Architecture, Manufacturing & Automotive

Electrical/Electronic Automated Systems (EEAS)

JJC’s Electrical/Electronic Automated Systems program was designed for students that like hands-on training, troubleshooting, critical thinking and the ability to sometimes work under pressure.

Electrocardiography Technician

This short-term training program is designed to prepare students to perform non-invasive electrocardiography procedures, identify rhythms, and perform 12-lead electrocardiograms (ECG, or EKG).

Architecture, Manufacturing & Automotive

Electronics Engineering Technology (EET)

The EET program is committed to teaching excellence in all facets of electronics and strives to provide students with the technical knowledge and skills to compete in the field of electronics.

Health, Public Safety & Human Services

Emergency Medical Services Program

Are you passionate about serving your community? If you enjoy helping others, you might enjoy a career as a First Responder.


Engineering (Associate in Science)

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment growth for engineers, with nearly 140,000 new jobs expected in engineering over the 2016–26 decade. And in 2016, engineers had a median annual

English, Philosophy & World Languages

The department offers a variety of courses in English, Journalism, Philosophy and World Languages.

Business, Finance & Information Technology


The Entrepreneurship program is ideal for those who want to start their own business.

Environmental Horticulture

Students pursuing this degree will specialize in production, management and design in Floral Design and Interior Plantscaping and more.

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