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Dual Credit

This program is a partnership between JJC and area high schools and career centers. It allows students to earn high school and college credit upon successful completion of a dual credit course.

Dual Credit

Want to earn college credit in high school without leaving your high school campus?

JC dual credit classes are high school courses that count toward your college degree. That's right - one class can count toward both your high school diploma and your college degree, even if you're not planning on attending JJC after graduation. They are a little more difficult than your average high school course, but if you're a dedicated student, this is a great way to earn college credit ahead of time - and for free.

Benefits of Dual Credit
  • You're officially a JJC student. You can obtain a JJC student ID card at the Main Campus Photo I.D. Services or the Romeoville Campus Resource Center. There are many benefits to having a JJC student ID card. In addition to being your JJC Library card, they allow you access to several on-campus computer labs and it can be used to receive discounts at local businesses. Your ID card is an acceptable form of ID in the Academic Skills Center, iCampus Testing Center, cafeteria and the JJC Bookstore.
  • Reduced overall college costs. JJC dual credit courses are offered at no cost to the student if they are taught by an approved high school instructor. All tuition as fees are waived.
  • Complete your college degree quicker. Dual credit students will complete their degrees in less time.
  • Enhanced curriculum for high school students. The addition of college coursework to high school curricula expands the options available to high school students while adding college level rigor.
  • These courses make for an easy transition between high school and college. Dual credit courses help prepare students for the transition to college by engaging them in college level work and developing pathways to degree attainment.
  • High school students are able to obtain college credit prior to graduation.
  • Students enjoy the convenience of taking JJC dual credit courses within their high school daytime schedule.
  • Dual credit courses are transferable JJC courses. The student will receive a JJC transcripted grade upon completion of their dual credit course. For additional information about transferring credit please refer to itransfer.org.

To learn more about becoming a dual credit student, please visit our FAQ page. If you are a high school teacher who wants to become a dual credit instructor, please visit our Instructor Information page.

To view a list of dual credit high school courses, visit our Dual Credit High Schools page.

How to Apply to be a JJC Dual Credit Student

To enroll in dual credit classes, you will need to fill out a JJC application first. Then you will need to fill out a dual credit application below. NOTE: Undocumented students must fill out the paper application.

  1. Please select the appropriate term (semester/year), then enter your date of birth as ##/##/####. Enter your last name, then your first name.

  2. Under "Educational Goals," choose "I only plan to complete one or several courses." Under "Reason for Attending JJC," choose "Other."

  3. Submit your application. Your JJC Student ID number should be displayed for 30 seconds, so please be prepared to write it down or print the page. If your JJC Student ID number is not displayed, please call the Office of Dual Credit at (815) 280-6927.

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