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Student Activities

Office of Student Activities and Wellness

The Office of Student Activities and Wellness strives to provide opportunities for students to discover, practice, and develop their personal and professional skill sets through campus involvement opportunities including clubs, Student Government, leadership trainings, wellness programs, diversity, equity, and inclusion conversations, and social events.

Our goal is to support JJC students through personal growth, and help create great leaders for our families, communities, and future workplaces! If you need any accommodations to better participate in student activity's events, please e-mail studentactivities@stu.jjc.edu

Social Media

Student Activities is on social media. You can see event pictures, announcements of upcoming programs and students being engaged on campus through these outlets. Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Threads, TikTok and Twitter.

Community Events

The OSA staff collaborates with JJC departments, student clubs, student organizations, and community partners to provide an engaging campus life experiences for all students. Currently enrolled students can visit their MyJJC Portal page for the OSA calendar of events. Individuals interested in learning more about OSA efforts can contact us via email at studentactivities@stu.jjc.edu.

Programs Offered through Student Activities

Through various clubs, organizations, and activities, students have the opportunity to add another dimension to the college experience.

  • Leadership Programs

    All students have the opportunity to grow their leadership skills by getting involved in a campus club, Student Government, or attending leadership trainings. Currently enrolled students can view the leadership opportunities in their MyJJC Portal..

  • Student Government

    JJC Student Government is the "Voice of the Students". SG members represent the students on college committees, conducts surveys, hosts events and much more!  Current Students can learn more about Student Government on their MYJJC portal Student Government page.

  • Clubs

    Clubs are available for students to join. Clubs reflect current student interests including professional, multicultural, advocacy, spiritual, and special interests. New clubs are created with 10 interested students, an adviser and paperwork. Collegiate Club Council meets monthly to approve finance requests and encourage collaboration among the clubs. Students can view club information in their MYJJC portal and should e-mail the adviser of any club they are interested in learning more about.

  • Wellness Programming

    The OSA staff works to ensure that all students have the support services, resources and education needed to to be a healthy and successful student. Students can obtain more information about personal services through the Student Mental Health and Wellness Program.

  • Large Events Open to all Students

    Students can view the student activities calendar of events in their MYJJC portal. The Office of Student Activities collaborates with other departments for large social events, cultural events, club recruitment fairs, welcome week, informational fairs, and much more.


  • Comfort Zones

    Comfort Zone events provide opportunities for students to socialize, create, relax, and learn during evening hours. For more information students can visit the student activities calendar of events in their MYJJC portal.

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