JJC Launches New Cannabis Program to Meet Educated Workforce Demand

Joliet Junior College continues to expand its academic offerings for students interested in future-focused industries. The college recently announced the addition of three non-credit cannabis certificates designed to provide job skills training for those interested in a career in the cannabis industry. 

According to Business Wire, cannabis is the fastest growing industry in America. Specifically, in Illinois, adult-use cannabis sales reached over $1.5 billion in 2022, an increase of 12.5 percent from 2021, according to figures released by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.

To address the critical need for workers in the industry, JJC’s Corporate & Community Services department has partnered with Green Flower, the leader in cannabis education, to offer these in-demand programs, which will cover advanced dispensary associate skills training, cannabis manufacturing and cultivation.

“At JJC, we are always seeking to provide our community with new career opportunities in high opportunity fields,” said Dave Lantz, manager of corporate and community services. “Green Flower as an organization represents JJC’s commitment to excellence and building partnerships that equip our students and community with the education necessary for upward social and financial mobility. We are excited to see this partnership enhance and equip our community in this industry.” 

The college chose to partner with Green Flower because of the program’s flexibility. Each non-credit certificate program takes eight weeks to complete and is offered fully online. Students can register and begin courses at any time. 

Upon certificate completion, graduates will have access to Green Flower’s employer network. Courses cost $750 and are now open for enrollment. The college is currently offering an introductory discount of $50 for any student who registers by April 14, 2023.  

“Green Flower is honored to be partnering with Joliet Junior College to offer our three cannabis industry training courses. The founders of JJC were true pioneers as they created the nation’s first public community college, hoping to help bridge the gap for graduating high school students looking to start careers. We applaud the college leadership for taking another significant and groundbreaking step in offering ways for people to train for careers in cannabis, the fastest growing industry in Illinois and the country,” says Daniel Kalef, vice president of higher education at Green Flower. 

Like other highly regulated industries, the need to have expertise in material handling, quality control, patient care, security, transportation, horticulture and more is vital to the success of all aspects of the industry, and all things people will learn in these courses. We are excited to partner with JJC and excited for the opportunity this will provide for students throughout the area.”

For more information on JJC’s cannabis programs, please visit cannabis.jjc.edu.

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