Professional Development

If you're looking to increase your team's skills or stay up-to-date with the latest trends, our professional development opportunities are open to you, your employees and community members.

Open Enrollment Business Training

Corporate & Community Services strives to offer topics that will enhance your performance. We provide a customer-focused experience, innovative programming and a responsive team.

Our non-credit classes are taught throughout the year at the various Joliet Junior College campus locations. This provides you with many opportunities to take the classes that best fit your needs and career goals.

Community & Continuing Education Catalog

The easiest way to see all that we offer is to read our catalog. Our continuing education catalog is published three times a year. Printed copies are mailed directly to those on our mailing list. An interactive version is also available online.

Want a printed catalog mailed to you? Please fill out our catalog request form or call (815) 280-1555 to be added to the list. 

Spring 2023 Classes

The fall term runs January 9 through May 20.

View the Spring 2023 Community Catalog

Register for Open Enrollment Classes

Registration for the majority of our professional development classes is available by following the links in our interactive digital catalog. Links to the catalog pages are also provided below.

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping

    • Bookkeeping Certificate: Online (MGT 7973)

    • Introduction to QuickBooks (COMP 2400) 
    • Advanced QuickBooks (COMP 2401)


  • Business & Communication

    • How to Succeed With Writing - Webinar (MGT 2028)
    • Networking Skills for Social and Business Engagement (MGT 2029)
    • The Sales Development Workshop (2030)
    • Building and Leading Effective Teams (MGT 2023)
    • Executive Leadership (MGT 2022)
    • The Great Reassessment: Navigating Your Career in the New Workplace (MGT 7919)
    • Creating a Personal or Business Elevator Pitch (MGT 2200)


    Business & Communication (Online)
    • Certificate in Customer Service (MGT 7981)
    • Entrepreneurship Certificate (MGT 2024)
    • Digital Marketing Certificate (MGT 2025)
    • Event Management and Design
    • Travel Agent Training 


  • Career Exploration

    • Automotive Service Technician Basics (MGT 2300)

    Mental & Behavioral Health
    • Introduction to Mental and Behavioral Health (Workforce)

    Voiceover Industry
    • Introduction to Voiceovers: One on One – Online (LLC 4806) 

    • Welding Basics (MGT 9207)


  • Computer Software

    • Certificate in Basic Game Design (MGT 2026)

    • Communicate & Collaborate in Google (IDAY 950)

    Microsoft Office - Excel
    • Excel: Level 1 (IDAY 251)
    • Excel: Level 2 (IDAY 253)
    • Excel: Level 3 (IDAY 255)


    Looking for other Microsoft classes?
    Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word and many others are available online for all skill levels through our online partner ed2go.

  • Education

    • Spanish in the Classroom: Online


  • Electrical & Industrial Maintenance and Welding

    • Basic Electrical Circuits (ELC 101)
    • Electrical Principles and Practices (ELC 103)
    • Electrical Diagrams and Circuits (ELC 104)
    • Electrical Motors and Motor Control Circuits (ELC 112)
    • Digital Multimeter Certification (ELC 105)
    • NFPA 70E: Electrical Practices - Workplace Safety (ELC 1102)
    • Residential Electrician (Online)

    Motors & Drives
    • Understanding A.C. & D.C. Motors (ELC 1130)

    Pipefitting & Welding
    • Welding Basics (MGT 9207)
    • Basic Pipefitting (INDT 124)


  • Food Sanitation

    • Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification Exam Prep (FOOD 440)
    • Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification Exam Prep: Online (FOOD 4401)
    • Food Handler Training: Online (FOOD 4406)
    • Illinois Allergen Awareness: Online (FOOD 447)


  • Foreign Language

    • Professional Interpreter (Online)


  • Graphic Design

    Graphic Design Certificate
    Demonstrate your knowledge of fundamental graphic design by earning a non-credit graphic design certificate. Students must complete four core and three elective classes. Please contact Kira Gleason at for more information and certificate application.

    Students are also welcome to take the classes without obtaining the certificate.

    Core Classes
    • Fundamentals of Photoshop: Level 1 (GRAF 1006)
    Introduction to Graphic Design Elements, Principles & Composition (GRAF 1073)
    • Introduction to Illustrator (GRAF 1004)
    • Fundamentals of InDesign (GRAF 1009)

    Elective Classes
    • Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro CC (GRAF 1049)
    • Intermediate Photoshop: Level Two (GRAF 1007)
    • Advanced Photoshop: Level Three (GRAF 1055)


  • Nonprofit Administration

    • Certificate in Nonprofit Administration (MGT 5180)
    • A to Z Grantwriting (Online)


  • Project Management

    • Project Management Series (MGT 7215)
    • Essentials of Project Management (MGT 7216)
    • Advanced Project Management (MGT 7217)
    • Project Management Certification Exam Preparation (MGT 7218)


  • Quality Control

    • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt (Online)


  • Water/Wastewater

    • Water Treatment - Operator Review Class A & B (WTR 886)
    • Water Treatment - Operator Review Class C & D (WTR 885)

    • Wastewater Treatment - Operator Review Class 1 & 2 (WTR 883)
    • Wastewater Treatment - Operator Review Class 3 & 4 (WTR 882)

    Class K Industrial Wastewater Treatment Exam Prep - Short Term
    Companies can meet regulations by preparing their staff for the Class K Industrial Wastewater Treatment Exam in just four classes. Classes can be held on location or at Joliet Junior College. Call (815) 280-1555 for more information or to schedule the class.


  • Websites

    • Certificate in Web Design (Online) (MGT 2027)
    • Designing Effective Websites (Online)


Online Professional Development Training

Joliet Junior College partners with educational providers to offer online training programs. This allows you the flexibility to develop your skills on your own time from your own home or office.

For More Information About Our Classes

Please contact Training Coordinator Kira Gleason at (815) 280-1423 or

Additional Information

  • Contact Us

    Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions regarding our professional development classes. We are here to help!

    Corporate & Community Services at Joliet Junior College

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    Kira Gleason

    Training Coordinator
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  • Customized Professional Development Classes

    Have a group who would like to take the same training? We can bring the class to you!

    Corporate & Community Services specializes in providing cost-effective group training programs that meet your needs, on your schedule and at the location of your choosing.

    All of our professional development classes are available for contract training. For more information, please visit our Contract Training page.

  • COVID-19 Update

    In the event of important deadlines or class dates changing due to COVID-19, please visit JJC's COVID FAQ page for the most up-to-date information. All continuing education classes will follow JJC's COVID-19 precautions. 

  • Photographing Program Participants

    Joliet Junior College reserves the right to photograph or film program participants. Photos and videos are for college use only and may be used in college publicity materials and social media. Please notify programming staff if you do not wish to be photographed or filmed.