Joliet Regional College & Career Fair

The Joliet Regional College & Career Fair (formerly known as the Joliet Regional Job Fair) will take place:

Joliet Regional College & Career Fair
June 15, 2022
2 to 6 p.m.
JJC Event Center

Registration is closed.


If you’re an employer interested in collaborating with Career Services for a vendor table at the fair, contact Lynette Correa-Velez, Career Services Director, via email at with the subject line “Joliet Regional College & Career Fair” or call at (815) 280-2756. 


If you’re a college or university interested in collaborating with University Partnerships for a vendor table at the fair, please contact Lauren Peerbolte, Transfer Specialist, via email at or call at (815) 280-2923.

Employer Information

  • Highlights

    • Quality candidates with diverse skills and experiences for part-time and full-time employment
    • Internship and volunteer candidates for short-term opportunities
    • All candidates will come prepared with a resume
    • Advertising throughout greater Chicago-land area
    • Company information in Guidebook and on JJC web site
    • Low registration fee
    • Light snacks provided

  • Qualifications

    To be qualified as an employer to use Career Services:

    • Employers must adhere to federal and Illinois state EEO guidelines.
    • Employers must not involve solicitation, posting of materials, or sale of products or services.
    • Employers and individuals offering employment/entrepreneurial opportunities requiring prospective employees to purchase a franchise or products or services up front are not permitted.  
    • Employers where compensation is based exclusively on fee/percentage of sales from others under their sponsorship in the organization, are not permitted. This does not apply to fees for Federal and State licensing requirements such as real estate, securities, etc.
    • Multilevel marketing companies do not have access to any recruiting opportunities sponsored by the Career Services Center.
    • JJC Career Services Center does not allow recruiting or posting for individual home services such as babysitting, elder care, lawn maintenance.
    • JJC Career Services Center reserves the right to approve or deny access to recruiting opportunities sponsored by Career Services.

Job Seeker Information

On the hunt for a new job? Find your next big opportunity at the Joliet Regional College & Career Fair! Network with local employers from a variety of industries and apply for positions in almost any field. Remember to bring your resume and to dress professionally.

  • Highlights

    • BRING YOUR RESUME. Come prepared with several copies. Links to sample resumes below.
    • JJC students, alumni and community members can attend. 
      • Request a virtual resume appointment by contacting
    • Dress Professionally as you would for an interview.
    • Review the web sites of the employers to learn more about the companies listed below, and make a list of those you want to meet.
    • Only job seekers will be admitted.  Please, no guests.   

    Day of the Job Fair

    • Be prepared for day of on-site interviews
    • Resume review and printing available

    Sample resumes

  • Participating Employers and Colleges/Universities for 2022

    List of participating employers and colleges/universities will be posted soon.

  • Before the Fair

    • Get Resume Assistance (a resume is preferred for admittance)
    • JJC Students and Alumni: Request a virtual resume appointment by contacting
    • Residents of Will County: receive resume assistance through Workforce Services of Will County's Mobile Workforce Center and Job Search Workshops.  

  • During the Fair

    Steps to Take at the Job Fair

    1. Dress for an interview. 
    2. Bring 30-to-40 resumes in a portfolio, small briefcase, folder or large envelope. The portfolio also is handy for carrying all the company information, business cards, etc. that you will pick up during the Job Fair.
    3. Arrive in time to review the information you may be given at the door. Select the companies to visit.
    4. When you arrive at the company's table you selected, there may be a line. When you get to the front, give a 30-second or less presentation. (For example: "My name is... I'm interested in your organization because... What kind of opportunities might exist for someone like me?" etc.)
    5. Leave your resume with the company recruiter.
    6. Make sure you get company information and a business card from all companies of interest to you.
    7. Take notes on your conversations with company recruiters. It will make your follow-up with employers much easier and also allow you to remember important points of the conversation.
    8. Within two weeks after the Job Fair, follow-up with email or phone calls to the recruiters to indicate your interest in specific positions or in working for that company. Those who follow up get the jobs!

    Making Contact with Employers

    Common Questions to Expect from Employers
    • Tell me about yourself.
    • Why did you choose to attend/not attend college?
    • What interested you about our organization?
    • Why do you want this position? Why our organization?
    • Why do you think that you will be successful in this field?
    • What are your short-term goals?
    • Tell me about your work experience.
    • What three things are most important to you in a job?
    • What major problems have you encountered and how did you deal with them?
    • Are you willing to travel?
    • What are your strengths/weaknesses?

    Sample Questions to Ask the Job Fair Employer
    • Please describe the positions available in _________.
    • What qualifications are important for this position?
    • What career paths are available after starting in this position?
    • Is relocation/travel required for this position?
    • How can I reach you in order to follow-up on this position?
    • I have a background in _________. Would this qualify me for your position?

    Common Reasons for Rejection
    • Poor personal appearance
    • Lack of planning for career - no goals or purpose
    • Lack of enthusiasm and interest
    • Failure to ask questions
    • Inability to express yourself clearly, poor voice, diction, grammar
    • Timid, lacks sufficient degree of assertiveness
    • Unwilling to relocate
    • Poor eye contact
    • Weak handshake

    Increasing Your Effectiveness

    Start with a strong handshake and a practiced introduction when meeting your first employer. Direct eye contact is also essential when making a first impression. As you introduce yourself include information such as name, college major, work skills and experience, and date available for employment. The recruiter also may ask about your qualifications as they relate to the position, so be ready to discuss several of your strengths.

    Be Flexible

    Be flexible when targeting your employers of interest and manage your time effectively. There may be long lines for the popular employers, especially at the beginning of the Job Fair. Manage your time by visiting other employers until the lines are shorter. Your time at the Job Fair has been well spent if you have visited at least 12 employers during the course of the day.

    Be Open-Minded

    Be open-minded. Employers consider your experience and skills, not just your education. Introduce yourself to the employers even if your experience is not in demand. If they are not hiring for your area of expertise, ask them to forward your resume to the appropriate department in their company. It is also helpful to ask for a contact name in order to follow up in the future.

    Listen Effectively

    Listen effectively when standing in line for a recruiter. You can learn about the position and the employer by listening to what is being said to the person ahead of you in line. Network with other candidates by exchanging information about employers with whom you have made contact.

    Take Notes

    Take notes. Accurate information will be needed for follow-ups done after the Job Fair. Make notes on the company listing as well as ask for a business card and company information from the recruiter with whom you are speaking.

  • After the Fair

    Follow Up

    Follow up with employers after the job fair. Resumes left behind act as a reminder and reinforce the impression you have made with the recruiter. However, do not rely on the recruiter to contact you after the fair.

    Identify at least 5 - 10 positions you would like to learn more about and contact the employer by phone or by sending a thank you letter within two weeks of the Job Fair. Initiative is the key to obtaining an offer from an employer you met at the Job Fair.