Management and Supervision

  • Business, Finance & Information Technology

Education and training is essential to success for anyone in a supervisory role in any industry. A degree in Management and Supervision trains new and existing supervisors to apply these managerial functions in an effective and efficient manner.

Please note: This degree is not intended for students planning to transfer to a four-year college or university to pursue a bachelor’s degree. If you intend to transfer, please visit the transfer degree page.

What Will I Learn?

Students learn about policy development, decision making skills, appropriate communication techniques, leadership skills, and how to motivate employees. This program applies contemporary managerial theories to current business practices, corporate financial responsibilities, hiring and promotion practices, business law requirements, as well as marketing practices in both the private and public sectors. 

Earning an Associate Degree in Management & Supervision can improve a graduate's job prospects and earning potential. 

What is Unique About Our Program?

Our faculty understand that every business and non-profit organization values an employee who has a working knowledge of all the disciplines of the business operation.  

Additionally, JJC's program offers students options with both classroom and online courses. Students who prefer face-to-face interaction will get focused attention in small-group style classes. Students who prefer to work online can complete their certificates and degrees while simultaneously getting vital work experience. 

What Degree/Certificate Will I Receive?



If you intend to transfer after JJC to earn your bachelor's degree, you must pursue our Associate of Arts degree through our Business Transfer Program.  

Double Up On Your Degree

Students pursuing a Loading... Associate of Applied Science degree can easily earn an additional certificate with little to no extra coursework! 

How to Double Up on Your Degree

  1. Choose to pursue a Loading... Associate of Applied Science degree.
  2. Decide which additional certificate (listed below) you'd like to earn.
  3. When choosing electives for your Management and Supervision degree, match them up with the requirements for your chosen certificate (In other words, your electives for Management and Supervision will be the required courses for your chosen certificate).
  4. Always work with an advisor to make sure you are taking the right classes.

Certificate of Completion Options

Certificate of Achievement Options
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What Are My Career Opportunities?

Earning an Associate Degree in Management & Supervision can improve your job prospects and your earning potential.

  • Store Manager
  • Assistant Store Manager
  • Retail Sales Supervisor
  • Sales Support Supervisor
  • Shift/Maintenance/Operations Supervisor
  • Other entry level managerial positions in production, warehousing, and service industries