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JJC's success comes in large part from talented, diverse and committed employees whose knowledge and passion for education create a thriving culture both in and out of the classroom. JJC supports an inclusive and collaborative environment where everyone can learn, grow and perform at their best. We invite you to apply your skills and experience in a way that supports excellence and rewards your contributions. Make JJC your first choice for employment - apply today to join our team!

Why Joliet Junior College?

Joliet Junior College is an innovative and accessible institution, with employees that are dedicated to enhancing student experiences, community prosperity, cultural enrichment, and inclusion. In becoming part of the JJC Team, you will join other passionate employees that are devoted to providing quality lifelong learning opportunities empowering diverse students through academic excellence, workforce training, and comprehensive support services.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Joliet Junior College is committed to providing a diverse and inclusive experience for all faculty, students and staff. The College’s Diversity and Inclusion plan supports this commitment and can be accessed below:

Core Values

Joliet Junior College fosters a caring and friendly environment that embraces diversity and sustainability and encourages personal growth by promoting the following Core Values:

  • Respect & Inclusion

    Joliet Junior College advocates respect and inclusion for every individual by demonstrating courtesy and civility in every endeavor. Joliet Junior College pledges to promote and recognize the diverse strengths of its employees and students, and to value and celebrate the unique attributes, characteristics, and perspectives of every individual.

  • Integrity

    Joliet Junior College sees integrity as an integral component of all work done at the College. Joliet Junior College employees demonstrate responsible, accountable, and ethical professionalism. Also, Joliet Junior College models open, honest, and appropriate communication.

  • Collaboration

    Joliet Junior College promotes collaborative relationships as part of the scholarly process, including partnerships within the institution and with other learning communities. Joliet Junior College supports the personal and professional growth of employees and is committed to the advancement and support of intellectual growth, regardless of employment position at the College.

  • Humor & Well Being

    Joliet Junior College recognizes humor as a means for employees and students to achieve collegial well-being, development of strong work teams, and self-rejuvenation.

    Joliet Junior College provides a healthy environment where creativity, humor, and enjoyment of work occur, including recognizing and celebrating success.

  • Innovation

    Joliet Junior College supports and encourages innovation and the pursuit of excellence. Joliet Junior College values, respects, and rewards both creative risk-taking and the enthusiastic pursuit of new ideas with foresight and follow-through.

  • Quality

    By continually reflecting, evaluating, and improving on programs and services, Joliet Junior College is built upon a foundation of quality programs and services, while also implementing continuous improvement in order to ensure excellence.

  • Sustainability

    Joliet Junior College recognizes that true sustainability involves a commitment to environmental, social, and economic improvement. Joliet Junior College encourages planning, solutions, and actions that provide benefits for students, employees, and the community.

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