Student Testimonials

David LozanoDavid Lozano

“JJC has not only given me a great education, but it has also given me opportunities to grow as a leader.” 

Jillian McNallyJillian McNally

“The idea that there are so many of my peers in the same situation makes me feel like I belong at JJC; it's the steppingstone I know will get me to where I want to be. There is a resource for every obstacle I run into. I don't have to hash everything out on my own.” 




Previous Testimonials

  • Ivet Rosiles

     Ivet RosilesIvet Rosiles

    “I feel like I belong to this school because of the amount of help I get from the staff and my fellow classmates. I feel like this is my family, not just my school. JJC has helped me succeed as a student because at a point in my educational career, I wanted to give up, but my coaches and teachers helped me keep going. As a person, I have grown into a responsible woman that know what she wants to do with her life.” 

  • Katy Kuzel

    Katy KuzelKaty Kuzel

    “I loved the people and the sense of community at JJC. I always felt like I was part of a family because of how kind, welcoming and supportive everyone is. I truly felt like I belonged, and that was one of the most important things that came out of my college experience. I got to thrive at JJC, because my professors were kind enough to give me extra attention and other opportunities to allow me to grow and learn. Finally, I was able to get involved, which I was very proud of.” 

  • Krystal Morgan

    Krystal MorganKrystal Morgan

    “JJC was like an extended family in a way; I always felt welcome and well received no matter the event I attended, on campus or virtual. The staff listened to our opinions as students, adjusting accordingly so our voices felt heard.” 

  • Andrew Fleisleber

    Andrew FleisleberAndrew Fleisleber

    “What I like about JJC is that it is an at-your-pace environment. I did not take the traditional college route, so it made the transition much easier. I also love JJC for the ability to go and be with nature in our beautiful natural areas and the people.” 

  •  Dawn Parks | Culinary Arts

     Dawn Parks | Culinary ArtsDawn Parks

    “I absolutely love the supportive atmosphere. My chefs and chef assistants are always willing to take the time to ensure the class clearly understands what is expected of us.”


  •  Ginger Senisais | Nursing

    Ginger Senisais | NursingGinger Senisais

    “I know that the nurses that come from JJC are spoken of very highly, and that the program strives to ensure graduates are successful.” 



  • Jesse Guice

     Jesse Guice | Culinary ArtsJesse Guice

    “The supportive community of fellow students and instructors has been crucial to my success in the culinary arts program. Feeling at ease in the program makes space for a creative and intellectually stimulating learning environment.” 

  • Nalia Warmack

    Nalia Warmack | Culinary ArtsNatalia Warmack

    “I have been supported by and have learned something from all the instructors and chefs in the department throughout my culinary journey — whether I have had them teach one of my classes or from just working with them in passing. In addition, the lab assistants I have had a pleasure to work under and alongside have taught me a great deal as well. In the three years I have been at JJC, the whole culinary department has kind of become my second family so I owe them a lot.”

  • Jessica Lara | Orthotics and Prosthetics Technology

    Jessica LaraJessica Lara | Orthotics and Prosthetics Technology

    “The OPT program has been a wonderful experience filled with joy, fulfillment and skill work. The best part of the program is the community and sense of belonging. I would 100% recommend the program to anyone who likes working with they’re hands and love helping others.”


    July 2022 spotlight

  • Lynn Haas | Culinary Arts

    Lynn Haas | Culinary ArtsLynn Haas

    “I started my culinary journey with the chef for the day program. My goal was to improve my culinary skills. What I love most has to be the confidence this program has given me. It has been one of the hardest and best things that I have ever done. I truly believe that JJC sets you up to succeed. Everyone has truly been very helpful and supportive. Dytra has been so helpful throughout everything. Chef Thompson, Javi, Dr. Bell, have all been very strong influences. The chefs and teachers have all been awesome. To answer the last question is difficult.  At 58 years young I don't know what direction I'm heading. I just know that my future will be in the culinary industry. ” 

    July 2022 spotlight

  • Bailey Weck

    Bailey WeckBailey Weck

    “I chose to come to Joliet Junior College because I wanted to stay close to home, and I didn’t know what I wanted to do in the future for a career. JJC helped me find what career I wanted to go into while being affordable. It was the best decision I made. What I love about being a JJC student is that there is so much help and guidance here at the college, and all the new friends you will make along the way. All the teachers are very educated to get you to the next level so you can be successful in your career path.”

    June 2022 spotlight

  •  Karyna López

     Karyna LópezKaryna López

    “I love my small group of friends I made. I also loved having an instructor who believed in me so much. I made the best of it because I knew I simply wanted to be in a field where I helped others.” 

    June 2022 spotlight

  • Daniel Webster

    Daniel WebsterDaniel Webster

    “What I like most about being a student at JJC is that it provides a space where I can be myself wholeheartedly. I was always met with an immense amount of support from everyone a part of the JJC community from the moment I first walked in. Not only that but no matter what path you choose go down, everyone is beyond encouraging and wants to see you succeed.”

    May 2022 spotlight

  • Josh Fleming

     Josh FlemingJosh Fleming

    “My favorite part of being at JJC is getting a new family out of my baseball team and our prestigious athletic facilities. Another favorite would have to be the overwhelming number of opportunities. This is one of the few places where opportunity finds you, and all you have to do is take advantage.” 

    May 2022 spotlight

  • Brice Hintzsche

    Brice HintzscheBrice Hintzsche

    “I captured so much out of my experience at Joliet Junior College. JJC provided me with not only education that turned into knowledge, but networking, friendships and real-world experiences. Being a part of the JJC agriculture department allowed me to acquire a diverse set of attributes that I use in everyday life.”  

    March 2022 spotlight

  • Kira Gleason

    Kira GleasonKira Gleason

    “I loved all of my classes and the professors that I had. They really care about you and want you to succeed.”

    March 2022 spotlight

  • Rachel Pew

    Rachel Pew
    Rachel Pew

    “The teachers I’ve had were very helpful.” 

    January 2022 spotlight

  • Danielle Elliot

    Danielle ElliotDanielle Elliot

    “JJC is an amazing school with an unbeatable price. The campus is stunning too, so make sure to spend some time outside! Use your gen eds to take classes you would have never considered and expand your thinking.”

    December 2021 spotlight

  • Cleavon Bailey

    Cleavon BaileyCleavon Bailey

    “I chose to attend JJC mainly due to its close proximity to home. Additionally, JJC gives me the flexibility to create a schedule that works best for me.”  

    January 2022 spotlight


  • Delyn Marshall 

    Delyn Marshall Delyn Marshall

    “Joliet Junior College helped me settle into the career that I have today. Not only did JJC provide a smooth transition to a university, but I find myself applying the skills I learned at JJC to my job each and every day."

    December 2021 spotlight