Strategic Plan

The 2024-2027 Strategic Plan was approved at the Board of Trustees regular meeting on Wednesday, June 14.  

The strategic planning team, comprised of representatives from across the college and led by chairperson and executive vice president Dr. Yolanda Farmer, developed the goals and objectives within the 2024-2027 Strategic Plan with broad input from across the district. Employees, students, alumni, businesses, board members, donors and other external partners contributed their perspectives to create this plan, which establishes a clear vision.  

Implementation of the 2024-2027 Strategic Plan will take place as soon as July 2023. The plan provides guidance for all divisions, areas, departments and units of the college. The implementation process is a collaborative effort guided by senior leadership, the President’s Cabinet and supported by the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness. The college will regularly assess, evaluate and improve the plan throughout the plan’s life cycle.  

Below is an overview of the objectives and goals set forth by the 2024-2027 Strategic Plan.  


2024-2027 Strategic Plan Overview

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Joliet Junior College inspires learning, transforms lives and strengthens communities. 


Joliet Junior College is the first choice for learning, working and cultivating pathways to prosperity. 


Goals & Objectives

Value Diversity and Cultivate Diversity 
Connect and engage JJC’s diverse students to support their equitable access, growth and connection to the college. 

Goal Snapshot

  • Increase enrollment of focused student groups
  • Improve experience of students with disabilities
  • Expand Spanish speaking and language capacities
  • Close gap between student and employee demographic representation
  • Expand culture of philanthropy through engagement and diversification

Craft an Intentional Student Lifecycle
Create a pathway for student to enter and success at JJC and ensure a seamless transition into the workforce or transfer institution. 

Goal Snapshot

  • Increase number of applicants and first-year retention
  • Increase student access to advising services
  • Increase persistence of Hispanic/Latino, Black and Asian students
  • Increase student access to mental health services
  • Increase cohort graduation and transfer outcome rates

Strengthen from Within 
Ensure a supportive and collaborative work environment to retain and develop diverse, talented employees. 

Goal Snapshot

  • Enhance employee satisfaction; 
  • Improve career advancement opportunities
  • Assess departmental structures
  • Staff resources and compensation  

Maximize the Infrastructure
Secure JJC’s financial, physical and technological resources to support innovation, student success and institutional effectiveness. 

Goal Snapshot

  • Modernize technology
  • Continue fiscal stability while pursuing new revenue, grants and partnership generation
  • Diversify space utilization
  • Successful adoption of ERP modules 

Grow Our Possibilities
Differentiate JJC through innovative credit, non-credit and high school programs to support diverse student needs and goals.  

Goal Snapshot

  • Increase total number of district students participating in 12x12x12
  • Grow high-impact practices focusing on First-Year Experience courses
  • Expand community learning experiences
  • Increase number of ABE, ESL, GED ELL and international student enrollment to credit programs
  • Expansion in Grundy County