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Joliet Junior College offers a generous array of benefits to employees that are effective upon the date of hire. The goal of our program is to offer a comprehensive compensation and benefits package intended to attract and retain talent while enhancing a healthy work/life balance for our employees and their families.


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Employee Benefits

In this section, you will find tools, resources, and information that will help you evaluate the benefits of working for JJC. This is tended to be a summary, detailed information related to your specific benefits package and current costs will be provided to you as a new hire and annually during the open enrollment.

  • Compensation

    The goal of our program is to offer a comprehensive compensation and benefits package intended to attract and retain talent while enhancing a healthy work/life balance for our employees and their families.

  • Health Benefits

    These benefits are available to all full-time employees and their dependents who meet specific eligibility requirements.

    Health, Dental, Vision and Prescription Benefits

    These benefits are available to all full-time employees and their dependents who meet specific eligibility requirements. In general, the plan allows coverage for an employee’s legal spouse or civil union partner and/or children, including biological, adopted or step children, covered from birth to age 26, or who meet other legal requirements.

    Medical Benefits

    JJC offers a comprehensive and competitive health benefits package which includes medical and dental through Blue Cross Blue Shield. We provide both a PPO and an HMO option for medical coverage.

    Dental Benefits

    Benefits also with Blue Cross Blue Shield. Two dental plans are offered at JJC. Based on your individual needs, you may select coverage provided through one of the following:

    • The traditional dental plan is provided at no cost to the employee
    • The buy-up dental plan provides additional coverage for a minimal monthly premium.

    Vision Benefits

    Not only do you get discounts and some annual eye exam benefits under the BCBS medical JJC also includes free coverage for vision through VSP when you purchase your medical benefits.

    Premium Costs

    For the medical coverage (medical, core dental and vision are bundled together for one cost. For the current fiscal year, employee contributions for the health, dental and vision plan are a minimum of $5.00 per pay period and a maximum of $74.29 per pay period; based on employee earnings.

    Transparency in Coverage

    The Transparency in Coverage Final Rule requires insurers and group health plans to publish machine-readable files starting July 1, 2022. The files contain in-network rates and out-of-network allowed amounts.

    HMO plans do not require any action at this time, as they fall under the fully insured category. 

    BCBSIL will update these Machine Readable Files on a monthly basis.

  • Flexible Spending Account

    Joliet Junior College offers a Flexible Spending program that allows you to put money into a savings account that you use to pay for certain out-of-pocket health and dependent care costs. Allowable expenses are dictated by Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code and include deductibles, copays, vision expenses and childcare expenses. The dollars you put into the account are pretax, reducing your taxable income. Please see your Benefits Department for updated IRS annual maximum contribution amounts.


    Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

    FLEX is our vendor for the Health FSA and Dependent Care FSA.  The FSA allows you to pay for eligible health care and dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars.

    Health FSA

    • You can use funds in your FSA to pay for your (or your dependent’s) qualified medical, dental, vision, prescription expenses such as deductibles and copayments.


    Dependent Care FSA

    • A dependent care flexible spending account allows you to be reimbursed for qualified child care and dependent care expenses using pretax dollars.

  • Retirement

    State Universities Retirement System (SURS

    Once you are deemed to be eligible for SURS participation, eight percent (8%) of your gross earnings including earnings for overtime and summer sessions are automatically deducted from your paycheck. Police officers have special rules that allow them to contribute 9.5% of gross earnings. Full-time community college employees pay an additional 0.5% of earnings to fund a health insurance plan devised for community college retirees.

    The contributions you make to SURS will not be subject to Federal taxes until you begin to withdraw funds following your retirement. An employee who first becomes a SURS member (or other eligible Illinois reciprocal system) on or after 1/1/2011 is considered a Tier 2 member under the retirement plan. Please note SURS Members do not participate in Social Security.

    SURS Retirement Plans Options

    The State Universities Retirement System of Illinois (SURS) provides retirement, disability, death, and survivor benefits to eligible SURS participants and annuitants. SURS members must choose one of three retirement options; the Traditional Benefit Package, the Portable Benefit Package, or the Self- Managed Plan (SMP).

    SURS will send an information packet directly to your home within approximately 4–6 weeks after your initial SURS eligibility date. You have six months from your initial date of eligibility to select one of three retirement plans; and return your election form to SURS. The choice is permanent and cannot be changed. If a new member fails to choose within six months, they will be permanently enrolled in the Traditional Benefit Package.

  • Leave Plans

    Qualifying employees have many programs in place to support them during times of illness and injury.   Examples of potential leave plans include:

    • Vacation
    • Sick
    • Personal Leave
    • Bereavement Leave
    • Jury Duty
    • Military Leave
    • Floater Holiday
    • Holidays


    Vacation Time is offered to full-time employees and accrues based on the collective bargaining agreement to which the position adheres.


    • Independence Day
    • Labor Day
    • Veterans Day
    • Thanksgiving Day
    • Day after Thanksgiving
    • Day before Christmas
    • Christmas Day
    • Day after Christmas
    • New Year’s Eve Day
    • New Year’s Day
    • Martin Luther King’s Birthday
    • President’s Day
    • Good Friday
    • Memorial Day
    • Juneteenth


  • Life Insurance and Long Term Disability

    Joliet Junior College provides Basic Life and AD&D coverage to each active, full-time employee at no cost.

    Basic Life and AD&D Insurance

    Joliet Junior College provides Basic Life and AD&D coverage to each active, full-time employee at no cost. The Life coverage pays a sum of money at the death of the insured person and the AD&D policy pays benefits to the beneficiary if the cause of death is an accident.

    Supplemental Life and AD&D Insurance

    Each active, full-time employee is eligible to enroll in this Supplemental Life and AD&D coverage. Employee and Spouse coverage is from $10,000 to $750,000 in increments of $10,000. Employee coverage may not exceed 7 times his/her annual salary, and Spouse may not exceed the Employee’s coverage amount.

    Child coverage is offered at $2,500, $5,000, $7,500, or $10,000. Additional benefits include Accelerated Death Benefit, Living Benefit Rider, and Bereavement Counseling.

    • New Hires Guarantee Issue – no medical exam required
    • Waiver of Premium – premiums are waived if you should become totally disabled
    • Portable – keep insurance if you later become ineligible
    • Conversion Privilege – you can convert your coverage to an individual insurance policy without having to furnish proof of good health

    This AD&D coverage is a convenient, affordable measure of protection for you and your family against the very aspects of life no one wants to think about, let alone plan for.

    This coverage is convertible and includes Exposure & Disappearance Coverage, Reserve National Guard Benefit, and Seat Belt/Air Bag Benefit.

    Voluntary Long-Term Disability Benefit

    This Voluntary LTD program is a supplement to your SURS gap to 65% benefit (non-tax) until the age of 65. Each active, full-time employee earning an annual salary of at least $10,000 is eligible for this coverage. Included is a Survivor Benefit and Conversion Privilege. It is subject to a Pre-Existing Condition Limitation of 6/6/24 that states that a pre-existing condition is any condition for which you:

    • 6 Months - received treatment in the 6 months immediately prior to coverage effective date
    • 6 Months - received in the 6 months immediately following effective date
    • 24 Months - are receiving ongoing treatment

    Newly eligible employees can add LTD without evidence of insurability during their first 31 days of employment.

  • Employee Discounts

    Discounts and Other Services

    As a courtesy, additional services and discounts are made available to Joliet Junior College employees. Courtesy discounts are subject to change or discontinuation by the provider at any time, and the College may remove discount offers without notice. These goods and services are not endorsed, guaranteed, or arranged by Joliet Junior College. Employees are responsible for checking goods or services offered.

    Cell Phone Discounts

    Cellular phone discounts are offered for all current and active employees. Cell phone carriers participating in the cell phone discount program include:

    • AT&T
    • Sprint
    • Verizon

    Discounts range from 17-19% are only applicable to service and is subject to the terms and conditions of the cell phone provider.

    Computer Hardware, Software & Accessories

    JJC on the Hub: Students, faculty and staff are eligible to receive significant discounts on software such as MS Office, Adobe Creative Cloud and more.

    JJC Apple Store: Students, faculty and staff are eligible to purchase Apple products at discount prices using the JJC Apple Store.

    Joliet Junior College Automotive Repair

    The Joliet Junior College Automotive Repair shop boasts a state-of-the-art facility and is the premier automotive training program in the Midwest. Students, faculty and staff have the privilege of receiving excellent automotive service, while going to work or school and at bargain rates.

    Tuition Waivers

    Tuition waivers are granted to the employee, their spouse and dependents to enroll in credited courses at JJC. Tuition Waivers vary based on position, classification and the collective bargaining unit which the job adheres to. Employees are responsible for payment of student fees and books.


  • Work-Life Benefits

    Employee Assistance

    Joliet Junior College offers employees, family members and anyone significant to the employee an employee assistance benefits through ComPsych.  They are available 24/7 to our employees and their families and offer up to six free counseling sessions.

    Wellness (Wellness Works)

    Joliet Junior College is serious about wellness and offers employees a variety of resources to help keep them healthy.

    • Various Lunch & Learns on wellness related topics
    • Benefits Fair
    • Weight Watchers on Campus
    • Yearly Wellness Screenings
    • BCBS Members have Well onTarget
    • Walking Maps/Trails
    • JJC Wellness/Fitness Center
      • Employees pay a modest fee per semester
      • BCBS Members have access to Fitness Programs
    • Tobacco-Free Campus Policy
      • To promote a safe, clean, and healthy learning environment, Joliet Junior College prohibits the use of tobacco products inside College facilities, in all College vehicles and on all College property, except in personal vehicles. This includes the burning of any type of cigar, cigarette, pipe, electronic cigarettes, or any other smoking equipment. The use of smokeless/chewing tobacco is also prohibited.


    Premium Costs

    Cost will vary

  • Employee Recognition

    Joliet Junior College is very proud that so many of our faculty and staff stay with us for a number of years. Service longevity is recognized and celebrated each year. Employees who reach a landmark anniversary are recognized at the annual Service Recognition Celebration held in the early spring. The Celebration honors service award recipients from the previous calendar year and retirees from the current academic year.

    For every five years of service, employees receive a special gemstone pin depicting their years of service. In addition, individuals celebrating 20, 25, 30 or 35 years of service and those who retire within the academic year have the opportunity to select a gift of their choice from a special gift catalog. The value of the gift increases with years of service.