Career Services

We support all students, alumni, and community members to identify their interests and strengths, explore a diverse range of opportunities to build experience and clarity about their goals and empower them to pursue paths they find personally meaningful.

From personalized career coaching to career fairs and everything in-between, we can help get you started in your career. No matter where you are in your career development process, it’s never too early to start preparing for your future. Partner with us as you explore majors and careers, identify experiential learning opportunities, prepare your resume and cover letter, and practice your interviewing skills. We look forward to working with you from start to finish to develop the skills and experiences needed to achieve the career of your dreams.


Services for Students

  • Undecided Students

    Are you Undecided?

    If you're not sure about your college major, JJC's Career Services Center can help. Our Career Advisors can help you explore career options that are right for you.

    How to Meet with a Career Advisor

    1. First, watch our Career Information Session Video. In this video, you'll learn the importance of choosing a major early and find out what resources are available to help you begin the major selection process. 
    2. Contact Career Services to schedule a one-on-one advising appointment. You can call us directly at (815) 280-2756 or email

    Undecided Students: Get Started Now

  • Explore Majors and Careers Now

    Explore Majors 

    Not sure how JJC majors fit in with real careers? Check out the links below for resources to help you understand which careers are associated with each major. 

    What Can I Do With This Major?
    JJC's A-Z Program Index
    What to Study at JJC

  • Set up your Handshake Account Today

    Handshake is Career Services platform to seek full-time and part-time jobs, and internships. Join today and get recruited by top employers!

    If you have any questions, please email Career Services at


  • Connect Your Interests with the Perfect Career Path

    Take the Career Coach Assessment

    Take our free Career Coach Assessment to discover career options based on your interests.

    Take the Free Career Coach Assessment

    More Career Assessments for Undecided Students

    The Career Coach Assessment is only one of many tests that the Career Services Center offers. Students can also choose to take the following assessments:

    • Values Assessment: This test will help you identify what's most important to you and how you can connect that to your future career.
    • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): See which jobs best fit you based on your personality.
    • Strong Interest Inventory (SII): This test helps you connect your interests to the right major.

    Want to take one or all of these assessments to see where you fit in? First, set up an appointment with a career advisor. Call (815) 280-2756 or email

  • Student Employment or Internships

    Student Employment or Internships

    Add work experience to your resume as you earn your degree! Start by setting up an in-person or virtual appointment with the Career Services Center so we can learn more about your goals.

    On-Campus Employment
    For on-campus student employment at JJC, email Frank Biancorosso at

    Learn more

    For internships and off-campus job opportunities, email or call us directly at (815) 280-2756.

    Job Fairs

    Career Services is excited to partner with academic departments for industry-focused job fairs.

  • Finding a Job After College

    Job Search Assistance and More

    Career Services can help you land a job in your field after you graduate. Set up a meeting with an advisor to start prepping now. Career Services offers:

    • Career advising
    • Job search assistance
    • Cover letter/resume help
    • Mock interviews
    • Internships
    • And more!

    To make an appointment, call (815) 280-2756 or email

    Watch: How to Gain Employment After JJC

Services for Alumni

  • Job Search Assistance, Resume Help & More

    Find a Job in Your Field

    Whether you graduated last month or years ago, JJC's Career Services is excited to work with alumni from any field, with any job experience level. Services include: 

    • Career advising
    • Job search assistance
    • Cover letter/resume help
    • Mock interviews
    • Internships
    • And more!

    You can set up an appointment with a career advisor by calling (815) 280-2756 or emailing

  • Search for Jobs Now

    Search for Jobs Now

    Apply to Work at JJC

    Job Fairs

    During a typical year, JJC offers the following job fairs, open to  students, alumni and community members:

    • Joliet Regional Job Fair (every Spring)
    • And more!

  • Alumni Association

    About the JJC Alumni Association

    As a JJC alum, you're already a member of the JJC Alumni Association! 

    We love hearing about our alumni after they graduate from JJC. Let us know about your success by filling out our Stay Connected form

    We have many opportunities for alums who want to stay involved with JJC, whether you want to donate to a scholarship initiative, join our Alumni Advisory Council or volunteer. Learn more.

    More About JJC Alumni Relations

  • Give Back: Join an Advisory Board

    About Advisory Boards 

    Help shape JJC's curriculum by joining an advisory board. As an advisory board member, you'll get the chance to talk to professors about current trends in your field so that they can train the next generation of employees with current, up-to-date skills.

    Note: Not every JJC program has an advisory board. Contact Career Services to learn more.

    How to Join 

    Contact your program's department chair or program coordinator to learn more or email

Services for Employers

  • Participate in a Job Fair

    Participate in a Job Fair

    JJC offers several job fairs throughout the typical year. 

    Events include:

    • Hospitality Job Fair 
    • Health and Human Services Job Fair 
    • Nursing Job Fair 
    • Joliet Regional Job Fair (Every Spring)

    To participate in a job fair, employers must meet certain criteria. To inquire about participating in one of our fairs, please contact the Career Services by calling (815) 280-2756 or emailing

    Employer Resources

  • Find Interns

    Hire Quality Interns from JJC

    Internships allow employers to preview potential full-time employees or have a reliable, conscientious source for short-term projects. Employers interested in internship opportunities should contact Career Services at (815) 280-2756 or email

  • Sponsorship Opportunities

    JJC offers several sponsorship opportunities, particularly during the Joliet Regional Job Fair.

    Learn more

Events & Job Fairs

  • Employer Hiring Days

    Employer Hiring Days are typically held from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on JJC's Main Campus. 

    Questions about Employer Hiring Days can be directed to

  • Joliet Regional Job Fair

    JJC's Joliet Regional College and Career Fair will take place in Spring 2024.  More information will be available soon. Attendees are encouraged to dress professionally and have their resume handy. This is the perfect place to meet with a variety of employers in the Joliet area. 

    Learn about the Job Fair