Dual Credit Questions

How do I contact the Office of Dual Credit if I need assistance?

You can reach us at 815-280-6927 or OfficeOfDualCredit@jjc.edu.

How do I look up my JJC ID number, username, or password?

See the ID/Username/Password help page.

How do I obtain my JJC ID Card?

Photo ID Services is located at Main Campus in room A-1105. You will need to bring a photo ID, a copy of your current semester schedule, and your JJC ID number.

How do I get a copy of my course syllabus?

You need to obtain a course syllabus from your high school teacher.  The office of Dual Credit does not have a copy of all course syllabi.  It is always a good idea to keep a copy of your course syllabi throughout your academic career.  Many times, your transferring institution may require a copy of the course syllabus before awarding credit.  

Do I have access to the JJC Library as a Dual Credit student?

With your student ID, you can check out materials from the JJC Library—including books, audio books, LCD projectors, laptops, MP3 players, and DVDs.  Dual Credit students also have access to the library databases, which can be accessed off-campus using your JJC login credentials. The library is located at JJC Main Campus A-2000.

How can I view my grades?

  1. Login to eResources
  2. Select 'My Grades'

Where can I get help with my courses?

As a Dual Credit student, you have access to the Tutoring and Learning Center located at Main Campus in room C-2010.  Call them at 815-280-2823 to schedule an appointment.  

You also have access to free online tutoring with Smarthinking.  Smarthinking will appear in the Canvas course navigation.  Available subjects include Business, Computer & Technology, Mathematics & Statistics, Reading, and Writing. For questions regarding Smarthinking access, call 815-280-6613.

How do I drop a class?

Please ask your teacher to submit an instructor-initiated withdraw form to be removed from the course. Please see your instructor regarding withdraw deadline dates.

A student who does not withdraw/drop by the "last day to drop" may receive a failing grade for the dual credit course which will be reflected on the JJC transcript.

What is a transcript?

An Academic Transcript is an official record of the study you have completed.  All JJC Dual Credit students will receive a JJC transcript.  

Dual Credit courses appear on an official JJC transcript and are not identified separately. Therefore, recipients of the transcript, such as transfer colleges, only see the college work.

How do I obtain an official copy of my transcripts?

Go to the Registrar's webpage and expand the 'JJC Transcripts' section

Do I have to take placement exams?

If the course you plan to enroll in has a prerequisite, you may have to take the Accuplacer and/or ALEKS placement tests if you do not qualify for the course with an ACT or SAT score.  The exams are offered at Main Campus, City Center, and Romeoville campuses.  Testing hours vary by location. Please call Testing Services at 815-280-2261 or 815-280-2284 to verify testing hours at your preferred testing site.

How do I register for a Dual Credit course?

You will register for your Dual Credit course at your high school campus during the first week of the semester with your teacher.  You will need your JJC ID number to complete the registration form. Your high school teacher will submit registration forms to the Office of Dual Credit.

My high school does not offer many Dual Credit courses.  Are there other ways to earn college credit before I graduate high school?

Yes.  You can enroll as an Early Entry student and take college courses online or on-campus while still enrolled in high school.  Early Entry students are responsible for tuition and fees associated with these courses.  For more information about the Early Entry Program, please contact the Admissions Office at 815-280-2493.