Enrolling in ECC

Joliet Junior College’s Early Childhood Center is no longer accepting new clients. 

  • Children must be 3 years old prior to the first day of attendance. 
  • Priority registration is given to those families who have children currently enrolled. 
  • No child will be registered for less than a two-hour block of time twice a week. 

A non-refundable registration fee must be paid each semester before the child's registration will be considered active. Once registration availability is approved by the Program Manager the registration fee may be paid at the Center with cash or check or at Student Accounts & Payments department by cash, check, or charge. 


Children from the community may attend the center when enrollment is below capacity. They must meet all registration requirements and follow the college calendar for days in attendance and holidays. 

  • Schedules are approved in 30 minute increments only.  
  • All programs (full day and part day) require a start time not later than 11:00am. 
  • All schedules are required to meet the two-day / two-hour minimum. 
  • Children in the Full Day program are provided two snacks per day, lunch and resting periods as well as outside time when weather permits.  
  • Your bill will reflect your child's schedule as full-time or part-time days for College students only. Please schedule your child's day carefully.   
  • For additional information on Open Houses & Enrollment dates, please call the ECC. 

Financial Information

  • Registration & Deposit

    Registration Fee

    • SPRING 2021 ONLY- Registration Fee Only, No Deposit Required 
    • JJC Student: $25.00
    • JJC Faculty & Staff, per family (non-refundable, per semester): $50.00


    • Not required for Spring 2021

    A non-refundable deposit toward future tuition must be paid per child to fully reserve their space. The deposit must be submitted along with ALL completed enrollment documentation, including a completed physical form, copy of child's birth certificate, application form and all other documents. The deposit will be credited toward the final bill of the semester. 

    • JJC Students: $150.00 deposit required
    • JJC Faculty/Staff/Community: $200.00 deposit required

  • Rates & Fees

    SPRING 2021 - $30.00/day for available sessions:

    MWF 7:30am - 11:30am session

    TR 7:30am - 11:30am session

     MWF 12:30pm - 4:30pm session

    TR  12:30pm - 4:30 pm session

    Full Time Program

    • JJC Student: $150/Weekly (5 days, 5 hours or more daily)
    • JJC Faculty/Staff/Community: $200/Weekly 2-day/2-hour minimum requirement applies

    Part Time Program

    • All part time options offer flexibility throughout the operational day. No child will be scheduled with an arrival time after 11am. No drop off services available. 2-day/2-hour minimum schedule required for all options. 
    • JJC Faculty/Staff/Community: weekly minimum $80.00 
    • JJC Students: weekly minimum $60.00

  • Billing & Payments

    • A billing schedule will be provided at the time of enrollment or call the center for details. Payment is due at the Student Accounts and Payments center no later than 30 days after the billing date.  
    • Charges are calculated based on schedule provided at time of enrollment.  Any approved add-on hours will be added to the following bill.  
    • Credit will not be given for hours missed because of illness or for other personal reasons. In the event of a school closing, no charges are applied. Adjustments for prolonged absences must be arranged with the manager.  


    Delinquent Bills

    Parents of children whose payments are more than one month in arrears will be restricted and their child may be dropped from the program unless arrangements for payment are made with the program manager and the Student Accounts and Payments Center. 

    Drop or Add-on Hours

    Parents who drop classes will be responsible for all child care charges until the client has notified the Early Childhood Center manager in writing on the required form. Extra days may be added only if space is available and with manager approval. The daily rate applies. No hourly rates available. 

  • Financial Aid & Scholarships

    Students may use their PELL awards to pay for child care services. We also accept Child Care Assistance Programs (CCAP) through Child Care Resource and Referral agencies (CCR&R). If your child care bill is paid through CCAP, Displaced Homemakers or other financial aid programs or assistance, please notify the manager prior to enrollment. Parents will be responsible for fulfilling all attendance requirements for their financial programs and for providing all necessary forms to the manager in a timely manner. 

    Scholarships and Assistance

    Based on income eligibility, assistance for child care expenses is available through the local Child Care Resource and Referral. Please call 815.741.1179 or visit Child Care Resource & Referral for more information.

    Limited scholarships may be available through an application process when funding is available. Please check with the program manager and visit the JJC Scholarships page for details and application process.

    Tax Information

    Parents are expected to keep their own records of payment information needed for income tax information purposes. The center's FEIN (Federal Exemption Index Number) may be obtained by contacting the program manager.