Strategic Plan

From President Clyne G. H. Namuo, Ph.D.

Through a series of strategic focus sessions with internal and external stakeholders, six emerging themes were identified that Joliet Junior College could address in its 2020-2023 Strategic Plan development and implementation. The six emerging themes identified as the most important priorities by stakeholders included: academic excellence, cultural commitment, effectiveness, student success & support, perception and outreach.

I am proud of the collaboration across the college community to build this plan, a plan that will guide the college into the future. It is structured to be broad enough to allow for flexibility, but specific enough to drive activity and support goal achievement.

We will collect data and share our progress throughout the duration of the plan. To read our 2016-2019 Strategic Plan final review, please visit the bottom of this page.



Joliet Junior College is the first choice for learning, working and cultivating pathways to prosperity.


Joliet Junior College inspires learning, strengthens communities and transforms lives. 


  1. Theme: Academic Excellence
    Goal: Enhance the learning experiences of students to prepare them for educational, career and personal success.
  2. Theme: Student Success and Support
    Goal: Provide exceptional and accessible services to students as they explore and pursue their personal, academic and career goals through the college's guided academic pathways.
  3. Theme: Effectiveness
    Goal: Strengthen operational effectiveness.
  4. Theme: Perception
    Goal: Elevate the perception of the college.
  5. Theme: Cultural Commitment 
    Goal: Pursue excellence in equity, engagement and inclusion.
  6. Theme: Outreach
    Goal: Improve the coordination of external outreach.