Early School Leavers Transition

Early School Leavers Program (Adult High School Diploma Program)

If you are 16 or older and left high school before you could graduate, we can help you earn your high school diploma. You must meet eligibility requirements to participate.

How The Program Works

You'll earn your high school diploma through supervised independent study.

This program consists of three elements:

  • Job skills
  • High school credit 
  • Career/educational transition guidance

What to Expect

Students enrolled in the program can expect to:

  • Learn job seeking skills
  • Gain skills for employment and prepare for the workforce
  • Transition to career and technical education programs 
  • Work on career exploration and development

How to Get Started

Contact your high school about their guidelines for this program. Each high school has different rules. Below, we've listed some general guidelines for this program.

General Program Guidelines

  • You must be 16 or older 
  • You must not be enrolled in or attending high school 
  • Your high school must agree to award you with your diploma if you successfully complete the program. This can be either your "home high school" (high school where you live now) or your original high school
  • Students accepted into this program must complete the same requirements as they would in "regular" high school. This includes number of credits, required courses, the Illinois and U.S. Constitution test, community service hours, etc.

Questions about how to get started? Call (815) 280-1333 or email DAELstaff@jjc.edu.

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About the Early School Leavers Transition Program

See below to learn more about what to expect from our Early School Leavers Transition program.

  • Job Skills

    This part of our program will include:

    • A mandatory class about job training and success
    • Mock interviews
    • Resume help
    • Exploring potential careers 

  • High School Credit

    This part of our program will include::

    • Courses to help you earn high school credit
    • Supervised independent study with skilled instructors and professional tutors

    You must attend at least one afternoon or two evenings per week.

  • Career/Educational Transition Guidance

    This part of our program will include:

    • A minimum of two meetings with an advisor to plan your next steps after earning your diploma
    • Information about how to apply for the FAFSA and college applications
    • Information about how to transition into the military, the trades or other career selections