Joliet Township Creates Scholarship to Support JJC's 12x12x12 Program

In support of Joliet Junior College’s 12x12x12 program, the Joliet Township government has established the Joliet Township Youth Excellence Scholarship.  

The scholarship will cover four credits of tuition at JJC for township resident students who complete the 12x12x12 program at any high school, public or private.  

“The college is grateful for the partnership and support extended to us by the Joliet Township government,” said JJC President, Dr. Clyne Namuo. “The Township’s commitment to creating generational impact and improving thousands of lives by building a strong pathway to education after high school is inspirational.” 

The 12x12x12 program was introduced by Dr. Namuo shortly after his arrival at JJC. The expanded dual credit program will provide high school students the opportunity to earn 12 college credits for $12 per credit by 12th grade.  

Dual credit courses allow high school students to earn both high school and college credit from the same course while the student is still in high school.  

When developing this program, JJC’s research showed that of the nearly 40,000 high school students in the college’s district, only 12 percent were enrolled in dual credit programming. This information, coupled with additional data, which shows that students who take dual credit courses are more likely to graduate from high school and persist until they graduate, were imperative to the development of 12x12x12.  

When implemented, 12x12x12 will be offered to high school students as early as freshman and sophomore year and will not be limited to students based on performance or income status.

For media inquiries, please contact Media and Communications Manager, Katherine Smith at or 815-280-2844.

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