First Black Female Officer Joins JJC Police Department

As the first public community college in the U.S., Joliet Junior College is familiar with making history. Now Destiny Griffin is making new JJC history as the first Black female officer to join the JJC Police Department. 

"It is an honor, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve and be a part of a college/department that is working towards diversifying,” Officer Griffin said. “I am grateful that I get to be representation for young girls of any color, show that you can shine, thrive and achieve whatever goal you may have, even if it's one as bold as becoming a police officer.” 

After the typical hiring process, she officially joined JJC in December 2022 and was sworn in Tuesday, Dec. 20. Before formally serving the campus community, Griffin headed downstate to the police academy in early January for 16 weeks. 

On Friday, April 28, Griffin graduated from the police academy and was ready to return to JJC as a patrol officer. At the academy, Officer Griffin took an additional course in juvenile investigations, making her a certified juvenile officer. 

“The academy made me stronger because I went through a lot of things that I did not think I could survive through,” Officer Griffin said. “Making it into a field that is predominantly male is one of my biggest accomplishments because my mother always taught me I could do anything I put my mind to.” 

She has been in field training since May, and the length of field training varies from individual to individual. JJC Police Chief Brandon Campbell said Griffin is “very suited for the job and will have a bright future in law enforcement.” 

“She has a great attitude, which is 90 percent of the job,” Chief Campbell said. "She also understands the campus culture and the nuances that make it different from policing in a municipality.” 

Officer Griffin is actually an alumna of the College and was a student worker and campus safety officer.  

"It does give me a sense of pride to see her career arc come full circle,” Chief Campbell said. “It’s great and should serve as an inspiration for many to see." 

The JJC alumna said she “always had a feeling” she would return to the College. About two years ago, she told Chief Campbell she would be back, and thanks to the support of JJC’s officers, Officer Griffin is here today. 

“The reason why I stuck with JJCPD was because of the support and advice that was offered to me during the hiring process,” she said. “I felt like I had a lot of people who were genuinely rooting for me. On the day of my power test — the one I took at the police department — I was getting ready to give up during the run. JJC Officer Joe Eckols began to run with me in complete police gear, and due to him pushing me, we finished the run together in the time I needed to pass. At that point, I knew I had to succeed because there were real people on the sidelines rooting for me to win.”

For media inquiries, please contact Media and Communications Manager, Katherine Smith at or 815-280-2844. 

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