Student & Employee Support

Student Support Groups

  • Center for Multicultural Access & Success

    The Center for Multicultural Access and Success (CMAS) primarily helps minority students, first-generation students, undocumented students, English language learners, under-prepared students and international students.

    CMAS offers:

    1. One-on-one meetings with our advisors to make sure you're on the right track. Not sure how financial aid works? Confused about the transfer process? You're never alone - our advisors will be your guide and can connect you to the services you need.
    2. Participate in our workshops. Check out our events to see what programs we are offering. Get the best advice for studying, learn how to develop leadership skills and more.
    3. Accessible resources. We offer free tutoring, advocacy for undocumented students, cultural enrichment activities and much more.

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  • Disability Services

    The JJC Disability Services offices helps students with disabilities get equal access to education. They will help provide reasonable accommodations to those who need it. 

    Accommodations can include:

    Accommodations are determined by documentation and by the interactive process. Students do need to complete the registration process with Disability Services to receive accommodations. Listed below are testing, classroom, and other accommodations.

    • Testing accommodations
    • Classroom accommodations
    • And more

    Learn More About Disability Services

  • Safe Zone Ally Program & LGBTQIA+ Servicse

    Safe Zone Ally Program

    The JJC Safe Zone Ally program is made up of college students, faculty, staff and administrators who support LGBTQ+ students. Safe zone allies create a safe and supportive learning environment regardless of someone's sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. 

    Learn More About Safe Zone Allies on MyJJC
    See a List of Safe Zone Allies

    LGBTQIA+ Services

    Students, faculty, staff and community members: learn more about LGBTQIA+ resources at JJC and in our community.

Employee & Student Interest Groups

In addition to the President’s Diversity and Inclusion Council, Joliet Junior College also supports other committees and clubs that share the same mission, vision and values.  These groups include but are not limited to:

  • African American Retention Initiative

    The purpose of the African American Retention Initiative is to develop outreach and community engagement programs that will increase African American enrollment and positively strengthen recruitment, academic preparation, and college readiness for students at Joliet Junior College.

    To learn more about the African American Retention Initiative or for more information on how to join, please e-mail DeAndre Butler at


  • Committee for African American and Latino American Concerns (CAALAC)

    The Committee for African American and Latino American Concerns (CAALAC) is committed to increasing opportunities of growth, development and success for faculty, staff and students of color at Joliet Junior College, and addressing any issues of inequity. We strive to achieve goals that support the collective success of all minorities throughout the college community.

    To learn more about the African American and Latino American Concerns (CAALAC) committee or for information on how to join, please e-mail Dr. Sherri Morrow (

    Meetings: 2nd Thursday of each month at 12 p.m. in A-1061

  • Disability Services and Accessibility

    The Disability Services and Accessibility Committee serves as an advisory committee providing a voice for all individuals with disabilities who are part of the college and its extended community. The committee will raise awareness to the needs and concerns of those with disabilities as well as provide the college community with a vision, plans, and resources to enable individuals with disabilities to reach their full potential through inclusion, representation, and access to accommodations.

    To learn more about the Disability Services and Accessibility committee or for information on how to join, please e-mail Adam Wouk at

    Please visit the Disability Services page for additional information.

  • Hispanic Serving Institutions Committee

    The purpose of the HSI committee is to lead the charge in expanding recruitment and retention efforts to Hispanic students with the goal of obtaining the Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI), federal designation. The committee members serve as advocates to review, develop and introduce new and innovative initiatives for the Hispanic population with a strategic focus on strengthen enrollment, retention and completion.

    To learn more about the Hispanic Serving Institutions committee or for information on how to join, please e-mail Michelle Roman-Garcia (, or Michelle Lyman (   

  • LGBTIQA – Safe Zone

    The LGBTIQ-Safe Zone committee serves as an advisory body for matters of concern to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and questioning persons across the College. The LGBTIQ-Safe Zone initiative will provide a welcoming, safe, visible, and tangible support system to ensure that the College's programs and services are inclusive and that strategies, plans, programs, and resources are available to the LGBTIQ community.

    To learn more about the LGBTIQ – Safe Zone committee or for information on how to join, please e-mail Cynthia Vasquez-Barrios, Chair ( or Patty Binfa, Co-Chair (

  • Women’s Support Group

    The purpose of the Women’s Support Group is to assist the college in supporting the academic achievement, career aspiration, and personal development of all. We are committed to creating a safe, equitable, and inclusive learning environment in which all can be successful.

    To learn more about the Women's Support Group or for information on how to join, please contact the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at