Here's what some our students had to say about our program. A few words....

Jon Kemp

"The JJC Culinary Arts program gives you the opportunity to expand your culinary mind. It gives you the chance to build bridges with some of the best people in the business. At JJC you feel like you are part of the team. The class sizes are great and the friends you make are for a lifetime. Why go to a school where you pay school loans until you're 40 years old?"

Candace Priola

"I enjoy the JJC Culinary Arts program because of the relatively small size of the classes and the one-on-one attention we receive. I also enjoy the wonderful people I've met here and I appreciate everything I've learned from them. I know that the friends I've made here will be with me for year to come." 

Patricia Bolan

"The culinary program at JJC is inexpensive to attend and they have an excellent baking program."

Carole Collins

"I really enjoyed my experience here at Joliet. My favorite class was the baking and pastries class with Chef Imming. I liked it so much that I'm coming back next fall to continue taking classes just in baking and pastries."

Brad Shiever

"This program has been very influential to my culinary career, but the use of convenience products needs to be eliminated. I would recommend this program to anybody."

Nicole Slota

"School here was good and fun. The chefs are very knowledgeable. I really didn't think I could learn more than I thought I knew about cooking and baking."

Cynthia Barnes

"The abundance of things you learn here is great. The cost is affordable to most students out of districts but certainly for in-district students. The competition program is great for students who are serious about learning and enhancing their skills."

Nicholas Garcia

"My opinion about the JJC culinary program is it's an excellent experience as you are really learning in class. Also, in the kitchen you're working next to great chefs who guide you in understanding cooking methods."

Brandy Kuezkowski

"Before coming to JJC, I looked at many other schools. I choose JJC because I felt the most comfortable and the chefs seemed very open and fun to work with."

Maryellen Howard

"JJC is a great place to study culinary arts. It's very inexpensive and you gain great culinary knowledge. It's very hands on. If you go anywhere else, it's just a lot of studying. Here you actually get to try it not once, but many times."