JJC Fire Science/EMS Program Receives Ambulance Donation from Alumnus

It’s the season of giving, and that’s exactly what Freedom EMS owner Joe Spiker did for his alma mater when donating an ambulance to the Joliet Junior College fire science/emergency medical services (EMS) program.

“The staff reached out and asked if we had a used ambulance to spare because theirs was at end of service,” Spiker said. “We did, and we like working with the students, so it was an easy choice to donate instead of sell. I also received my associate degree from JJC in 2006, so it was nice to give back.”

Buying an ambulance is out of the program’s budget, according to Clint Johnson, adjunct professor and equipment specialist in health and public services at JJC, “so this donation is very significant.”

“Having an actual ambulance is very important to help students get the feel of the type of vehicle they’ll be working in,” Johnson said. “Talking in class about working inside an ambulance is much different than being able to sit inside one, with a ‘patient’ on the cot and seeing the layout of space and equipment. In emergency medicine, saving time is critical to patient care, and learning where equipment and supplies are kept in a typical ambulance will help students develop the skills needed to become most efficient.”

Freedom EMS supports JJC’s program in other ways as well. The veteran-owned company provides each fire science/EMS student with eight hours of ride-along time, a requirement of the program.  

“Freedom EMS is one of our important partners in allowing our students to ride with them for a shift as they progress through their course,” Johnson said. “Our relationship with Freedom EMS is important for the success of our fire science/EMS students.”

Spiker also added that Freedom EMS has a continued presence at JJC’s career fairs.

“It's always great when you can give back to your community,” Spiker said. 

Fire Science/EMS at JJC