Cosmetic Campus Updates Elevate Sense of Belonging at JJC

Campus life changed drastically because of the pandemic. Students were facing challenges that were brand-new to themselves, faculty and staff. Joliet Junior College’s marketing office took a new, ground-level approach to their creative process, which aimed to elevate students’ experience on campus, post-pandemic, through design collaboration.

The ideation process simply started with a design upgrade to the JJC auto shop entrance. Through photography and design, they were able to showcase the diverse range of students involved in the program. This brought a sense of pride to students in the automotive program, and in turn, started sparking ideas throughout the campus community.

back of JJC HVAC trailerThe next project aimed to elevate an existing trailer used by HVAC students at JJC. These students travel to Habitat for Humanity builds to both gain experience and give back to the community. With this cosmetic upgrade, these students are now able to bring their trailer that includes a full wrap, showcasing their talents and devotion to their community. The wrap includes photos of JJC’s very own HVAC students on the job site. This project has given a huge sense of ownership and pride both to the students and faculty in the technical department.

JJC has continued to build their approach by branding the honors classroom and offices. This project includes a largescale decal with the JJC Honors logo and inspirational quotes to be installed in the classroom for students. The goal is to give these students a place that instills honor and joy.

The next largescale project includes a design plan for an entire floor for JJC’s largest department, social and behavioral sciences. This department houses nine different programs but has little to offer visually. The goal of this project is to brighten a stark space and make it a place where students can call home. Through innovative campus cosmetic updates, JJC continues to be a place where students belong.

This story originally appears in the fall 2022 issue of Connections Magazine.