Study Abroad Programs

  • Business, Finance & Information Technology
  • Agricultural Sciences & Vet Tech
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • STEM
  • Liberal & Fine Arts

Joliet Junior College offers many study abroad opportunities around the world. All academic credits transfer directly to JJC and programs incorporate cultural experiences and field trips.


Good news! We are planning to re-launch study abroad programming in Spring 2022. If international travel is not for you at this time check out our Virtual Study Abroad opportunities below.

Why Study Abroad?

If you are unsure about study abroad, here are a few reasons to help you decide:

  1. Get better grades and graduate sooner. Studies show students who study abroad have better grades and graduate from college at higher rates than students who do not study abroad.

  2. Study abroad experience looks good on your college application or resume. Experience of living internationally shows you have experience dealing with people from different cultures, plus a higher level of adaptability.

  3. Improve your language skills. Study abroad is a great way to learn a new language from scratch, refresh languages you learned in high school or advance your college level language courses.

  4. Experience culture and learn history. The best way to experience culture is to live it, which is exactly what you’ll be doing as a study abroad student. You will also learn history where it occurred hundreds and, sometimes, thousands of years ago. 

  5. Meet a diverse range of people and make friends. A shared study abroad experience is a great way to bond with your fellow students, develop your people skills, and deepen your knowledge of others, particularly those from different cultures.

  6. Gain independence, self-reliance, and self-confidence. Studying and living abroad requires you to be independent. Independence, time management, organization, social skills and self-confidence, will all develop exponentially while you’re abroad.

Global Learning Fest

While we wait for the world to reopen, we invite you to participate in the Global Learning Fest (May 17th - 30th). The event is a combination of self-paced pre-recorded experiences, live streaming events, guest lectures, cooking classes, etc. You can participate in as many or as few events as you want. Participation in the event is FREE to anyone with JJC email.

View Events Calendar and Register for Global Learning Fest

How To Get Started?

It is never too early to start planning your study abroad experience.

  • Choose your destination and program type

    Begin researching programs using links on this page and then schedule an appointment with International Education Coordinator to discuss your options.

  • Meet eligibility requirements

    Minimum requirements include 6-12 credit hours completed at JJC with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5/4.0. Some programs require completion of ENG.101 or ENG.102 with B or better.

  • Apply for financial aid (if eligible)

    Financial aid may cover part of the program cost and varies by individual and study abroad course selection. Contact International Education Coordinator to discuss your options.

  • Register for study abroad program

    Contact International Education Office to request study abroad application. Registration deadlines are:

    • Nov. 15th for Spring programs

    • March 15th for Summer programs

    • May 15th for Fall programs

  • Apply for scholarships

    JJC scholarships. JJC offers two study abroad scholarships. However, scholarships not intended for study abroad may still cover some of its cost if you meet other scholarship criteria.

    External scholarships. JJC scholarships page has an extensive list of external scholarships you may qualify for and use to cover study abroad cost (make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to see external scholarships list).

    Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship. To be eligible, you must be receiving a Pell Grant as part of your financial aid.

    Fund for Education Abroad. FEA gives preference to students with financial need, along with minority, community college and first generation students.

    First Trip is a scholarship for students traveling abroad for the first time to select countries.

Where Can I Study Abroad?

To provide wider variety of program types and destinations, some programs are offered through our partners (such as Illinois Consortium for International Studies and Programs (ICISP)) while other are lead by JJC faculty. Every study abroad program has its pluses and minuses. The list below will help you decide which program is right for you.

  • Summer Study Abroad Programs

    Summer programs are cheaper and easier to fit into your schedule but have little flexibility in course selection. Due to short period of time (3-4 weeks), the itinerary is tight with little to no opportunities for independent travel. If you would rather travel with the group in a controlled setting, summer program is a great option for you. Summer programs are offered in the following destinations:

    • Austria

    • Costa Rica (2021 program is cancelled due to COVID-19)

    • France

    • Ireland

    • Japan (2021 program is cancelled due to COVID-19)

    • Spain

  • Fall and Spring Semester Programs

    Semester-long programs (16 weeks) allow for more cultural and language immersion, flexibility in course selection, and independent travel. These programs require full-time enrollment status of 12 to 15 credit hours. This allows to create a schedule that is unique to your academic and personal interests. Semester-long programs are offered in:

  • Course Specific Programs

    Some programs are offered as part of a course and take place during spring break. Participating in the study abroad program may or may not be required for course completion. Please contact the appropriate program advisor for details.