ACE: Dual Enrollment

  • Architecture, Manufacturing & Automotive

The ACE Program is a dual enrollment program, and is designed only for high school seniors.

Registration must be completed with the student's high school counselor and through the career center. 

Please note:  Students are required to be pre-approved from their High School Counselors prior to signing up. 

The ACE program is designed to provide students with a broad overview of the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue an exciting career in the built environment such as architecture, building engineering, construction management, and other related fields.

What Will I Learn?

Through relevant and challenging college courses, the student will receive a solid foundation in the fundamental coursework in the professional tracks of the building industry. Each ACE program class covers the terminology, processes, skills, and industry specific content to give the student a full snapshot of the fundamentals of the building and construction industry.   

The ACE program has been designed for those students interested in the built environment and are considering career pathways in the construction field. With 12 hours of college credit to be earned, the student will earn a Certificate of Completion in Basic Construction, a college credential from JJC. Students can use these credits towards further study in related programs at JJC or use as a foundation for further study elsewhere.

Students will be dual enrolled earning high school and college credit for the 5 courses, a total of 12 credit hours. 

What is Unique About the ACE Program?

  • Students will attend courses at JJC Main Campus, M-Th, 12:30 p.m. – 1:45/2:15 p.m.
  • Students will need their own transportation to and from class. 
  • Schedule will follow JJC calendar including holidays, spring break, etc. 
  • Attendance requirements to follow JJC course policies: due to the progression of topical content and hands-on labs, attendance is mandatory in all course sessions unless excused by the instructor.
  • Class size limited to 15+/- students.
  • Textbooks and supplies provided by JJC.
  • JJC program advising available for academic and career planning
  • If a student has an IEP in high school – it WILL NOT transfer to the college. Students are advised to contact Disability Services at or 815.280.2230.
  • It is highly recommended that students interested in this program and continuing their education in the profession enroll in Math courses through each year in high school to assist in meeting the requirements for further study and degrees.

ACE Program Course Descriptions

See below for descriptions of each course a student will take in the ACE program.

  • AEC 102

    AEC 102 - Construction Materials and Testing (Credit Hours: 3)
    Examination of the characteristics of materials such as wood, masonry, concrete, asphalt, stone and steel relative to their basic use in the construction industry. The physical properties of each will be studied relative to actual in-service behavior. An introduction to the field and laboratory methods of testing and inspection of construction materials is provided in hands-on lab sessions.

  • AEC 104

    AEC 104 - Methods of Building Construction (Credit Hours: 3)
    Survey of basic building systems including wood, concrete, and steel framing, building envelope and interior. The course is designed to develop an understanding of the materials and methods of construction of residential and commercial-type buildings and includes a survey of different types of construction and their advantages and limitations. Also, sustainable and green construction methods are covered.

  • AEC 106

    AEC 106 - Blueprint Reading for Construction & Architecture (Credit Hours: 3)
    Designed to provide proper knowledge of blueprint reading as it relates to the architectural or building construction industry. This course covers the theory of orthographic projections, reading floor plans and elevation drawings, symbols and notations, scaling and dimensioning practices, materials of construction; reading blueprints for structural information, electrical and mechanical trades blueprints; reading detail drawings, plot plans and specifications; types of heavy construction; and timber, steel, and reinforced concrete.

  • CM 100

    CM 100 - Intro to Construction Management (Credit Hours: 2)

    An introduction to the global construction industry and managing construction projects. Includes industry career options and industry terminology; the phases, delivery methods and services provided during construction projects; an introduction to project scheduling, estimating, safety and sustainable construction; teaches basic construction math principles.

  • OPS 111

    OPS 111 – OSHA 10-hour Construction Safety (Credit Hours: 1)
    This construction safety course provides basic safety training to the student preparing for a career in the construction industry. This course is the primary basic training program of the OSHA Outreach Training Program.