College Approves 2020-2023 Strategic Plan

The new 2020-2023 Strategic Plan was approved at the Board of Trustees meeting in September, and is considered the overarching plan to guide the college into the future.

“This plan is structured to be broad enough to allow for flexibility, but specific enough to provide guidance for the next several years,” Dr. Judy Mitchell, JJC president, said.

The college’s Strategic Planning Committee, comprised of a cross-representational group and led by Dr. Randy Fletcher, vice president for academic affairs, collected input from internal and external stakeholders with help from Thomas P. Miller and Associates. This work, which began in spring 2019, established a new vision statement, new mission statement, and six goals to address six themes that emerged through extensive data collection.

“You’ll see that we have, through all the input collected, significantly shortened our mission statement. It is important for everyone to quickly and easily identify and understand our mission and how it drives our activities. I believe our goals are truly representative of opportunities we have to grow the institution,” Dr. Mitchell said.


Joliet Junior College is the first choice for learning, working, and cultivating pathways to prosperity.


Joliet Junior College inspires learning, strengthens communities, and transforms lives.


  • Theme – Academic Excellence
  • Goal - Enhance learning experiences of students to prepare them for educational, career, and personal success.
  • Theme: Student Success and Support
  • Goal - Provide exceptional and accessible services to students as they explore and pursue their personal, academic, and career goals through guided academic pathways.
  • Theme: Effectiveness
  • Goal - Strengthen operational effectiveness.
  • Theme: Perception
  • Goal - Elevate perception of JJC.
  • Theme: Cultural Commitment
  • Goal - Pursue excellence in equity, engagement, and inclusion.
  • Theme: Outreach
  • Goal - Improve coordination of external outreach.

For the first goal, the college seeks to increase instructor assessment of learning and commitment to professional development. For the second goal, the college seeks to increase the usage of services available to our students, in addition to increasing the number of students that complete an academic pathway to increase persistence and retention. With the third goal, the college looks to support increased staff productivity by streamlining internal processes and operation.

For goal 4, the college seeks to broaden community awareness and perception of JJC and its resources.  For goal 5, the college intends to increase employee satisfaction and morale, in addition to increasing its employment of minority populations. For the final goal, the college intends to broaden its relationships and representation within community organizations and business and industry.

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