About Joliet Junior College

Located in the south Chicago suburbs, Joliet Junior College is the nation’s first public community college. JJC has five campuses and education centers and serves approximately 27,000 students each year. 

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Our History

The very first JJC classes took place at Joliet Township High School in 1901. Serving only six students, JJC's humble beginnings eventually transformed into a legacy that has lasted more than a century. 

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Save Thousands on College

Our students deserve an education that they can afford. At JJC, we offer:

Academic Pathways

JJC offers nine academic pathways: 

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Transfer Options

JJC students can choose to transfer to any school they want - near or far! Our advisors will help guide students in choosing the right classes for transfer. In addition, our special agreements with universities make it easy for students to earn their bachelor's degrees. 

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