Engineering (Associate in Science)

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So, you want to be an engineer? Math and Science are your things and you have an overwhelming desire to make a difference in the world? There are so many various types of engineering. Many disciplines are in high demand and have excellent growth potential.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment growth for engineers, with nearly 140,000 new jobs expected in engineering over the 2016–26 decade. And in 2016, engineers had a median annual wage of $91,010—more than twice the median wage for all workers. Some of the largest growth is seen in civil, mechanical and industrial engineering, although various degrees of growth and potential is occurring in all engineering disciplines. Many areas of engineering are also considered green occupations-demanding new and updated skills for today's green economy.

What Will I Learn?

The first two years of most engineering educations cover the requisite high-level math and science courses to prepare you for the upper level specialized engineering courses in your desired discipline. If you are ready to begin your engineering education, let’s see how JJC can help you get started!

What is Unique About JJC's Engineering Pathway?

Engineering at JJC allows students to complete the transfer requisite courses with the many levels of calculus, engineering physics and chemistry, and beginning engineering courses in addition to the communication and general education cores.

Your engineering requisites will earn you an Associate in Science degree for transfer to a four-year school and JJC will also assist you in searching for the right engineering discipline to meet your goals.

Most students transfer at the junior level of an engineering school both in Illinois and at universities across the country. Save thousands by starting your engineering journey at JJC and discover just how you are going to make a difference in the world with your passion for engineering.

What Are My Career Opportunities?

An engineering education is arduous but rewarding in finding the discipline that reflects your skills, interests and goals. Maybe computer, electrical, chemical or aerospace engineering are what you are considering, but there are so many other disciplines that may spark your interest once you begin your engineering pursuit.

What Degree Will I Receive?

Ready to Begin Your Pathway Toward Engineering?

  1. Apply to JJC
  2. Follow the Admitted Student Steps and meet with an advisor via the Student Advising Center.
  3. Questions about the program itself? Contact Engineering Program Advisor Laura Cotner at or (815) 280-2467.