Contract Training

6 Easy Steps to Success

  1. Your company contacts JJC and requests a meeting to determine your training needs.
  2. A training action plan is developed.
  3. We present a proposal for training content, cost and delivery.
  4. We secure expert trainers/instructors and further customize training and materials.
  5. Training is conducted at your company or on our campus - or at a site that best supports learning and skill acquisition at a time specified by your company.
  6. Each training session ends with an evaluation of the program. 

Advantages of Working with us include:

Customized Training
We will accommodate your needs and the needs of your personnel.

Flexible Scheduling
We will work with your company to determine the dates and times to offer the training.

Manageable Costs
Before any training begins, you will sign a contract outlining all costs that are involved.

Skill Assessments
We can include a skill assessment as part of any training program. This allows you to better identify the needs of your personnel and the objectives of the training program.

On-Site Credit Courses
We can arrange for any of our current courses to be conducted at your site for credit.

On-Site Consulting/Counseling
Let us analyze your training needs, then identify and facilitate the training to meet these needs.

Job Shadowing/Organizational Assessment
One of our highly skilled facilitators will come to your site to customize our training to your specific organization's needs. 

For More Information or to Get Started

For more information on our customized training, please contact Kevin Riley, Contract Training Coordinator, at (815) 280-2729 or email him at