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The Joliet Junior College Entrepreneur & Business Center (EBC)

The mission of the Joliet Junior College Entrepreneur & Business Center (EBC) is to support both start-ups and existing small business success by providing no-cost mentoring, training/education and advisory services to promote economic development in Community College District 525.

We Can Help

Statistics report that the number one reason why businesses fail is lack of experience. Let JJC's Entrepreneur & Business Center (EBC) at JJC help you strengthen your chances at becoming a success.

Check out these quick tips:

  • Tip 1: Launch a business in an area where you have passion, expertise and experience
  • Tip 2: Always start with a business plan
  • Tip 3: Use all services available to you at the EBC

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Services We Offer

The EBC can provide no-cost consulting, training and more to help with your business. Services are available for those just starting out or those who already have an established business. Get started today!

We Provide Business Advisory Services

  • One-on-One Business Advising

    We'd love to learn more about your business and help you achieve your goals. Become a client to make an appointment with an EBC advisor at no cost. All appointments are confidential. 

    For New Businesses

    During your advising session, new businesses can expert assistance with the following:

    • Business plan development
    • Determining forms of organization (i.e. LLC, Sole Proprietor, Corporation)
    • Cash flow analysis
    • Marketing plan development
    • Financial analysis and planning
    • Management assistance
    • Sales strategy 

    For Established Businesses

    The EBC at JJC can also help established businesses grow. We'll sit down with you to see where your opportunities for growth may be. This could include: 

    • Your people. Could training help you or your staff? What about better hiring practices? 
    • Your product. How is the customer service experience? What about your price? How is your value proposition compared to competitors?
    • Marketing. Can every employee deliver your elevator pitch to their circle of influence? Is your website and social media bringing you more customers? Is your advertising reaching the right people? 
    • Sales. Which part of the sales process coul be improved to bring and retain more customers? 

  • 5 Stages of Starting/Growing A Business

    I. Idea/Concept Stage

    The idea stage is a business, strategy or plan that hasn't been developed in any significant way.

    II. Product Design/Test Stage

    In this phase, a buyer profile or "need" is drafted and the product or solution is designed to meet this targeted need.

    III. The "Company" Stage

    In this stage, we address the need to establish your business.

    IV. Business Planning Stage

    In this phase, one should have or develop a formal business plan which would be used to present the business to potential investors, lenders, grant writers, etc.

    The level of detail in this plan will vary based upon the entrepreneur and the type of business - but, financiers will be seeking as much planning detail as possible in their reviews.

    V. Go-to-Market/Operational Stage

    The GTM stage encompasses both "Launch" and/or "Growth" of a business.

    In this phase, all of the aspects of the business come together in driving the product/service/solution into the target marketplace.

  • Classes, Workshops, Seminars and More

    The EBC at JJC offers a variety of seminars throughout the year to address topics that are important to small business owners. Topics range from "Starting Your Business in Illinois" to specific seminars about marketing, financing, social media, accounting, insurance and much more. We also offer networking events that provide opportunities to meet with other entrepreneurs and share business ideas.

    More on Workshops

  • Referral Services

    Does your business need specialized attention? The EBC can refer you to a variety of professionals, services and consultants in the area. Many provide no cost or low-cost initial consultation meetings.

    Referral services include:

    • Lenders
    • Accountants
    • Human resources
    • Website design/social media
    • Attorneys
    • Other areas of specialized consulting