Test Preparation

High School Equivalency Test Preparation

Testing Services administers high school equivalency testing. The Tutoring and Learning Center provides assistance to Joliet Junior College students interested in preparing for these exams.

Placement Test Preparation

Testing Services administers English and math placement testing. The Tutoring and Learning Center provides assistance to Joliet Junior College students interested in preparing for these exams.

TEAS Preparation

Testing Services administers TEAS testing. The Tutoring and Learning Center provides TEAS preparation to JJC and non-JJC students. Review the information below to learn about the registration process, TEAS preparation workshop dates, and view comments from previous individuals who have attended these sessions.

  • TEAS Preparation

    Registration Process

    1. Visit or call the Tutoring and Learning Center (TLC) to ensure a TEAS preparation workshop seat is available for your preferred subject(s): math, reading, science, or writing.  The TLC is located in C-2010 at the Main Campus; you may call the TLC at 815-280-2730.
    2. Pay the non-refundable, non-transferrable TEAS Preparation Workshop Fee. 
      • Joliet Junior College Students

        • TEAS preparation workshops are free to JJC students who are enrolled in the previous, current, or next semester.  Once registered, JJC students will receive an email with the following information:

          • Confirmation of date and time of workshop(s), and

          • iCampus invitation to view TEAS preparation study materials.

      • Non-Joliet Junior College Students

        • Non-JJC students must pay $25.00 per workshop.  Workshops are organized by subject: math, reading, science, or writing.

        • Once payment has been receive in-person or over the phone, and the TLC has received proof of purchase, TEAS preparation study materials will be emailed to your personal email upon request.

    3. You will not need to provide a copy of receipt to attend TEAS Preparation Workshop; your name will appear on the roster.
    4. Only those individuals on the roster will be allowed to attend.  Drop-ins are not allowed, and workshop registration is not transferrable.

    Last updated October 17, 2018.

  • TEAS preparation workshop dates, times, subjects, and locations






    Tuesday, September 10


    TEAS Math

    Main Campus. C-2010

    Tuesday, September 10


    TEAS Science

    Main Campus. C-2010

    Tuesday, September 17


    TEAS Writing

    Romeoville Campus. RMB-1080

    Tuesday September 17


    TEAS Reading

    Romeoville Campus. RMB-1080

    Thursday, September 26


    TEAS Math

    Main Campus. C-2010

    Thursday, September 26


    TEAS Science

    Main Campus. C-2010


  • Student Comments about TEAS preparation workshops

    All TEAS Preparation Workshop participants were surveyed about their experience with the preparation sessions.  Below are some of their comments.

    "It was great!" - Nursing Student Candidate

    "This was a great way to start studying." - Nursing Student Candidate

    "This was a really good workshop.  I hope they continue offering them." - Radiologic Technology Student Candidate

    "I now have a better idea of what to study." - Nursing Student Candidate

    "The strategies for test taking were most helpful." - Nursing Student Candidate

    "The small class size made it relaxed yet informative."Nursing Student Candidate

    "The environment was comfortable and it was easy to ask questions." - Radiologic Technology Student Candidate

    "The tutor went through problems step by step." - Veterinary Medical Technology Student Candidate

    "The review was helpful and available at an inexpensive rate." - Nursing Student Candidate 

    "I like that the tutor provided plenty of practice problems for each section." - Nursing Student Candidate

    "What I liked most was the small class size." - Radiologic Technology

    "I like that there was plenty of time to ask the tutor questions." - Nursing Student Candidate

    "The information provided was great!  Having taken the TEAS, I was able to have a different perspective and ask appropriate questions." - Nursing Student Candidate

    "The tutor was nice, very willing to answer questions, and gave good examples." - Nursing Student Candidate

    "I really liked having the sample test and problems to work on.  I also liked the way the tutor presented the workshop." - Nursing Student Candidate

    "PowerPoints were loaded with a lot of helpful information.  I liked that we practiced in the session what we reviewed." - Radiologic Technology Student Candidate