Business, Finance & Information Technology

Retail Business Management

Retail is more than just working at a store. Retail managers oversee many aspects of a retail business, from personnel, to marketing, to customer service.

Business, Finance & Information Technology

Study Abroad Programs

What's new? Japan program is back! New Environmental Biology program in South Africa ! Study at the American College of Thessaloniki in Greece . We are currently accepting applications for Spring 2024

Business, Finance & Information Technology

Supply Chain Management

This program emphasizes the essentials of supply chain and operations management, the transportation and distribution process, and cargo security compliance.

Agricultural Sciences & Vet Tech

Swine Management

The Swine Management Program prepares students for careers involving production, management and marketing of swine.

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Teacher Assistant

Teacher assistants are being employed at all levels of education, from early childhood through secondary education.

Liberal & Fine Arts


JJC Theatre students receive training on stage and behind the scenes to jump start careers in the performing arts.

Agricultural Sciences & Vet Tech

Veterinary Technology

The Veterinary Medical Technology Program is designed for the student who wishes to become a certified veterinary technician.

Liberal & Fine Arts

Visual Arts

This program will prepare students to create a portfolio allowing them to transfer to a four year university art program.

Business, Finance & Information Technology

Warehousing and Distribution

With increased demand in the local transportation, warehousing and logistics industry, the Warehousing & Distribution Certificate Program is designed to prepare individuals for entry level positions.

Liberal & Fine Arts

Web Design, Development, and Social Media

The JJC Web Design and Social Media program provides students with technical aspects of Web page creation, programming, interactive web creation, and management involved in the creation of websites.

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