About the CCAMPIS Grant*

Child Care Access Means Parents in School (CCAMPIS)

JJC is in its fourth year of offering the CCAMPIS federal grant, which provides scholarships to student parents to offset the cost of child care while attending school.

*Only certain child care centers accept CCAMPIS funds. Please check below for more information. 


  • Pell eligible students through FASFA 
  • Enrolled in at least six credit hours
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of a 2.0 
  • Complete monthly meetings with the Parent Support Specialist 

How to Apply for CCAMPIS

Review the information below, then contact Amy Martin to turn in your application.

Amy Martin, CCAMPIS Parent Support Specialist
Phone: (815) 280-6717
Office number: H1016B 

  • What You Need To Apply

    To apply for the CCAMPIS grant, you need:

    1. CCAMPIS Scholarship Application
    2. Print out of the Student Pell Award Letter
    3. Schedule of needed childcare 
    4. List of providers your family prefers
    5. Class schedule 
    6. FASFA Student Aid report
    7. My Degree progress with most recent grades
    8. CCR&R application (attach to site if we can) 
    9. One page essay (See page 6 of the CCAMPIS Application)

  • Eligible Centers for the CCAMPIS Grant 

    Eligible Centers for the CCAMPIS Grant include:

    • All Kindercare Locations includes but not limited to:
      • Frankfort
      • Joliet 
      • Lemont
      • Bolingbrook
      • New Lenox 
      • Orland Park 
      • Tinley Park 
    • Step by Step Shorewood
    • Step by Step Braidwood 
    • Step by Step Diamond
    • Step by Step Morris 
    • Kiddie Academy of Frankfort
    • Kiddie Academy Plainfield
    • Kiddie Academy Bolingbrook
    • Kiddie Academy Lemont 
    • Kid Country Childcare in Manhattan 
    • Easter Seals Joliet
    • Joliet Early Learning Center – One Hope United 
    • Lapetite Academy (multiple locations) * 
    • The Goddard School (multiple locations)*
    • Catholic Charities (multiple Locations) ** 

    * Centers do not have contracts but are open to take students once slots are available and a student is interested 
    ** Catholic Charities is a Headstart Federal Grant/CCAMPIS Funds can only cover childcare costs outside of the Headstart grant which is limited to before and aftercare. Students must apply for Headstart first and show a need for more than 6+ hours of care a day.  

  • CCAMPIS Application Documents

    Please complete all four documents. Then, contact Amy Martin to turn in your application.

    Take In Slip
    Child Care Schedule
    Tuition Assistance Form
    CCAMPIS Application

    Amy Martin, CCAMPIS Parent Support Specialist
    Phone: (815) 280-6717
    Office number: H1016B