Dual Credit Questions

Dual Credit FAQ's

  • What financial assistance options are available to dual credit students?

    Will County American Rescue Plan Act​​ (​​​​​ARPA)

    The ARPA grant will support students who plan to pursue a career in Nursing, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, or Special Education. The grant will pay the dual credit tuition ($12/credit hour) for the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) course in addition to any general education courses that are required for JJC’s Nursing program. For students who plan to pursue a career in one of the three education majors, the grant will pay for dual credit tuition for any of the general education courses required for those programs.

    To receive ARPA grant funds, students must complete a brief scholarship application in which they will be asked to attest to their plans to pursue one of the qualifying educational programs and to attest to having financial need. Financial need is defined by the student’s household having a low or moderate income, the household having experienced unemployment as a result of the pandemic, or the household qualifying for Medicaid, PELL, SNAP, or WIC. 

    Students who meet the eligibility criteria for the ARPA grant will have an opportunity to express their interest in receiving funds through a grant sign-up sheet that the Dual Credit Office will send to each dual credit classroom. Once the Dual Credit Office receives the sign-up sheet from the high schools, students will receive a link to complete the electronic scholarship application in their JJC student email account. Within 2 weeks of students submitting the scholarship application, ARPA funds will be applied to their JJC student finance account.

    ARPA scholarship applicants may receive up to $200 per semester to fund dual credit tuition. Students must apply for ARPA funds each semester. Since dual credit students are billed for tuition as soon as they are registered for classes, students who are eligible for the ARPA scholarship should apply for it as soon as possible to avoid receiving billing notices in their JJC student email account. ARPA scholarship applications will not be considered for the fall semester after December 1, 2023.

    ARPA Grant

    Pipeline for the Advancement of the Health Care Workforce Program (PATH)

    The PATH grant will pay dual credit tuition for students who plan to pursue a career in Medical Assisting. The MA-102 course, offered in the spring 2024 semester, is the only dual credit course that is a part of the Medical Assistant program. To be eligible to receive PATH grant funds, to pay for this course, students must complete and submit the dual credit PATH grant application by February 29, 2024. Financial need is not required to qualify for PATH grant funds.

    Students who plan to pursue the Medical Assistant program will have an opportunity to express their interest in receiving PATH grant funds through the grant sign-up sheet that the Dual Credit Office will send to the dual credit classes offering MA-102. Once the Dual Credit Office receives the sign-up sheet, students will receive a link to complete the electronic scholarship application in their JJC student email account. The PATH grant team will review student applications and contact students to schedule a Needs Assessment to determine whether students need assistance with transportation costs, child care, etc. that the PATH grant can fund. Students may complete the Needs Assessment by phone, virtually, or in-person at JJC. Once the Needs Assessment is complete, student applications will be processed and PATH funds will be applied to JJC student finance accounts.

    PATH Grant

    College and Career Pathway Endorsements (CCPE)

    The CCPE grant will support FRL students who are not eligible for ARPA or PATH. All students who meet the ARPA and PATH grant requirements and complete the respective application process, will have their dual credit tuition funded. CCPE funding will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. The $24,000 CCPE grant funds will be limited to $12,000 in the fall and $12,000 in the spring semesters so that students whose dual credit classes are only offered in the spring will have an opportunity to receive CCPE funding. CCPE grant funds must be expended by May 2024. There is no scholarship application for the CCPE grant. The only criteria to receive grant funds is that students be eligible to participate in the Free and Reduced Lunch program.

    FRL lists will be provided to the Dual Credit Office by High School Administrators. This way FRL students will not receive a bill for dual credit classes (while CCPE funds for the semester are still available). Since students will be billed for dual credit classes when they are registered for them, if the Dual Credit Office does not have the list of FRL students for the class being registered, students will receive a bill for the classes in their JJC student email accounts.

  • What is Dual Credit?

    Dual credit is a way for high school students to get high school AND college credit for courses they take at their own school. It's a great way to get a jump start on taking college-level courses. 

  • How do I contact the Dual Credit Office if I need assistance?

    We are here to help you. Contact us at (815) 280-6927 or OfficeOfDualCredit@jjc.edu.

  • How do I look up my JJC ID number, username, and password?

    See the ID/Username/Password help page for questions regarding your JJC information. 

  • How do I register for placement exams?

    Testing in offered at our Testing Services Center on a walk in basis only.  For any testing related questions, contact Testing Services directly at TestingServices@jjc.edu.

  • How do I know what placement scores I need?

    Visit the Testing Services webpage for more details.

  • How do I prepare for placement exams?

    If you'd like to study ahead of time to get the best possible placement scores, check out the Prepare for Progress program offered through the Tutoring and Learning Center.

  • How do I get my JJC ID card?

    Photo ID Services is located at Main Campus in room A-1105. You will need to bring a photo ID, a copy of your current semester schedule, and your JJC ID number.

  • How do I get a copy of my course syllabus?

    You need to ask for a course syllabus from your high school teacher. It is always a good idea to keep a copy of your course syllabi in your own files.  Sometimes, the college or university you are transferring to may require a copy of a course syllabus before giving you credit for that class.

  • Do I have access to the JJC Library as a Dual Credit student?

    With your student ID, you can check out materials from the JJC Library—including books, audio books, LCD projectors, laptops, MP3 players, and DVDs.  Dual Credit students also have access to the library databases, which can be accessed off-campus using your JJC login credentials. The library is located at JJC Main Campus, in A-2000.

  • How can I view my grades?

    1. Login to Self Service
    2. Expand 'Academics'
    3. Select 'Grades'

  • Where can I get help with my courses?

    As a dual credit student, you have access to the Tutoring and Learning Center located at Main Campus in room C-2010.  Call them at 815-280-2823 to schedule an appointment.  

    You also have access to free online tutoring with Smarthinking, which is available in Canvas.  Available subjects include business, computer and technology, mathematics and statistics, reading and writing. For questions about Smarthinking, call 815-280-6613.

  • How do I drop a dual credit course?

    Please ask your teacher to submit an Instructor Initiated Withdraw Form to be removed from the course. You'll also need to ask them about "withdraw" deadlines.

  • What is a transcript?

    An academic transcript is an official record of the study you have completed.  All JJC dual credit students will receive a JJC transcript.  

    Dual credit courses appear on an official JJC transcript and are not labeled differently. Therefore, recipients of the transcript such as the college or university you are transferring to, only see the college work.

  • How do I obtain and official copy of my transcript?

    Go to the Registrar's webpage and expand the 'JJC Transcripts' section.

  • Do I have to take placement exams?

    The JJC course you want might have a prerequisite. If that's the case, you may have to take the Accuplacer and/or ALEKS placement tests if you don't have a qualifying ACT or SAT score. The exams are offered at Main, City Center, and Romeoville campuses.  Testing hours vary by location. Please call Testing Services at (815) 280-2261 or (815) 280-2284 to verify testing hours at your preferred testing site.

  • How do I register for a dual credit course?

    Your high school teacher can help you register for your dual credit course during the first week of the semester.  You will need your JJC ID number to complete the registration form. Your teacher will submit registration forms to the Office of Dual Credit.

  • My high school does not offer many Dual Credit courses.  Are there other ways to earn college credit before I graduate high school?

    Great news: the answer is "Yes!" You can enroll as an Early Entry student and take college courses online or on campus while still enrolled in high school.  Early Entry students are responsible for tuition and fees for these courses.  For more information about the Early Entry Program, please contact the Admissions Office at (815) 280-2493.