Student Testimonials

Michael Freewalt

“When I started in the Cisco program I didn't realize how much it was going to change my life. In one year I was able to earn 3 certifications, earn gainful employment with better pay, hours and benefits than my previous job. The professors in this program dedicate themselves to not just teaching the material to each and every student, but truly ensuring that all of their students are prepared for the job market even before the complete the program.”

Brittany King

“Attending JJC has helped me reach my goals. I am so satisfied with everything that I have learned from the amazing and knowledgeable teachers here at JJC.”


Additional Testimonials

  • Ramon Echeverria | Grundy Workforce Services

    Ramon Echeverria


    "I loved that all the instructors at JJC had real world experience that they brought to the classroom. The knowledge of knowing what to expect in the work environment really complements their methods of teaching."

    In fall 2018, Echeverria received the Edward Valintis scholarship for $1,000.

    Learn how Ramon found success by using Grundy Workforce Services.

    January 2019 spotlight

  • Carli McGinn

    Carli McGinn


    "Not only do I feel that the instructors prepared me very well for my field, I believe they are very knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and very willing to make an effort to give their students the one-on-one time that they need to reach their goals."

    During her time at JJC, McGinn was the recipient of multiple scholarships through the JJC Foundation. 

    January 2019 spotlight

  • Mary Elizabeth Bowden | Fine Arts

    Mary Elizabeth Bowden

    "I loved attending JJC because of the selection of interesting classes and amazing teachers,” said Bowden. “I was very happy to choose my own schedule. My brothers attended JJC with me and this is where we became best friends. Some of my favorite classes were William Yarrow's Shakespeare class and jazz band. I felt like I was able to find my own creative voice at JJC."

    February 2019 spotlight

  • Ben Reynolds | Orthotics & Prosthetics

    Ben Reynolds

    "After my junior year of college at a four-year university, I came across the OPT program at Joliet Junior College. Being affordable and revered by numerous workers in the field, I decided that it was the best route to take to acquire the experience needed to continue my education.”

    Bilateral Amputee Hopes to Help Those with Disabilities

    February 2019 spotlight

  • Timothy Baran | Culinary Arts

    “JJC will always be my home. You walk through the doors and it makes you want to be a better person. The wonderful thing about JJC is that it will actually help you reach that goal." 

    Culinary Arts Alumnus Loves Sharing His Knowledge with Students & Public

    March 2019 Spotlight

  • Donna Miller | Nursing

    “I chose the JJC Nursing program because of its reputation and because it is extremely cost effective.  I am beyond impressed with this program and the staff.  The staff really go out of their way to help their students succeed.”

    Nursing Department Names Citizenship Award Recipients

    March 2019 Spotlight

  • Lamas Alexander | Associates in General Studies

    “I'm a disabled veteran with multiple issues for which I needed special assistance for continuing my education. I suffered several setbacks over the course of my time at JJC, but I am proud to say that I will be walking across the stage to graduate this spring. This was an accomplishment that seemed insurmountable a few years ago. Due to the highly professional instructors at JJC I was able to overcome my fears and the anxiety that accompanied them. JJC is a wonderful school of learning with a devoted and dedicated support staff and excellent instructors.”

    Student Veteran, Working Through Injury, Eyes Degree in May

    April 2019 spotlight

  • Sandra Zarazua

    “I was nervous attending JJC because it had been a long time since I attended school. But the first time I went the people there were really nice and showed me everything. I still remember that day.”

    Beating Cancer While Earning a High School Equivalency, College Education

    April 2019 spotlight

  • Alyssa Zadel | Associates in Science


    “It was a smart decision to come to JJC. Everyone here is so nice and I was able to get an on-campus job right away. I help new students register for classes and give tours of the campus. One thing I definitely recommend is to get involved whether it’s a job or a club, because not only did working for JJC help me pick my major but I have made lifelong friendships with the people I’ve met along the way. Now that I’m graduating, I feel prepared to transfer to the University of Illinois".


    May graduate spotlight

  • Shirley Crowell


    “You learn a lot being among the younger students I think. Things have changed so much, that in a classroom setting I do not mind because I feel like I learn so much.”

    For the Love of Learning: Shirley Crowell to Graduate JJC at Age 84


    June Graduation spotlight

  • Victor Colon

    “JJC exceeded my expectations. Coming out of high school, I wasn’t 100% sure where my whole journey was headed. With the resources I found on campus and the connections I made, it really helped shape my understanding of myself and what life has for me.”

  • Thomas Gonzalez | Engineering

    Thomas will graduate with associate degrees in both science and in arts, which he accomplished in just two years. Gonzalez’s academic commitment at JJC is symbolic of the journey that brought him to campus.

    “My first week at JJC I joined Student Government, the Business Club, and International Club. I made good friends, and friends for life.”

    Driven by Academic Success, Graduation Speaker Found his Place at JJC.


    May 2019 spotlight

  • Kamil Tomaszek | Nursing

    “I could not have gotten to where I am today without such a fantastic nurse faculty to whom I must praise for teaching and advising me on my journey into the field of medicine,” Tomaszek said. “Without them I would not be as knowledgeable and motivated to pursue such an arduous but very rewarding career path.

    Additionally, I need to thank all my nursing peers who pushed me forward and gave me hope every step of the way.”

    Nursing Student Attended High School During Day, College Classes at Night


    May graduate spotlight

  • Valerie Root

    “Not only did I receive a great education at JJC, I was also pushed to reach for more by the support of the staff and faculty that I came to know and love.  All of these wonderful factors gave me the knowledge and power to create my own destiny.”


    June Spotlight

  • Joe Siwa | Engineering

    “I always wanted to work in aerospace engineering, but after high school I was going through a lot at home. I chose something that came easy to me instead – culinary arts. I loved it and got really involved. When I graduated, I landed a great job in the city. But one day I realized I needed to come back to pursue my passion. Culinary taught me that discipline and determination are the keys to success – and now I’m taking that with me as I work on my degree in aerospace engineering.”

    Read Joe's story in JJC's Spring 2019 Connections Magazine


    June 2019 Spotlight

  • Cara Gustafson | Hospitality Management

    “My guidance counselor recommended hospitality management and since my local community college didn’t offer it, I came to JJC and got an in-district rate. I am so happy I chose this field and came to JJC – Catherine and Anne are really great professors. They bring so much of their life experience into the classroom. I have taken a lot of what I’ve learned and applied it to the restaurant where I work. The best part is I’ve met so many friends through JJC.”


    July 2019 spotlight

  • Kia McFarland | Workforce Development

    “I first came to JJC in 2011, but I didn’t complete my degree. Last year, after I had my daughter, I heard about the Connect to Your Future program offered through JJC’s Workforce Development office that could help me pay for tuition. I chose to come back because I wanted a job with more flexibility so I could spend more time with my daughter. I work on campus now, so it’s easy to go from class to work. My advice to other JJC students is to not be afraid to ask questions.”


    July 2019 spotlight

  • Holly Pierre | Automotive

    “I am a very proud JJC alumnus of the Automotive department. Mr. Coleman and the other instructors of the program know how to raise their students to success and I will be forever grateful to them.”


    August 2019 Spotlight

  • Courtney Schuster | Radiologic Technology

    “The Rad Tech program at JJC set me on the path for my current success! The Radiologic Technology program director, Bob Verkler instills his knowledge, professionalism and pride into each graduating class. As a result, I was well prepared to enter into the medical imaging profession, as an x-ray technologist. Years later, I returned to JJC to complete the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program. I work as a full-time ultrasound technologist at a great company, and I am the clinical instructor for JJC ultrasound students. I would not be where I am today without the education and networking opportunities I received from Joliet Junior College!”


    August 2019 spotlight