Student Testimonials

Kolade IdrisKolade Idris | Computer Programming

"They push you to apply for scholarships and things that help you succeed."




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  • Freddy Ortiz Jr. | English and Education

    Freddy ortiz Jr.Freddy Ortiz Jr. | English and Education

    "The idea of going straight to a four-year university didn't seem feasible because of financial issues, but JJC has given me the opportunity to build a nice resume."




  • Peyton Weber | Engineering

    Peyton WeberPeyton Weber | Engineering 

    "JJC offers a lot of scholarships, and it being close to home, getting with go with people I knew from high school was a great benefit."

    November 2023 spotlight


  • Daisy Hernandez | DEI Student Worker

    Daisy HernandezDaisy Hernandez | DEI Student Worker 

    "I've met so many people on campus since I started working at JJC. I've made so many connections, which has really brought me out of my bubble."

    October 2023 spotlight


  • Destiny Griffin | JJC Alumna and JJC Police Officer

    Destiny GriffinDestiny Griffin | JJC Alumna and JJC Police Officer

    "I think that JJC is family, because if I go anywhere else, I'm not going to get some of the love that I've gotten from here since I've been here as a student and an employee."

    Learn more about Destiny: First Black Female Officer Joins JJC Police Department

    Watch Destiny's Roots and Branches video

    September 2023 spotlight

  • Ryan Wisch

    Ryan WischRyan Wisch

    “JJC is an amazing school. It has a bunch of sense of community. Every group that I've been a part of, I've loved. I've met so many people, and I've made so many connections. I really can't be more thankful that I chose JJC."

    Watch Ryan's Roots and Branches video

    September 2023 spotlight

  • Laci Linn Gorman | Nursing

    Laci Linn GormanLaci Linn Gorman

    “I chose JJC because it is so close to home, and JJC has one of the best nursing programs in the state of Illinois. Cost was also a large impact of why I decided to stay home, as I am a mother of two young kids, so JJC was the best option for me. JJC gives me the ability to be a full-time student, a full-time mom and helps push me in the right direction of my goals and dreams. If you need anything, there is someone to talk to at JJC about it! I have such a great support system! From professors to fellow students, the writing center, the mental health professionals, the librarians — everyone is always there ready to help when you need it.”

    August 2023 spotlight

  • Joshua Stamborski

    Joshua StamborskiJoshua Stamborski

    “For the same quality education and at a fraction of the price, JJC offers opportunities to undergraduate students equal if not greater to that of a four-year institution. JJC has provided me the tools in which to craft my own success through the excellence of their professors, as well as allowed me to explore who I am through participation in clubs and activities. I have been pushed far above and beyond the perceived limits of the 19-year-old who first walked through the front doors, forever being changed for the better.”

    August 2023 spotlight

  • Alla Dudash

    Alla DudashAlla Dudash

    “JJC is a place where everyone will gladly help you and give you the motivation to move on.”

    July 2023 spotlight



  • Luke Van Duyne | Theatre

    Luke Van DuyneLuke Van Duyne

    “JJC has helped in creating a very accepting and supportive environment for me to thrive in. I have found resources and people who support me and give me the advice I need to hear."

    July 2023 spotlight


  • Kayla Sielken | Psychology

    Kayla SielkenKayla Sielken | Psychology

    “I chose JJC, at first, for convenience. JJC offers evening classes, it is close to home, is affordable, and is flexible. All of this was especially helpful as I am a single mom with a teen at home. It was important to me to be able to still have time with them while restarting my education journey.” 

    June 2023 spotlight

  • Sydney Reppy

    Sydney ReppySydney Reppy

    “My most memorable experience at JJC has been my involvement as co-editor of The Blazer, JJC's student newspaper. Through this role, I have been able to make meaningful connection on campus with my peers and other JJC staff and faculty."

    June 2023 spotlight

  • Andrea Barrón

    Andrea BarronAndrea Barrón

    “It has been an honor being a part of the theatre program as I immersed myself with many diverse, talented people. It allowed me to take on challenging roles that helped alter the way I think as an artist and human.” 



  • Emily Reppy | Digital Media Production

    Emily ReppyEmily Reppy | Digital Media Production

    “I was able to connect with my peers in the JJC Honors Program and other clubs. These relationships grew stronger as campus returned to in-person classes and activities, allowing me to create a network at JJC.” 



  • Juell Lagonero | Business

    Juell Lagonero | BusinessJuell Lagonero

    “JJC has really helped me learn to network with other people in the college and even as a person. Networking and connecting with other people in my area is crucial because each person at the college and even in the world have different stories that I could learn from and apply to myself. I've also learned to become more involved at my college and build upon my leadership skills as well.”

  • Ivan Miller | Agriculture

    Ivan Miller | AgricultureIvan Miller

    “I chose JJC because it feels like home, and the professors here are really personable and help you with whatever you need.”