General Information

Joliet Junior College’s Early Childhood Center is no longer accepting new clients.

We understand the delicate balance between home and school and recognize the added challenge of parents who have chosen to continue their education while raising a family. Making your child care decisions should be among your most thoughtful decisions you will ever make. Let us help put your mind at ease.  

This general information page should answer the most frequently raised concerns and questions of our clients. Should you find you have questions beyond what we have provided and after you have viewed our mandatory  Parent orientation video, please do not hesitate to talk with us personally. 

Guidelines and Information

  • Curriculum and Daily Schedule

    The curriculum at the Joliet Junior College Early Childhood Center is a combination of child-initiated play, adult-supported projects, small-and large-group activities, informal and pre-planned learning experiences. We use a published, research-based model and align our curriculum plans to the Illinois Early Learning Standards.  

    Sample Curriculum (PDF)

    Logging In & Out: 
    When you arrive at the Center, log in using the 4 digit ProCare number assigned to you at enrollment. ProCare procedures are carefully covered during the new parent orientation sessions. If you have any questions about ProCare or the tracking system please ask your child's teacher or the Clerical Assistant for assistance. 

    If your child is scheduled to arrive before 9:30am, they will be served a breakfast consisting of a grain, fruit or vegetable and liquid milk.

    Lunch is automatically ordered for children if they are scheduled during lunch hours.  Parents who would like to schedule a lunch with their child may do so with a minimum of one day's notice and a charge of $5.50 will be added to the following billing cycle. 

    Classroom Attendance
    Please assist your child in the arrival rituals of the day. Help them put their belongings in the appropriate classroom cubbies, wash their hands (water-soap-water method) and walk them carefully to their classroom teacher before you say good bye. Each classroom will have a sign-in / sign-out form near the classroom door. Please sign your child into the classroom on the form provided. Attendance sheets will later be compared to the ProCare tracking system for monitoring accuracy and security. 

  • Clothing

    Each child must have a clean set of clothing at the center. Clothing must be appropriate for the weather and include socks, underclothes, a shirt and pants. Please label each item with your child's name and bring these items to school prior to the child's first day of attendance. Put clothing in a plastic grocery sack with the child's name clearly marked on the outside in permanent marker.

    During cold weather, each child must have a coat, hat, mittens and boots. When boots are appropriate, please provide extra shoes for indoor use to help protect floors and carpeting from wet & soil. 

  • Guidance & Discipline

    Disruptive Behavior-In cases that arise where a child in the center is deemed harmful to himself or to other children, the program manager reserves the right to suspend the child's privilege to attend for the day. Continuous disruptive or dangerous behavior will result in suspension from the program for the semester. 

    Grievance Procedure-Should you have any concern or experience any problems while your child is enrolled in the Early Childhood Center, you should bring those concerns or problems to the attention of the teachers and /or your program manager. Feel free to talk to the teachers or manager in an open and frank manner, offering suggestions and possible solutions. The center staff will make every effort to help resolve any problem related to the center program. 

  • Supplies

    There are opportunities throughout the year for parents to donate supplies to the center. We do not require traditional school supplies but do ask that parents support our giving tree by making periodic donations to keep our center running smoothly and to help keep our rates low for everyone. 

    Please help when and where you can. 

  • Meal Service

    Children scheduled during the lunch hour will participate in the hot lunch program included in the daily charges. Children are also provided two snacks each day; one mid-morning and one after nap. The meal program is a nutritional program that stresses the importance of good eating and positive attitudes toward food. 

    The cost of our meal service program is included in the daily fee. The center participates in the Child and Adult Food Program through the Illinois State Board of Education. Anyone that feels they would qualify for a free or reduced fee lunch will be provided the appropriate forms to apply. The children are served a balanced and nutritious meal prepared in the college kitchen and catered to the center.

    Menus are planned to meet the nutritional needs of the young child. Meals are served family style. Children with special dietary restrictions must provide doctor's support through letter or medical reports and parents must inform the manager through the child's application process of these restrictions. All reasonable requests for modification based on doctor supported evidence will be considered or modified. 

    Sample Rotation Menus (PDF)

  • School Closing/Security

    In cases of extreme weather conditions, radio stations WJOL (1340 AM) or WGN (730 AM) will carry announcements for school closing.

    JJC students, faculty and staff will be notified through the JJC Emergency Alert System (RAVE). Please be sure that you are signed up.

    There will be no charges for days when school is closed. 

    The place where children will be housed in the event of a disaster is the nearest, safe environment. Location of that place will be determined by the manager and the campus police. Notification of the place selected will be available to parents from the police or other authorized agency. 

  • Health Issues

    Health Issues Guidelines 

    • Each child attending the Child Care Center must have a doctor approved physical exam on file. The immunization portion of this record must be current and complete. Each child must have current Tuberculosis test and lead screening, if indicated. The form must be signed and dated by the physician and be less than 6 months old at enrollment. 
    • Effective July 1, 2012, all children enrolled in a preschool program must have a vision & hearing screening on file as part of the physical and health examination process. 
    • Prescription medication will be administered by the program manager or a designee assigned by the manager. A medication request form must be filled out for each dosage. Medication must be in the original bottle and have the child's name, physician's name, current date and proper dosage on the bottle.  
    • The Child Care Center staff will not administer non-prescription medication. Parents must return to the center to administer non-prescription medications to their child when deemed necessary.  
    • No child will be allowed to stay at the center if a fever is present or if there are signs and /or symptoms of vomiting or diarrhea.  
    • Parents are required to provide the name of a certified practitioner for children exempt from medical care on religious grounds. If your child contracts a contagious disease, please notify the manager or any staff member of the center immediately.  
    • Only minor injuries will be treated at the center. These include bumps, bruises, minor cuts, scratches and nosebleeds. If further care is needed, first aid will be administered and the campus police will be sent to locate the parent. Parent must have a current class schedule on file, for this purpose. The program manager and all classroom teachers are certified in CPR and first-aid as well as AED procedures. 

    Health Links 

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    Health and Medical Immunization Information 

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