Tutoring & Learning Center

The Tutoring and Learning Center provides in-person and online course tutoring, drop-in math assistance, presentation tutoring, and more for Joliet Junior College students.  Watch a short video featuring TLC services.

Course Tutoring

The TLC provides in-person and online tutoring with peer or professional tutors for nearly every credit-bearing course at JJC.  Call or stop by to schedule your appointment.

Drop-in Math Assistance

The Main Campus TLC provide free drop-in math tutoring for all levels of math coursework, including placement testing preparation.  With no appointment necessary, a student can work with peer and professional math tutors.  Students may also receive assistance with the following math software: My Math Lab, My Stats Lab, and Geometer's Sketchpad.

Presentation Tutoring

If you are preparing a presentation for a speech course or any other course on campus, a professional speech tutor is available to assist you at the Main Campus TLC with the following:

  • Developing presentations
  • Drafting outlines
  • Conducting research
  • Practicing presentation
  • Learning PowerPoint
  • Recording presentations   

Reading and Writing Tutoring

TLC peer and professional English tutors can help students with English and all other courses at JJC with regard to the following:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Reading Strategies
  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Developing a thesis
  • Organizing ideas for essays and research
  • Outlining 
  • Revising a draft
  • Supporting arguments
  • MLA/APA and other formatting
  • Integrating quotes
  • Using correct documentation
  • Creating effective introductions and conclusions
  • Identifying  strengths and weaknesses in writing
  • Reviewing grammar
  • TLC peer and professional English tutors can also provide assistance with writing scholarship essays and college application essays.

Study Aids

The Main Campus TLC provides JJC students with access to study aids including accounting books with solution guides, and natural science biology models and flashcards.  TLC's biology models.

Test Preparation

The TLC provides in-person and online test preparation assistance for placement testing (Accuplacer, ALEKS), high school equivalency testing (GED, HISET, TASC), and the TEAS. 


TLC peer and professional tutors administer a variety of academic workshops.  TLC workshop schedule.

  • What Students are Saying

    Mary Baskerville, Professional English Tutor

    "Ms. Baskerville went above and beyond to explain the material for my English essay...Thank you Ms. Baskerville for your assistance.  I greatly appreciate what you did for me.  You're a great tutor." – English student

    Chrystal Burich, Professional English Tutor

    "She was great! She did a great job creating a great learning environment and made a great impact on my confidence for this paper. Would recommend her as a tutor." – English student

    Rob Clodfelter, Accounting Technical Tutorial Assistant

    "Rob is awesome and really cares about what he is doing!" – Accounting student

    "The material I was given helped me out so much.  Glad I came for tutoring!" – Math student

    Denise Curry, Professional English/ TEAS Tutor

    "Denise is an amazing English tutor.  She does not write your essay for you, which I appreciate.  She tries to explain the writing assignment and then helps brainstorm.  She is an amazing guide.  I would recommend her to anyone!" – English student

    Christine Fiorite, Professional English Tutor

    "Christine is great and she teaches me in a in a way that everything seems so easy." – English student

    Nancy Gaffney, Professional Computer Science/ OFS Tutor

    "Nancy has been so helpful.  I don't think I would have been able to pass this class without her help.  She is very good at explaining things." – OFS student

    "The staff was awesome, and Nancy went out of her way to help me.  Thank you." – Sociology student

    Clinton Garwood, Professional Computer Science Tutor

    "OMG... Clint was such a big help in tutoring me for my class. Still really nervous but feel a little better now." – CIOS Student

  • Scheduled and Unscheduled Closures

    Scheduled and unscheduled events may close the testing center.  Please review the links below to learn about these closures and plan your visit accordingly.

    Academic Calendar

    Winter Weather Info

  • Locations

    Hours vary by location.  Please review the information below to select a location that best meets your needs, keeping in mind that some tutoring services are limited to a particular location.

    Main Campus – Tutoring and Learning Center (C-2010)

    • 815-280-2730 or 815-280-CUBE (2823)

    Romeoville Campus – Tutoring and Learning Center (RMA-1039)

    • 815-280-7785 or 815-280-7786

    City Center Campus – Tutoring and Learning Center (JCTR-6002)

    • 815-280-1301 or 815-280-1302

    Online Tutoring – Smarthinking

    iCampus offers free online tutoring to JJC students enrolled in credit-bearing courses. The subjects supported are:

    • Business
    • Computers and Technology
    • Mathematics and Statistics
    • Reading
    • Science
    • Spanish
    • Writing

    Drop-in Session: Connect with an expert tutor for a live session on demand.

    Schedule a Future Session: Schedule a live session with a tutor in the future. Please note that these appointments must be booked at least 48 hours in advance.

    Ask a Question: If you don't have time for a live session, send a tutor an academic question. Turnaround time for a response is typically within 24 hours.

    Writing Center: Have your writing reviewed by an expert tutor. You can submit a paragraph, essay, or just a question 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Turnaround time for a response is typically within 24 hours.


    Get started using Smarthinking

    ALL JJC credit courses have a link on their course's menu within Canvas to Smarthinking.



    Smarthinking Support & Additional Resources

    Need help, please contact Smarthinking at http://smarthinking.echelp.org/.

    For additional Smarthinking Resources, watch the helpful videos on the Smarthinking website at http://smarthinking.com/student-resources.

  • Tutoring Guidelines

    To provide high quality and consistent service, the TLC requests all patrons abide by these tutoring guidelines.  

    • Tutoring is not a substitute for attending class. If a student does not attend class, he/she cannot participate in tutoring.
    • TLC tutors will not assist with practice tests or take-home exams.
    • Students may only be tutored for classes in which they are currently enrolled.
    • Students may only receive one hour of tutoring per week per subject unless otherwise approved by the Academic Skills Center Coordinator.
    • Students may only book appointments 10 business days in advance. 
    • Food and beverages are not allowed in the Tutoring Rooms. These items must be disposed before entering the Tutoring and Learning Center.
    • If a student is more than 10 minutes late, his/her appointment is automatically cancelled. If a student misses two appointments, Tutoring and Learning Center staff has the right to deny the student future tutoring appointments. The student will then be permitted to use these services on a drop-in basis only.
    • Student must provide at least two hours' notice prior to cancelling a session.  Students who chronically cancel session may lose schedule privileges for the semester. 
    • Children are not allowed in the Tutoring Rooms.
    • Tutees must prepare for the tutoring sessions by (1) reviewing course materials; (2) making a reasonable effort to complete reading and/or homework; and (3) compiling a list of questions, comments, and concerns.
    • Tutees must actively participate in the tutoring sessions by (1) determining mutually agreed upon goals and objectives with the tutor for each session; (2) at the end of each session, determining if needs/ expectations were met; and (3) communicating to tutor if any needs are not adequately addressed. 
    • All tutees must adhere to Student Code of Conduct.

  • Tutoring and Learning Center Staff

    David Hampton, Esq., Academic Skills Center Coordinator
    Office: A-1137
    Phone: (815) 280-2220
    Email: dhampton@jjc.edu

    Amber Carlisle, Academic Skills Center Secretary
    Office: A-1138
    Phone: (815) 280-6667
    Email: acarlisl@jjc.edu

  • Apply for a Tutoring Position

    Each semester, the Tutoring and Learning Center hires 15-20 peer tutors to lead one-on-one and group tutoring sessions, as well as to assist and/or lead workshops.  If you are interested in becoming a Tutoring and Learning Center Tutor and meet the following criteria, we encourage you to go to the Career Services webpage and apply.

    Tutoring and Learning Center Peer Tutor Qualifications

    Peer tutor job opportunities are posted on the JJC Employment website.

    • High school diploma or equivalent
    • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
    • Completion of at least one semester of college coursework
    • Enrollment in at least six credit hours during the semester you plan to tutor
    • An A or B earned in subject area to be tutored
    • Ability to communicate effectively with students/faculty
    • Ability to work with minimum supervision and maintain confidentiality
    • Patience, problem-solving abilities, with a proven history of reliability
    • Previous work history

    Tutoring and Learning Center Professional Tutor Qualifications

    Professional tutor job opportunities are posted on JJC's Employment website.

    • Vary depending on subject area and level of experience and education

    Last updated on September 2, 2016.

  • CRLA ITTPC Certified Tutors

    All Tutoring and Learning Center tutors are required to participate in College Reading and Learning Association International Tutor Training Program Certification activities.  These activities promote the tutoring philosophy of the independent learner, allow tutors an opportunity to meet with colleagues and discuss tutoring-related issues, and expose peer and professional tutors to other college resources.  Special thanks to Career Services, Human Resources, the Library, Project Achieve, and Disability Services for leading some of these training sessions.  Below are the certified TLC tutors who earned this accolade; there are three certification levels.

    Tutor Name ​Role ​Level 1 Certification ​Level 2 Certification ​Level 3 Certification
    ​Mary Baskerville ​Professional English Tutor ​Earned January 15, 2014 ​Earned August 24, 2016 Earned April 5, 2017​
    Chrystal Burich​ ​Professional English Tutor Earned May 23, 2017
    ​Robert Clodfelter ​Accounting Technical Tutorial Assistant ​Earned March 8, 2013 ​Earned August 23, 2016
    ​Brian Coley ​Professional English Tutor ​Earned September 5, 2014
    ​Denise Curry ​Professional English Tutor ​Earned January 15, 2014 ​Earned September 1, 2016
    ​Christine Fiorite ​Professional English Tutor ​Earned June 17, 2017
    ​Nancy Gaffney ​Professional CIOS/ OFS Tutor ​Earned March 11, 2013 Earned November 14, 2016​
    ​Cecilia Jackson ​Professional English Tutor ​Earned September 5, 2014 Earned March 10, 2017​
    ​Natalie Jackson ​Professional Math Tutor ​Earned April 12, 2016 Earned June 5, 2017​
    ​Sabrina Jones ​Professional English Tutor ​Earned April 28, 2016 ​Earned August 31, 2016
    ​Andrzej Kubis ​Professional Math Tutor ​Earned April 27, 2016
    ​Larry Lahm ​Professional Math Tutor ​Earned June 9, 2016 ​Earned March 1, 2017
    ​Gretchen Nurczyk ​Professional Math Tutor ​Earned March 1, 2016 ​Earned August 23, 2016  
    ​Dr. Ann Padden ​Professional Math Tutor ​Earned April 9, 2013
    ​Deborah Pletcher ​Professional Math Tutor ​Earned May 2, 2016 Earned June 1, 2017​
    ​Trisha Russo ​Professional Math Tutor ​Earned May 4, 2016
    ​Janis Shumac ​Professional English Tutor ​Earned June 15, 2016 ​Earned September 28, 2016 ​Earned May 22, 2017
    ​Melanie Sprengel ​Professional Biology Tutor ​Earned September 5, 2017
    ​Kimberly Steger-Nikolic ​Professional Speech Tutor ​Earned February 9, 2016 ​Earned August 22, 2016
    ​Jean Tyrell ​Professional English Tutor ​Earned January 15, 2014 ​Earned September 1, 2016
    ​Kathleen Weishaar ​Professional Math Tutor ​Earned April 26, 2016 Earned February 15, 2017​
    ​Dr. Steve Wright ​Professional Biology Tutor ​Earned March 6, 2013 ​Earned August 22, 2016 ​Earned February 8, 2017
    Former Tutors
    ​Lujain Abufarha Professional Speech Tutor ​Earned April 26, 2016 ​Earned April 25, 2017
    ​​​Maha Abufarha ​​CADD Technical Tutorial Assistant ​​​Earned March 12, 2013
    Victoria Barclay​ ​Peer Tutor ​Earned October 14, 2016
    ​Vinchenzo Basile ​Peer Tutor ​Earned April 26, 2016
    ​Ashley Beushausen ​​Peer Tutor ​Earned August 13, 2013
    ​Kathleen Bilski ​Vet Tech Technical Tutorial Assistant ​​Earned April 22, 2013
    ​Chris Bookhout ​Peer Tutor ​Earned August 8, 2013
    ​Carmen Chinchilla ​Peer Tutor ​Earned May 2, 2013
    ​Rob Cummins ​Professional English Tutor ​Earned September 5, 2014
    ​​​​Dominique Dusek ​​​Professional English Tutor ​​​Earned January 25, 2016
    ​Steve Delmagori ​Professional English Tutor ​Earned July 31, 2014
    ​Kristy Eads ​Tutorial Assistant ​Earned April 29, 2013  
    ​Beth Gierach ​Tutorial Assistant ​Earned April 30, 2013    
    ​Carol Jackson ​Professional Math Tutor ​Earned January 26, 2016
    ​Joe Kelly ​Peer Tutor ​Earned September 30, 2013
    ​Dr. Sam Kongpricha ​Professional Math Tutor ​Earned March 6, 2013
    ​Tom Kulasik ​Technical Tutorial Assistant ​Earned March 12, 2013
    ​Rachel Martiniak ​Peer Tutor ​Earned May 1, 2013
    ​Heather Nadess ​Professional English Tutor ​Earned December 2, 2013
    ​Tammy Ohm ​Tutorial Assistant ​Earned June 18, 2013
    ​Michael Schneider ​Professional CIOS/ OFS Tutor ​Earned May 31, 2016
    ​Hannah Werden ​Peer Tutor ​Earned May 11, 2017
    ​​​Lucia Zuniga ​​Peer Tutor ​​​Earned January 29, 2016


     Last updated on November 13, 2017.