Early School Leavers Transition

The overarching goal of the Early School Leavers Transition Program is to assist students in achieving high school completion as the basis for entry into post secondary education/training and meaningful employment.

The goal of ESLTP is to provide:

  • Assistance to students in the completion of achieving high school completion
  • Workforce employability skills preparation classes
  • Assistance to students in preparation for employment through school-based and/or work-based learning opportunities
  • Assistance for students to transition to post-secondary Career and Technical Education Programs
  • Assistance for students to enter and retain employment.

The High School Credit and Early School Leavers Transition Program provide a pathway for students, ages 16 and older, to earn their high school diploma. 

We assist students who haven't earned the required credits to graduate from their high school. In partnership with in district high schools, we provide a supervised independent study credit high school program. This program consists of three elements: Job Skills, High School Credit and Career/Educational Transition Guidance. While enrolled in the program, students will also work on career exploration and development, employment readiness and job seeking skills, consumer education and transitioning to college. The home high school must agree to accept the credits earned through the program and agree to issue the diploma upon successful completion of all requirements.

High School Partner Guidelines

The first step to program admittance is to contact your current/former high school about their guidelines.  Each school district determines student eligibility.

General Guidelines:

  • Until further notice, JJC Adult Education will limit credit recovery to 10 credit hours for individual students.
  • Adults ages 16 and older who are not enrolled in or attending high school may apply for the Adult High School Credit program.  
  • Limits on the number of credits that can be earned outside of high school are determined by the high school. 
  • Either the student's current "home high school" (high school in the district where you now reside) or original high school must agree to issue their diploma upon successful completion of the program.
  • Students accepted into the Adult High School Credit program must complete the same requirements as they would in "regular" high school, including number of credits, required courses, the IL and US Constitution test, community service hours, etc

Program Components

Job Skills:

  • Mandatory class focusing on job training and employment success
  • Mock interviews and resume building
  • Career exploration activities

High School Credit:

  • Academic credit recovery courses
  • Supervised independent study with skilled instructors and professional tutoring available
  • Must attend at least one afternoon or 2 evenings per week

Career/Educational Transition Guidance:

  • Minimum two meetings with a college and career transition specialist to plan your next steps after earning your diploma
  • Assists with completing next educational steps including FAFSA and entrance applications
  • Facilitates transition into the military, the trades, career selections