Student Testimonials

Blanca Castro Blanca Castro

“In 2016, I received the wonderful news that I was selected as one of the recipients for the President’s Scholarship for Returning Adult Students founded by Dr. Judy Mitchell. Being one of the recipients of this scholarship positively impacted my life in two important aspects, economically and emotionally. It helped ease the economic stress of my tuition expenses so that I could focus on doing my best in my classes; it also changed the way that I saw myself because being selected among many outstanding students showed me that someone believed in my potential to succeed.”



Michael Shannon Michael Shannon

"Winning Chef of the Year was both a rewarding and validating experience. I could not be more grateful for the knowledge I acquired from the wonderful instructors at Joliet Junior College. They laid the solid foundation that helped me grow into the chef that I am today."  



Previous Testimonials

  • Nick Katello - Automotive

    Nick Katello - AutomotiveSelene Rodriguez-Venegas

    “Going to JJC, I feel that this was the right career path for me. All the professors are extremely helpful in every way. Without their countless hours of helping and mentoring the students, we would not be where we are today."

    July 2021 spotlight

  • Janet Lopez

    Janet LopezRachael Fox

    “As an adult student, this is the first time I’ve taken classes in more than 15 years. Although it has not been easy – my three children have been witness to the sacrifices I’ve made, especially during the pandemic – I have continued with my studies and am proud to have a 4.0 GPA. One thing I have learned is that hard work pays off. I received a scholarship through the JJC Foundation at a time when I needed it most. My husband is the only working provider for our family and scholarships ensure I am staying on track to continue my studies. I am grateful for individuals that give to the foundation to make my education possible. Attending JJC is the best choice that I could have ever made.”

    July 2021 spotlight

  • Selene Rodriguez-Venegas

    Selene Rodriguez-VenegasSelene Rodriguez-Venegas

    “As a returning adult student, it was difficult to navigate the enrollment process needed to start attending college. Since the start, I found much support and motivation from classmates, faculty and staff. I started at JJC undecided and Career Services helped me declare a major and get a job while attending classes. JJC has changed my life completely! It gave me the tools needed to achieve one of my biggest dreams, which was graduating with an associate degree. I learned so much about myself and it has been an incredible journey."

    June 2021 spotlight


  • Rachael Fox

    Rachael Fox | Nursing Rachael Fox

    “The program has professors who serve as retention specialists and make themselves readily available to assist your learning and comprehension of more challenging content. The professors bring so much energy into the classroom and their passion for teaching is truly remarkable.”

    More on Rachael: Nursing Program Selects Citizenship Winners

    June 2021 spotlight


  • Eliana Melero

    Eliana Melero | General Studies Guadalupe Medina

    “JJC is very inclusive. Everyone here is included regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation. I got to be a part of the group of students who interviewed the JJC Chief of Police candidates and when they were interviewing for the new Director for the Office of Student Activities. JJC has taught me to never be afraid to take chances because they can lead you to great opportunities. This is the first time I am able to voice my opinion and feel like I’m being heard.”

    May 2021 spotlight

  • Angelo Tufano

    Angelo Tufano | Orthotics & Prosthetics Technology  Sara Schelinski

    "The OPT professors not only teach you the skills needed to build devices that can change the lives of many, but every day they teach the students how to be great leaders even when we don’t realize it. The lab, as well as the school, have become a second home to many, including myself. I never fear anything while I’m there and feel loved by a family that I never knew I needed. This family, while many don’t realize it, extends throughout the school as many leaders like Professor Brncick and Professor Masterton are there fostering the minds of the leaders of tomorrow. I have been honored and humbled to work and learn from some of these great people, some of which have gone above and beyond to help me when I needed it; showing that a person that is normally considered as unworthy is truly worthy."

    May 2021 spotlight

  • Guadalupe Medina 

    Guadalupe Medina 

    “I chose to come to JJC because it was much more affordable for me to attend a two-year institution before I transferred to a bigger university. I also chose JJC because I knew I was not ready to leave home just yet, so I decided to go to the college that was near me, allowing me to stay home for a few more years. JJC also offers a lot of smaller class sizes and I thought it would a better place to learn and expand my knowledge.”

    April 2021 spotlight

  • Sara Schelinski

    Sara Schelinski

    “The opportunities that I had here, such as taking unique courses as well as studying abroad, had established a foundation of confidence in my academic explorations. The professors that I had instilled in me such a sense of purpose in what I was learning that I have been able to jump into my new environment without missing a beat.”

    April 2021 spotlight

  • Marshall McDonnell

    Marshall McDonnell

    Marshall McDonnell

    “I was so thankful to receive two scholarships through the JJC Foundation this year. Thanks to the generosity of donors, I can continue to play baseball while working and going to school.”

    March 2021 spotlight


  • Oleksandra Mykulyak

    Oleksandra Mykulyak

    Oleksandra Mykulyak

    “When I came to United States, the first thing on my mind was to go to school. JJC was my first choice. I’m beyond grateful to my hospitality management and business instructors for all the knowledge and motivation they gave me. Along with gaining the knowledge to pursue my major, JJC’s classes helped me develop leadership and communication skills and overcome my language barrier.” 

    March 2021 spotlight

  • Abubakare Olaseni Arowolo | Nursing

    Abubakare Olaseni Arowolo

    Abubakare Olaseni Arowolo | Nursing

    "There's just something special about this faculty, the tutoring provided here at JJC is second to none. One could walk into any of the faculty member offices if you need advice."

    February 2021 spotlight

    More on Abubakare: JJC Nursing Awards 2020 Citizenship Honors

  • Mary Hatfield

    Mary Hatfield

    Mary Hatfield

    “Now as I lecture and teach undergrads myself, I refer back to the effectiveness of JJC's lecturers in communicating knowledge and passion for their subject areas and I try to channel the same enthusiasm to my students. JJC provided a wide foundation for my career in the humanities, offering a breadth of coursework and research skills that have served me well.”

    February 2021 spotlight

  • Don Florante | Nursing

    Don Florante | Nursing

    “While they are educating you here at JJC they are also setting you up and preparing you to further your education after JJC. The alumni from JJC is also a great resource that is not talked about enough I feel. They are in constant communication with current students and serve as yet another resource.”

    January 2021 spotlight

    More on Don: JJC Nursing Awards 2020 Citizenship Honors

  • Esli Ramos

    Esli Ramos

    “As someone who is visually impaired, JJC’s Disability Services office has been very helpful. Since I’ve been at JJC, I’ve learned to get involved, use the resources that JJC offers and not to be afraid to ask for what I need. The professors and students are really friendly and they don’t judge you. Since I’ve been on campus, I’ve also gotten a lot of leadership experience – I am the community affairs liaison of Latinos Unidos, the event coordinator for the International Student Club and a member of Intervarsity and Disability Awareness Club. To me, JJC feels like home.”

    January 2021 spotlight

  • Emilio Espinosa

    Emilio EspinosaSelene Rodriguez-Venegas

    “JJC has brought me so many great friends and opportunities! It has also taught me some important life lessons that I can’t wait to apply in life after JJC. This is truly my home away from home!”

    August 2021 spotlight


  • Maria Provenzano

    Maria ProvenzanoRachael Fox

    "Joliet Junior College has been an extremely helpful stepping stone during the process of transferring to a four-year university and achieving my associate degree. While taking classes here at JJC I was able to excel academically and athletically with the help of my caring and supportive professors, coaches and other faculty members. I am thankful for all the people I have met and the journey I have had at JJC."

    August 2021 spotlight

  • Ali Kazmi | Nursing

    Ali Kazmi Ali Kazmi

    “My journey at JJC began in 2016 when I started the GED prep program. I moved to the United States when I was a junior in high school, and I was unable to finish. With the help of the GED classes taught by some amazing teachers, I was able to pass my GED with honors, and in the fall of 2016, I started my college classes. I am grateful for the opportunities I have received at JJC. Being an immigrant, I often felt like an outsider, especially during the 2016 political climate. When immigrants were vilified through bigoted rhetoric and political policies, I was lucky to have Professor Brattoli as my English professor, who always made me feel welcome and deserving to be in the U.S. Being at JJC allowed me to take my time to find my calling to help people.”

    September 2021 spotlight

  • Alana Phillips

    Alana PhillipsAlana Phillips

    “My JJC experience has been one to remember. I have made a ton of new friends and reconnected with old friends. Being close to home was one of the many things that made JJC even more appealing when I was looking at schools.”

    September 2021 spotlight

  • Benyamin Bamburac

    Benyamin Bamburac Benyamin Bamburac

    “JJC is a great place for everyone who is interested in early childhood education, with many programs and many people that help beyond their job description.”

    October 2021 spotlight


  • Tiffany Jahiri

    Tiffany Jahiri Tiffany Jahiri

    “The staff made me feel like family. They made me feel like I was important and the relief it gave me was everything I needed to gain back the confidence that I can do this.”

    October 2021 spotlight