Become Part of the Movement

As leaders in sustainability, we want our campus to thrive environmentally, economically and socially. As a student here, there are many opportunities to become a part of the movement.

How You Can Help

  • Sustainable Courses 

    Joliet Junior College offers the following courses for those interested in learning more about sustainability.  For descriptions on each course offered, please click the respective link below. 

    SET 100 - Introduction to Sustainability  

    AEC 290 - Sustainability Forum 

    BIO 146 - Ecological Conservation 

    HVAC 231 - Energy Management Principles   

    RMGT 101 - Conservation 

  • Join the Sustainability Union

    The Sustainability Union (SSU) needs your help! 

    The Sustainability Union advocates for sustainability to be a top priority at the college by employing the use of sound environmental practices, reducing our negative impact on the local environment, raising awareness on campus and in the community, and promoting social responsibility and global awareness. 

    About the Sustainability Union
    The Sustainability Union began in spring semester of 2011 as a response not only to the national attention the topic of sustainability had received, but also to address the growing focus on student involvement and global awareness. The students enjoy the responsibility as active members of the JJCSI Committee as they continually keep education and awareness in mind.

    Student Government
    Interested in sustainability and student government? Join Student Government and become a sustainability representative for the college's Sustainability Initiatives Committee. Visit the Student Activities page to see how you can join.

  • Give Back by Volunteering

    From volunteering at student events to food drives, there are plenty of ways to volunteer on campus.  The Office of Student Activities encourages those that are interested to contact them to learn more about the various volunteering opportunities that are available. 

    Volunteering Opportunities

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