Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the courses available for registration for a selected term?

To find courses available for registration for a selected term, go to the top purple menu, hover over Academics, and select "Class Schedule" from the drop down menu.

I don't have a computer: how can I get Internet access to the class schedule?

Visit these resources for Internet access:

  • Local libraries View a list of local libraries [PDF]
  • JJC Main Campus, Main Campus 1215 Houbolt Rd., Joliet
  • Romeoville Campus, 1125 West Romeo Road (West 135th Street), Romeoville
  • Morris Educational Center, 1715 North Division. Morris

Computer Lab Locations & Hours

What is "Register for Sections"?

This is the place you will go to add and drop course sections. Within Register for Sections you can:

  • Add course sections: add the section you want to your "preferred list of sections", which is similar to a shopping cart on many web sites. From that preferred list, you can enroll in the section. NOTE: sections cannot be added through self-service after the start date of the semester.
  • Drop sections: use this process if you want to drop (remove) a section or sections from your schedule. JJC does not allow students to drop sections via the web if the refund date for that section has passed. Instead, students need to visit the Main Campus Registration Office, A-1020, or the Romeoville Campus office.
  • Search and register for sections: search for a course, then add it to your preferred list, and finally add the section to your schedule. This is a fairly slow process because several steps are involved.
  • Express Registration: the quickest and most efficient way to sign up for course sections. To use it you MUST know the section's synonym OR the subject, course number, section number and term. Before you visit express registration you should research this information and have it all ready and decided. Then you just need to plug in the data and submit.
  • Register for previously selected sections: use this if you have already placed sections on your preferred list and would now like to register for those sections.