Diversity & Inclusion

Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Compliance

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

JJC's Core Values of respect and inclusion are central to our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. We show this commitment by serving others with fairness and equality.

JJC is a community of lifelong learners that welcomes, values, and respects diversity. The college fosters a climate of mutual respect and inclusion. We celebrate diversity by embracing our differences.


Compliance covers many areas. Some of the larger compliance areas at JJC include:

  • Title IX
  • Title VI 
  • ADA and Section 504 
  • FOIA 
  • Ethics 
  • Reporting 
  • Subpoenas
  • Adherence with board policies and institutional procedures
  • Mission & Vision


    The President's Diversity & Inclusion Council advocates and champions diversity, equity and inclusion efforts that prioritize our commitment to the core values of respect and inclusion. The council will ensure the college community is a place where everyone feels welcomed, empowered and safe.


    Provide an environment that inspires acceptance, inclusion and mutual respect.

  • Meet Our Staff

    Dr. Escortina Ervin

    Dr. Escortina Ervin, Executive Director

    Phone: 815.280.2737
    Email: eervin@jjc.edu

    In this role, Dr. Escortina Ervin helps JJC meet its strategic goals and challenges resulting from demographic changes. Dr. Ervin also manages the college's Diversity Office and oversees the President's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council.

    Dr. Tracy Morris
    Dr. Tracy Morris, Compliance Officer

    Phone: 815.280.2704
    Email: tmorris@jjc.edu

    Dr. Tracy Morris serves as the primary contact person for all legal and compliance matters related to the college and ensures prompt resolution of ethics reports and all First Amendment, Title IV, Title VI, and Title IX violations. She also provides oversight for college policies and procedures, timely state and federal reporting, investigative matters, pending litigation and other compliance.

    Erin Farmer
    Erin Farmer, Program Manager & FOIA Officier

    Phone: 815.280.2660
    Email: efarmer@jjc.edu

    In this role, Erin Farmer manages the college's DEI plan and oversees initiatives that support and influence achievement of the diversity, equity and inclusion goals of the college. She is also the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) officer for the college.

    Monique Clayborne
    Monique Clayborne, Administrative Assistant

    Phone: 815.280.2801
    Email: mclaybor@jjc.edu

    In this role, Monique Clayborne supports the executive director, compliance director and program manager to promote and engage students, staff and faculty in diversity efforts.

How Employees Get Involved

  • Book Club

    Dr. Escortina Ervin

    Book Club

    JJC's DEI Book Club gives employees a chance to have meaningful conversations about race. Members discuss current issues via important books and learn from others' experiences. The book club is:

    • Offered to employees every fall semester; book, reading guide and additional resources provided
    • Made up of small groups that include two co-facilitators and no more than eight participants

    "I met some really great people across campus through the DEI Book Club. I love to broaden my knowledge about DEI so that I can help my work environment and personal life to be more open and accepting."
    -Book Club Participant

  • Diversity Training

    Diversity Training / Cultural Competency Workshops

    JJC offers workshops to increase awareness of diversity, equity and inclusion. They are essential to employees so that they build their skills to create an inclusive campus culture.

    Cultural Competency Workshop

    The cultural competency workshop was designed by the Kaleidoscope Group. It is delivered by internal JJC employees who have been trained to facilitate the workshop.

    The workshop provides a safe and open environment that encourages real dialogue. The goal is to help build cultural competence and consciously inclusive employees.

    Safe Zone Ally Training

    JJC's Safe Zone Ally Training is a campus-wide program designed to create a welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ students, faculty and staff. Nearly 100 students, staff and faculty who have gone through this training program, which prepares them to be helpful advocates.

  • Peace Circles

    Dr. Escortina Ervin

    Peace Circles

    Peace circles bring together individuals to engage in honest communication, relationship development and community building. Peace circles can be used for:

    • Restorative justice
    • Racial healing
    • Conflict resolution
    • Decision-making 
    • Supporting one another
    • Providing a sense of belonging

    Benefits of peace circles include:

    • intentionally creating spaces that lift barriers between people
    • open possibilities for connection, collaboration and mutual understanding

  • Table Talks

    Table Talks

    • Open to the entire campus
    • A place to discuss important topics suggested by employees and college leadership
    • Leaders share key information and engage with all employees

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