Game Design and Development

  • Liberal & Fine Arts

Video gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry which is growing rapidly. There are many high-paying career paths in this industry such as game programmer, game designer, audio artist, and more.

What Will I Learn?

Students in the JJC Game Design and Development program learn the skills and techniques to design and to make video games. They will get hands-on experience with the following types of software:

  • Maya (to develop 3D models and animations for games)
  • Game engines, such as UnReal UDK, GameMaker, Unity and RPG Maker (programs to develop video games)

For those who wish to continue their education for a bachelor’s degree, JJC has partnered with several four-year degree universities to set up 2+2 programs to ensure smooth transfers to their universities. Contact faculty advisers to learn more. 

What is Unique About This Program? 

We offer instruction in several popular game engines, so students get a broad background with many different development approaches for creating games in a variety of genres. We have a strong focus on developing you as a developer, and giving you the programming background you need to be successful.

What Degree/Certificate Will I Receive? 



What are my Career Opportunities?

  • Producer
  • Artist/Animator
  • Programmer
  • Writer
  • Sound artist
  • Game tester