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Online Learning

Online Learning

JJC's online classes take place on the platform iCampus, powered by Canvas. This state-of-the-art virtual classroom technology allows students to:

  • View presentations given by professors
  • Connect with their professor and fellow classmates 
  • Complete class assignments
  • Take exams and quizzes
  • See grades and feedback from their instructor as soon as it's available

Even though this software is used primarily for online classes, many on campus classes may require the use of iCampus. Please check with your professor if you have any questions.

Visit iCampus

Need Help?

Please reach out to us via email at iCampusSupport@jjc.edu or call us at (815) 280-2481.

If you need help using iCampus for your class, check out our step-by-step guide below. 

Step-by-Step Guide

About JJC Online Classes

Online students can expect: 

  • A safe learning environment (complete coursework from your home)
  • The flexibility of logging on at any time of day (while still meeting assigned due dates from instructors)
  • Reduced costs for out-of-district students (online classes are charged at in-district rates)
  • To save time and gas money (without the commute to campus)
  • Expert professors who can provide one-on-one support (and have adjusted their classes to fit student needs during the pandemic)

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Online Orientation

All students enrolled in online or hybrid courses for the first time must complete the Introduction to Online Learning in iCampus. This orientation helps students learn how to use iCampus before classes begin. To get started, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit iCampus
  2. Access the Student iCampus Central Course to find Introduction to Online Learning

Only after completing the orientation will students be able to fully participate in course discussions, assignments and exams.

More About Online Learning

  • Registration, Tuition and Transferring

    Registration/Financial Aid

    Registration processes and financial aid eligibility are the same regardless of course format. 

    Register for Classes Now
    Learn More About Financial Aid


    Tuition charges are at in-district rates for all online courses, while hybrid courses are billed in the same manner as an on campus, face-to-face class. Course fees vary by format.

    See Tuition Information


    Want to transfer your online class to another school? Please note that JJC is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Students should check with transfer institutions regarding transfer eligibility.

    See Transfer Information
    Learn about JJC's University Center

  • Course Formats

    JJC offers online, hybrid and on campus (or face-to-face) classes. 

    Online Classes 

    Students can expect to receive the same education - and the same attention from instructors - from an online course as they would receive from an on campus or hybrid course. The difference is that everything related to the class will be performed online via iCampus.

    JJC online courses follow two formats: Asynchronous and Synchronous.

    1. Asynchronous: 
      Students enrolled in asynchronous online courses do not attend class on-campus or in real-time; however, some online courses may require campus visits for exams. Students will access content in a variety of formats and complete coursework, group interaction and discussions, assignments, quizzes, and more by assigned due dates provide in the course. Students should expect to have regular and substantive interaction with the course content, with each other, with the instructor, and with technology used in the course.
    2. Synchronous: 
      Students enrolled in synchronous online courses do not attend class on-campus; however, will be required to meet online during scheduled times as communicated in the course schedule. Students may be required to visit campus for exams. Faculty can choose to offer instruction through Canvas Conferences or Microsoft Teams. Faculty will communicate meeting information and provide links to the scheduled sessions in the Canvas course (i.e. announcement, syllabus, or welcome page content). Attendance in the required online meetings will function the same way as attendance in a traditional face-to-face course that meets in a classroom, and instructors are not required to record or post videos of meetings for students who were not in attendance.

    Please note that during a typical year, students enrolled in online courses may be asked to visit campus to complete exams or tests. This varies by class. This information applies to typical semesters and not semesters impacted by the pandemic.

    Hybrid Classes

    Hybrid classes are taught partially online and partially in a face-to-face, on campus setting. Hybrid courses reduce the amount of time spent on campus by moving lectures, course work and other activities online. Hybrid courses deliver up to 74 percent of course instruction online with the remainder occurring on campus. Students can expect to receive the same amount of attention from a hybrid course as they would from an online or on campus course.


    Hyflex Classes

    Hyflex classes combine several instructional methods into one section. Students register for a single session and have the opportunity to attend class in several different ways. Typically students can choose from face-to-face, online synchronously and online asynchronously. It is each instructor's discretion to allow (or not) students to change formats from class session to class session.


    On Campus (Face-to-Face) Classes

    These courses are held on the Main, City Center or Romeoville Campuses as well as at our education centers, high schools and other locations in our district. These classes may require students to use iCampus for course information, grades and more.

  • Earn Your Degree Exclusively Online

    Did you know that there are many JJC degrees and certificates that you can earn entirely online?

    Check Out our All-Online Programs

    Please note that some programs may require hybrid courses.

  • Are Online Courses Right for Me?

    Unsure about taking an online or hybrid course? Contact your advisor/counselor or iCampus with any questions.

    iCampus provides all JJC students with access to SmarterMeasure, a free tool designed to aid you in determining whether online courses are a good fit.

    SmarterMeasure measures learner readiness and whether or not online classes would be a good fit for you. Upon completion of SmarterMeasure, you will receive a score report which not only helps you understand your strengths and opportunities for improvement, but also provides resources to help you succeed. 

    To access SmarterMeasure, use the following information:

    SmarterMeasure Information and Characteristics of Successful Online Students

Additional Information

  • Becoming an Online Student

    Students who wish to enroll in online and hybrid courses or programs at JJC follow the same procedures as face-to-face students. 

    The application, financial aid, placement testing, and other processes are the same. 

    The first time one registers for an online or hybrid course they must complete the mandatory "Introduction to Online Learning" orientation.  This orientation must be completed prior to receiving full access to your online and hybrid course(s).

    JJC's online and hybrid courses are not self-paced.  Assignments, quizzes, discussions, presentations, and other course requirements are detailed in the syllabus and must be completed by their assigned due dates.  The academic expectations of online and hybrid courses at the same as with face-to-face courses.

    Students may contract their instructor by e-mail with questions regarding specific course content, class procedures, and if applicable, on campus meeting information.  Courses are usually not made available until three (3) days before the course start date.

    Students enrolled in an online or hybrid course will need an internet connected device that is capable of running a modern web browser or the Canvas app.  Textbooks and other materials can be rented or purchased through the JJC bookstore.  Technical support for students is provided 24/7.  Visit the Current Students page for additional information.

  • Online Exams and Proctoring

    Some online courses require proctored exams. When registering for your online class, these classes will be noted with the following in the Meeting Information section: "ONLINE CLASS WITH VISITS; Campus visits required for exams."

    Students can complete these exams the following ways: 

    Option 1: Proctored exams can be completed in Testing Services on the Main Campus, Romeoville Campus or at the City Center Campus. This option is free for JJC students. For additional information on this option please visit Testing Services.

    Option 2: Some courses use an online proctoring services called Examity.  Students are charged a fee for testing with Examity that will vary depending on the length of the exam.  Students should discuss online proctoring options with course faculty.  Each faculty member decides whether or not this option is available in a course.

    Option 3:  Testing at another testing location may be available.  Students should visit with faculty about possible options for testing at other locations.

  • Out of State Students/SARA

    SARA Logo

    Joliet Junior College has been approved to participate in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements.

    NC-SARA is a voluntary, regional approach to state oversight of postsecondary distance education.

    Our membership allows out of state students from fellow SARA participating states to complete online and hybrid course work and programs at the college. The highlighted states below are participating states. Up to date information is always available on the NC-SARA website. Out of state students should familiarize themselves with JJC's Student Complaint Procedures (see section below).

    Map of US highlighting participating SARA states


    Important: Out of State Students

    If you choose an academic program that involves earning a license (such as nursing or veterinary medical technology) and you either live out of state or plan to live out of state after graduating from JJC, this may affect your ability to practice in that state.

    More Information For Out-of-State Students

  • Student Complaint Procedures

    JJC promotes an open educational environment, rich in values and designed to protect the integrity of teaching and learning. In that spirit, the college encourages all students to first direct their complaints and concerns to the faculty, staff, or administrator specifically involved.

    The college believes many complaints can be resolved through an open, honest dialogue between the persons involved. In cases where that may not be possible, the JJC Student Complaint Procedure can assist in facilitating a resolution. Other than grade appeal or claim of sexual discrimination, harassment, or misconduct, a complaint that challenges the decisions or actions of college personnel will be considered under this procedure. Information can be obtained through the Dean of Students office. Visit Student Complaint Procedure for general JJC complaint information.

    If you are an Out of State student and have a complaint that you feel has not been resolved through the Student Complaint Procedures described above, you may file a complaint with the state in which you reside. In compliance with the Federal Department of Education regulations, JJC provides the following list of State Agencies with contact information: Student Complaint Information by State. You may also contact the Illinois Community College Board when seeking a resolution.

  • Quality Matters

    Quality Matters (QM) is a "nationally recognized, faculty-centered, peer review process designed to certify the quality of online courses and online components. Colleges and universities across and beyond the U.S. use the tools in developing, maintaining and reviewing their online courses and in training their faculty" (Quality Matters, 2015). A QM course review is focused on course design as opposed to course delivery. The QM program additionally provides for professional development opportunities and conferences. Further information on the Course Review Process is available on the Quality Matters Website.

    All faculty teaching online or hybrid courses for JJC complete the "Applying the Quality Matters Rubric" (APPQMR) workshop within their first year of teaching.

    The following JJC courses have been recognized as meeting standards.

    Course NameCatalog NumberFaculty DeveloperDate Recognized
    Income Tax AccountingACCY:107Tara LakenJuly 20, 2023
    Microsoft OfficeCIS:126Ram RaghuramanMar. 31, 2023
    Computer Info. Systems Fund.CIS:122Ram RaghuramanFeb. 5, 2023
    Environmental BiologyBIO:146Andy NeilJan. 19, 2023
    Introduction to Visual ArtsART:109Margie SulaJuly 14, 2022
    Intro/Ren/BaroqueART:116Megan CallanFeb. 14, 2022
    Intro/Ren/ModernART:119Megan CallanAug. 25, 2022
    Intro to Discrete MathematicsMATH:137Heidi LyneJan. 10, 2022
    Applied Food SanitationCA:106Kenneth Thompson and Andy ChlebanaOct. 29, 2021
    Culinary SupervisionCA:213Kathryn SopkoFeb, 23, 2023
    Intermediate AlgebraMATH:098Laura EgnerSept. 30, 2021
    Elementary AlgebraMATH:094Laura EgnerSept. 17, 2021
    College ArithmeticMATH:090Laura EgnerSept. 30, 2021
    History of Art in ArchitectureART:223Meaghan CallanOct. 6, 2021
    Cost AccountingACCY:209Tara LakenMay 11, 2021
    Elementary StatisticsMATH:128Heidi Lyne and Michael SullivanJuly 21, 2020
    Accounting I (Hybrid)ACCY:101Tara LakenDec. 3, 2018
    Accounting II (Hybrid)ACCY:102Tara LakenNov. 11, 2018
    Pharmacology and the Nursing PracticeNURS:163Kathy Wolz and Janet Sullivan-StrombergJuly 30, 2018
    Principles of SpeechCOMM:101Laura MarquaNov. 15, 2021
    Principles of Speech (Hybrid)COMM:101
    Laura MarquaOct. 18, 2018 (Recertification)
    and May 14, 2017
    Accounting IIACCY:102Tara LakenApril 28, 2017
    Principles of MarketingMKTG:101Nour Al NaberJan. 26, 2017
    Social PsychologyPSYC:208Christopher OstwinkleOct. 6, 2016
    Accounting IACCY:101Tara LakenNov. 1, 2021 (Recertification)
    Oct. 25, 2016 
    Principles of SpeechSPCH:101Lori SchahrerAug. 11th, 2021 (Recertification)
    and June 20, 2016
    American National GovernmentPSCI:101Julie HavemannSept. 9th, 2021 (Recertification) and Feb. 15, 2016


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