Herbert Trackman Planetarium

Dedicated to continuing its tradition of outstanding astronomical instruction and entertainment, the Trackman Planetarium features a 30' diameter dome and a state-of-the-art OmniStar Digital Projection system. Planetarium shows include interactive sky tours exploring constellations and planets, followed by a stellar full dome production on a wide range of astronomical topics.

July Planetarium Shows

Visit the Trackman Planetarium to learn all about Summertime stargazing opportunities and celestial events. Explore cosmic curiosities, experience the wonders of the Universe, and reach for the stars at JJC.

Planetarium shows are always free and always fascinating.

✧ Tuesday, July 2 at 6pm ✧
“The International Space Station: Off the Earth, for the Earth, & Beyond”
Take a trip into Low Earth Orbit aboard the ISS, humanity’s home in space. Discover benefits of Space Station research, track its trajectory in the night sky and decipher its role in the development of technology, space exploration, and our future.

✧ Thursday, July 4 ✧
The Trackman Planetarium will be closed for Independence Day. Have a Happy 4th of July!

✧ Tuesday, July 9 ✧
Closed for Planetarium maintenance

✧ Thursday, July 11 ✧
Closed for Planetarium maintenance

✧Tuesday, July 16 at 6pm ✧
“Mars: The Ultimate Voyage” - A monumental journey to the Red Planet – rewriting what is possible for human space exploration and breaking barriers of technological advancement. Take a look into ongoing efforts toward the next mission to Mars, the challenges astronauts will face, and what humanity’s future might look like on the martian surface.

✧ Thursday, July 18 at 6pm ✧
“Khrumka and the Magic Rocket” In a fairy tale forest far away, two friends search for a magic rocket in the woods. Embark on a stellar adventure through our solar system. Explore the Sun, Moon, and planets up close, dodge the asteroids in the Asteroid Belt, and fly through the rings of Saturn. An award-winning, fun-filled show for younger audiences!

✧ Tuesday, July 23 ✧
The Trackman Planetarium will be closed for JJC Future Wolves Summer Camp

✧ Thursday, July 25 at 6pm ✧
“Accidental Astronauts: An Earth, Sun, Moon Adventure” follows the journey of robo-friends Cy, Annie, and their dog Armstrong as they hop aboard a rocket ship and travel to the Sun. Along the way, they explore asteroids, craters on the Moon, and observe our home planet Earth. A great show for young astronomers!

✧ Tuesday, July 30 at 6pm ✧
“Cosmic Origins: Spectrograph” An instrument aboard the Hubble Space Telescope examines ultraviolet light and peers into the darkness of deep space. This full dome show is a colorful journey into the depth of the cosmic web – revealing the mysterious origins of our universe. COS helps us understand the evolution of the cosmos and what it looked like billions of years ago. Glimpse into galaxies, quasars, black holes, supernova, and more! Recommended ages 8+


About the JJC Planetarium

The public is invited to visit the Trackman Planetarium in F-1001 on the Main Campus. We have 55 theatre-style seats available in the dome and no registration is required to attend. Free events are held Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6p.m.

Interested in booking a field trip to the Trackman Planetarium? We are currently offering field trip opportunities on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for the 2024-2025 school year. Educational groups are also encouraged to schedule programs during the day. These free, unique presentations are curated to the grade level and understanding of your students. Let us know if you have any questions regarding content options or accessibility. 

Joliet Junior College welcomes all social and community organizations to schedule planetarium programs for their members. Private presentations are available during daytime school hours or on select Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Contact fieldtripcoordinator@jjc.edu for more information.