JJC Employees, Programs Recognized for JTHS Partnerships

Over a dozen individuals representing JJC were recognized along with other community members and organizations at Joliet Township High School’s Salute to Service Partnership Recognition on May 1.

Under President Dr. Judy Mitchell, the college as a whole was recognized as a leader in higher education and for its service to JTHS students.

TRIO team
From left: Educational Outreach
Specialists Joshua Edmon and Kandis
Wright; Abbie Saltzman, clerk; TRIO
Director DeAndre Butler, and Joliet
Central Principal Shad Hallihan, who
nominated Educational Talent
Credit: Joliet Township High School

Services include the Advanced Integrated Maintenance Program (AIM), offered at JJC. It’s funded by NRG Energy and Elliot Electric, and provides 13 college credit hours of core education and technical skills to JTHS students pursuing careers in the advanced manufacturing sector.

Through JJC’s Fire Science program, JTHS students learn relevant fire science and emergency medical services skills.

Additionally, Joliet Central and Joliet Junior College have collaborated to offer the Joliet Central Talent Search (TRIO) program. Over 500 students from disadvantaged backgrounds participate, receiving academic, career, and financial support. JJC partners include TRIO Director DeAndre Butler, educational outreach specialists Joshua Edmon and Kandis Wright, and Abbie Saltzman, clerk.

View Photos from Salute to Service.

Individually, four JJC employees were recognized as job shadowing partners. JTHS collaborates with over 100 local businesses to provide job shadowing opportunities throughout the year and during Job Shadowing Days. JJC participants are Bev Cavanaugh, Dori Miller, Susan Stockwell, and Curt Ward.

Other JJC partners include Chuck Gniech for JTHS arts and communication; Katie Fazio for JTHS health and medicine; Curt Ward for JTHS auto advisory; Ashley Conklin for Joliet West Library Academy Week; and Wayne Gawlik and Mike Hernandez for their involvement on the Joliet Chamber of Commerce Education Committee.