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Marketing is the business of generating interest in products and services through advertising and promotions. Many in this field work in agencies or in corporate offices. 

Want to earn your bachelor's degree in marketing? You must pursue an Associate of Arts degree at JJC. Please visit our Business Transfer Program page or contact a business faculty advisor to learn more.

What Will I Learn?

The world of marketing is dynamic and always evolving. JJC's business department faculty ensure that students learn the latest trends in the field, preparing them for a wide variety of exciting career opportunities.  

Through this program, JJC marketing students will learn about marketing-related disciplines including e-commerce, retailing, professional sales, and advertising. The coursework prepares them for entry-level positions and opportunities in marketing related fields. 

 Additionally, many use this degree as a foundation to pursue additional study in the field of marketing. 

What Degree or Certificate Will I Receive?



If you intend to transfer after JJC to earn your bachelor's degree, you must pursue our Associate of Arts degree through our Business Transfer Program.

What is Unique About the Marketing Program?

Our faculty understand that every business and non-profit organization values an employee who has a working knowledge of all the disciplines of the business operation.  

Additionally, JJC's program offers students options with both classroom and online courses. Students who prefer face-to-face interaction will get focused attention in small-group style classes. Students who prefer to work online can complete their certificates and degrees while simultaneously getting vital work experience. 

What Are My Career Opportunities?

Earning a degree in Marketing can improve your job prospects and your earning potential.

  • Marketing Manager
  • Direct Marketing
  • Business Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Account Executive
  • Public Relations Specialist