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In addition to offering federal and state financial aid programs, JJC also awards scholarships funded by the Joliet Junior College Foundation. These scholarships address the needs of students and are awarded for various reasons, including academic standing, leadership, specialized talents, financial need and many more.

Fall 2024 Scholarship Application closed May 15th! 

Please watch the YouTube tutorial before you begin your application and review the application guidelines and FAQ's

Apply for Scholarships/View Dashboard

The Fall 2024 scholarship application closed May 15, 2024. Students will be notified through JJC email in summer if they are awarded a scholarship for Fall 2024. It is advised to go on a payment plan or pay in full to secure classes.

Scholarship Questions?

Contact Kelly Baker at kbaker@jjc.edu.


How Do I Apply For Scholarships?

Watch: How to Apply Video Guide

  1. Review the following scholarship application materials:
  2.  Many scholarships are “need based” and require completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Visit our Financial Aid page for more information.
  3.  Complete your scholarship application at https://joliet.awardspring.com.
  4.  After you apply, continue to check your scholarship dashboard at AwardSpring to see if you were awarded a scholarship.

All students are welcome to apply to each scholarship administered by the Foundation. Students will be given equal consideration for each scholarship without regard to sex or gender unless a scholarship’s description explicitly provides otherwise. Those scholarships whose descriptions contain a sex-restriction or sex-preference address a legitimate affirmative action goal and are compliant with Title IX under 34 C.F.R. § 106.3(b).

When Can I Apply for Scholarships?

The scholarship application process is open twice per year, in February and October.

  • To apply for scholarships that are awarded in the Fall Semester, the application process is open from Feb. 1 through May 15.
  • To apply for scholarships that are awarded in the Spring Semester, the application process is open from Oct. 15 through Nov. 30.
  • When applying for scholarships, students must meet all criteria for each scholarship to be considered for that scholarship.

JJC Scholarship Flyer (English version)

JJC Scholarship Flyer (Spanish version)

Undocumented Students: If you are an undocumented student, please contact the Center for Multicultural Access & Success (CMAS) for assistance with the completion of your personal financial statement. Visit CMAS in room A-1107 or call (815) 280-2829.

JJC Legacy Program for Dependents of JJC alumnus/alumna: $300 per semester/click for details!

What To Do with a Scholarship Check Received from a Donor Outside of JJC

Scholarship checks and all correspondence letters from external donors outside of Joliet Junior College must be mailed to:

JJC Foundation
1215 Houbolt Road
Joliet, Illinois 60431

Please include your Student ID# on your scholarship check. Don’t forget to make a copy or take a picture of the check for your records.

Note: External scholarships are from outside organizations/donors. The withdrawal and/or drop from courses can forfeit scholarship funding per organization/donor instructions.

Questions on external scholarships? Contact Amber Maldonado at ammaldon@jjc.edu

Apply for Scholarships/View Dashboard
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How to Apply for Scholarships

Read the sections below for important information on how to apply for scholarships. Once you have read through the materials, visit Awardspring to complete your application. Please note that Google Chrome is the preferred browser on which to use Awardspring.

  • Scholarship Application Guideline

    To apply for scholarships, you should first have a JJC Student Identification number. This number is issued to you when you complete a JJC student application form. This can be found on the JJC Admissions page.

    Consider these documents on our website:

    • Review the Frequently Asked Questions
    • Review the Completing Essay Questions document for tips on answering questions.
    • Prepare all documents you will need to upload or copy to your application

    Steps to applying for scholarships:
    • Go to the AwardSpring webpage.
    • Click on "Register" if you are applying for the first time or login with you J]C email address if you have applied previously.
    • Begin your application 24-48 hours after receiving your student ID number.
    • You will see five tabs along the left side of the application:  "General Information", "Academic Information", "Financial Information", "Qualification Questions" and "Free Form Questions"
      • Answer all questions on all tabs as they appear.
      • Be sure all information is accurate.
      • You may update/complete your application until the application deadline.

    Please note: On the "Free Form Questions" tab
    • See Completing Essay Questions on our website - you will answer three Free Form Questions. These questions will ask about your current educational and career plans, your school and community participation, and any extenuating financial circumstances.
    • Word count is indicated for each question.

    When you have completed all tabs, the SUBMIT button will be highlighted; you must click on it to submit your application. If you are not ready to submit your application, log out (drop-down button next to your name at the top right) and finish another time.

    Once submitted, you will see two headings:
    • "Applied Scholarships" shows scholarships that were automatically applied for by the system based on your criteria. You can click on the scholarship name for further details.
    • "Items requiring completion" are scholarships that you qualify for, but require additional information, such as uploaded documents or answer to additional questions.

    Should you have questions regarding the AwardSpring website, please call 888-258-2658, choosing option 2.


  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What information will I need to provide?

    First, to enter into the scholarship application in AwardSpring (our scholarship software), you must use your JJC email address. When you enter the scholarship application, you must answer all questions in the General Information, Academic Information, Financial Information, Qualification Questions and Free Form Questions tabs. Please note, you may need to upload your most recent unofficial transcript, based on different scholarships' criteria.

    How do I apply for a particular scholarship?

    AwardSpring will automatically match your application to the scholarships for which you qualify. You may find scholarships requiring additional information in order for you to qualify; those will be on your Dashboard (home page of the application) and if you choose to answer the additional criteria requirements, you may apply for those scholarships as well.

    Do I need to write an essay?

    Rather than an essay, there are three questions for you to answer under a tab called Free Form Questions. Maximum length is indicated for each question on the application.

    How will I know if I receive a scholarship?

    An email will be sent to your JJC email address advising whether or not you received a scholarship. You can also log on to AwardSpring and check your dashboard.

    Are there any other requirements of me if I receive a scholarship?

    If you find you will not be attending Joliet Junior College or otherwise cannot use your scholarship, you must contact the Institutional Advancement Office right away so that we can award the scholarship to another student. All recipients are required to attend a "Meet Your Scholarship Donor" event in the Fall semester where recipients meet their donors, and your attendance at this event is very important. Also, please submit a thank you letter to your scholarship donor through your Dashboard.

    What if I have questions?

    If you have questions about the application or the scholarships themselves, please call or email:

    • Kelly Baker, Scholarship Specialist at (815) 280-2721 or kbaker@jjc.edu.

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