fagan - Trinity Health
    • Brian Giegerich - 
    • Dr. K. Brett Gould – Lockport Township HS, Retired
    • Jennifer Howard - Joliet Region Chamber of Commerce
    • William T. Kaplan - Attorney at Law
    • Joseph Kirkeeng - First Secure Bank
    • Kimberly Landers - Morris Hospital
    • Cornell Lurry Sr. - Midland States Bank
    • Craig Mateski - Aurora Fire Dept., Retired
    • Dianne McDonald - Joliet Township High School
    • Natalie Miller - JJC Faculty, Retired
    • Michael Murray - Elevate Private Wealth Management
    • Theresa Rodriguez - Naperville Public Library, Retired
    • Roger Ross - Ross Tree Care
    • Jeffrey Rzasa - Busey Bank
    • Donna Theimer - JJC Faculty, Retired
    • James Walker - Amazon
    • Larry Wiers - Lewis University, Retired
    • Brian Van Acker - Argonne National Laboratory
    • Jean Yates - Joliet School District 86, Retired


    Life Members

    • Rosa Angeles
    • David Beck*
    • Maurice Berlinsky*
    • Richard Brandolino
    • Joseph Burla
    • Richard DeGrush
    • Judith DeVriendt
    • Ronald H. Galowich*
    • Dr. K. Brett Gould
    • Michael Guglielmucci, Jr.
    • Helen Harshbarger*
    • Jennifer Howard
    • William T. Kaplan
    • Wayne Klasing 
    • Robert G. Klein*
    • Arthur T. Lennon*
    • Earl Meisinger*
    • Dr. Peter Nichols*
    • Thomas Osterberger
    • Louis Peyla*
    • John Rogers
    • Dr. Stan Rousonelos*
    • Clarence Schmitz*
    • John H. Weitendorf, Jr. 
    • Robert Wysocki 
    • Walter F. Zaida*
    • Doug Ziech*



    Executive Director, JJC Foundation
    Executive Director, Institutional Advancement
    Kristin Mulvey

    Director, Institutional Advancement
    Amanda Quinn

    Alumni Relations and Annual Fund Manager
    Jen Davis

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