English as a Second Language and Citizenship

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About English as a Second Language (ESL) Classes

Our free ESL classes are for all non-native English speaking adults. We can help native speakers of Spanish, Polish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Urdu and much more. Our free classes are great if you or a loved one want to learn English for personal reasons, for college, to get a job and more.

Our classes are split up into six levels, from beginning to advanced. Students will need to take a test to see which class they should start first. In class, students will learn the following English skills:

  • Listening
  • Speaking/pronunciation
  • Reading/vocabulary
  • Writing/grammar

Where to Take Classes

Classes take place in Bolingbrook, Morris, Romeoville, Plainfield and Joliet and are offered between 4-12 hours per week. You can take classes in the morning, evenings and on Saturdays.

What You Can Expect From Our ESL Classes

Our classes will help you learn English as a second language. 

  • Listen, speak and understand English
  • Read materials written in English
  • Write in clear, concise, acceptable, English
  • As your skills develop, you can advance through all of our classes

ESL Class Levels

Beginning ESL (Levels 1 and 2)
This course helps adults understand, read and write English for everyday use. After this course, students can begin our Intermediate ESL course. 

Intermediate ESL (Levels 3 and 4)
This course helps adults who already have basic English reading and writing skills. Students will continue learning English in a way that will help them advance in education, training, employment and community involvement. After this course, students can begin our Advanced ESL course.

Advanced ESL (Levels 5 and 6)
This course helps adults who have English reading and writing skills below the high school level. Students will continue lessons that will help them advance in education, training, employment, and community involvement. After this course, many students begin Adult Basic Skills classes, which require about a sixth grade English reading and writing level. After Adult Basic Skills classes, students can continue on to earn their GED, go to college or complete career training. 

How to Sign Up for Our Classes

  1. Watch our informational video.
  2. Register for classes and complete testing. You must provide a photo ID during testing (driver's license, high school ID, Sam's Club card, Costco card, etc.)
  3. Questions about how to get started? Email DAELstaff@jjc.edu or call (815) 280-1333.

Watch our Informational Video and Register Now

Citizenship Test Classes

Take our Citizenship Test classes to prepare for the U.S. Citizenship test. These classes are open to non-native English speakers who are adults. Citizenship classes and materials are free to in-district residents. In these classes, you will learn about:

  • U.S. History
  • the U.S. Constitution
  • Civics
  • the N400 application

These classes will also help you:

  • learn how to best answer oral questions through mock interviews
  • learn how to pass the written test

Questions about our Citizenship Training classes?
Contact Mandy Dwyer at mdwyer@jjc.edu.

More Classes & Services

  • Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education

    Immigrants can learn English literacy and civics education in these courses. After finishing these courses, students will be able to participate in education, work and civic opportunities in the U.S.

    Contact Mandy Dwyer at mdwyer@jjc.edu.

  • Free Tutoring

    Literacy Services (Free Tutoring for Adults)

    More than 2 million Illinois adults have poor skills in reading, writing, math or English proficiency.

    If you need help in the following areas, our Adult Volunteer Literacy program is one of many that can help you. Tutoring is available for free.

    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Math
    • English

    How the Program Works

    Adults receive free tutoring at local libraries, JJC campuses and other community locations throughout the JJC district.

    • Learners meet weekly with certified volunteer tutors for up to two hours at a time
    • Sessions are available in the morning, afternoon or evenings
    • Materials are provided

    About Our Tutors

    Our tutors are volunteers who care about their community. They receive 15 hours of tutor training before becoming certified to tutor individuals.

    Sign Up for Literacy Tutoring

    If you are at least 16 years old and feel that your reading, writing, math or English skills have kept you from fully sharing in your family, work and community, you may be able to participate in free group tutoring or one-on-one tutoring.

    If you would like to request tutoring, fill out the student portion of our Literacy Tutor form

    Request Literacy Tutoring Now

    Questions? Contact Galina Khartulari. 

    Galina Khartulari
    Literacy Specialist
    Department of Adult Education and Literacy
    Phone 815-280-1331
    Email: gkhartul@jjc.edu

  • Volunteer to Become a Tutor

    Volunteer as a Literacy Tutor!

    We need compassionate, helpful tutors who care about the people in our community. If you have at least a high school diploma or GED, you can sign up for this important program. Not only will you be helping others, but volunteering as a tutor means you can add additional skills to your resume. 

    What Literacy Tutors Do

    Volunteer literacy tutors help local adults improve their reading, writing, math and English skills. Typically, the adults read at a ninth grade level or below, or speak English at a beginning level. 

    Tutoring takes place at local libraries, JJC campuses and other community locations throughout the JJC district.

    Volunteer Tutoring Training Information

    Volunteers need 15 hours of training before they start tutoring. They will receive a certificate confirming their participation.

    Due to COVID-19, many training sessions take place online. Call or e-mail Galina Khartulari at (815) 280-1331 or gkhartul@jjc.edu to learn more.


    • Volunteer tutors must have a high school diploma or high school equivalency record (GED, HiSET, TASC)
    • Volunteer tutors must complete 15 hours of training, offered every month by JJC
    • Volunteer tutors must have the availability to volunteer between 1-5+ hours a week; we can make sure that the time and location of the tutoring session will be convenient to you

    Sign Up to Volunteer

    Questions about becoming a volunteer tutor? Contact Galina Khartulari.

    Galina Khartulari
    Literacy Specialist
    Department of Adult Education and Literacy
    Phone 815-280-1331
    Email: gkhartul@jjc.edu

  • Additional Services

    Additional Services

    • Computer classes for second language learners
    • Civics classes for second language adult learners
    • College Transition Assistance
    • Academic and Career Advising
    • Adult Volunteer Literacy Tutoring
    • Career/Employment Readiness Skills
    • Special Learning Needs Assessments & Accommodations
    • Childcare (at select sites)

Información en Español

  • Inglés como Segundo Idioma (ESL)

    Inglés como Segundo Idioma (ESL)

    JJC ofrece un programa gratuito para adultos de nuestra comunidad de inglés como Segundo Idioma para quienes el inglés no es su primer idioma.

    JJC ofrece clases de ESL por la mañana, tarde y sábados en una variedad de lugares dentro de nuestro distrito, incluyendo:

    • Joliet
    • Plainfield
    • Romeoville
    • Bolingbrook
    • Morris

    ¿Como Funcióna?

    Estudiantes serán evaluados y asignados a clases apropiadas según su nivel y habilidades. JJC ofrece seis niveles de instrucción de cuatro a 12 horas cada semana.  

    ¿Qué Voy a Aprender?

    Las clases de ESL de JJC se enfocan en escuchar, hablar/pronunciar, lectura/vocabulario y escritura/gramática.

    Niveles de Clases ESL

    ESL Principiante (Niveles 1 y 2)
    Los niveles de ESL Principiante de JJC ayudaran a adultos hacer la transición a aprender inglés al hablar, comprender, leer y escribir para uso diario. Estudiantes que completen los niveles de ESL Principiante pueden seguir al nivel de cursos de Intermediario.

    ESL Intermediario (Niveles 3 y 4)
    Adultos que cuentan con un nivel de habilidades básicas de lectura y escritura en inglés aprenderán a leer y escribir para avanzar en educación, entrenamiento, empleo e involucramiento comunitario. Estudiantes que completen exitosamente el ESL Intermediario pueden seguir a tomar cursos de ESL Avanzado.

    ESL Avanzado (Niveles 5 y 6)
    Adultos tomaran este curso para refinar sus habilidades para avanzar en educación, entrenamiento, empleo e involucramiento comunitario. Estudiantes que completen exitosamente el ESL Avanzado pueden continuar con Clases de Habilidades Básicas para Adultos en lectura y escritura a nivel de aproximadamente sexto de primaria. La meta del estudiante puede ser tomar el examen GED, hacer la transición a estudios superiores o recibir entrenamiento para una carrera después de completar los cursos de Educación Básica.

    Sesiones de Orientación ESL

    Inscríbete para una Sesión de Orientación ESL

  • Clases de Capacitación para Ciudadanía

    Estas clases están diseñadas para quienes el inglés no es su primer idioma y que están interesados en convertirse en ciudadanos de los Estados Unidos. Estudiantes adultos aprenderán sobre la historia de E.E.U.U., Civismo, la Constitución de E.E.U.U. y la solicitud N400. Estudiantes también recibirán instrucción en como contestar preguntas oralmente, como aprobar el examen escrito y participarán en entrevistas de práctica. Clases y materiales para los cursos de Ciudadanía son gratuitos para residentes del distrito.

  • Servicios Adicionales

    • Clases de computación para estudiantes de un segundo idioma
    • Clases de civismo para estudiantes adultos de un segundo idioma
    • Asistencia con la transición al colegio
    • Asesoría académica y de carrera
    • Tutoría literaria para adulto voluntario
    • Habilidades para preparación de carrera/empleo
    • Evaluación de necesidades especiales de aprendizaje
    • Guardería para niños (en sitios selectos)