Transition Programs

Transition Programs for High School Students

JJC's transition programs give high school students the opportunity to take college level courses as high school seniors so that after they graduate with their high school diploma, they can opt out of JJC placement testing.

Community colleges and high schools work in partnership to create courses that incorporate the required competencies and policies. These courses emphasize:

  • authentic learning experiences
  • coursework aligned with careers and future college classes 
  • providing high school seniors with a new, motivating experience that is valuable in respect to the college placement achieved

Transition Math

Transition Math (TM) courses are designed to prepare high school seniors for college level math classes. Students who successfully complete a TM course can immediately place into an entry-level college math class at JJC, all Illinois community colleges and accepting Illinois universities without taking placement exams.

  • Transition Math Informational Videos

    JJC Transition Math Overview
    Learn about the benefits of transition math courses, the PWR Act and math course options in this informational video. You'll also learn more about using your TM course for placement and the portability process.

    Transition Math for Advisors
    This presentation will go over how to determine if a junior should consider taking a transition math course in addition to information about the ALEKS test and how a senior uses the course for placement.

  • Documents for Students

    First Steps
    Transition math students are required to take the ALEKS placement test twice: at the start and at the end of their transition math course. In order to take the placement test, students first need to complete a JJC application to receive a JJC ID number and email.

    How Transition Math Students Complete the JJC Application

    ALEKS Practice
    The ALEKS test offers students access to free remediation (or practice) modules to review and practice math skills. Check out more information below about how to access and navigate those practice modules.

    ALEKS Remediation Module Handout

    How to Use Transition Math for Placement
    After completing your transition math course, learn how you can use that course as a replacement for a JJC placement exam. 

    Using a Transition Math Course for Placement at Illinois Community Colleges

    JJC Math Courses
    Review available JJC math courses.

    Sequence of Math Courses 

  • Learn More

    Learn more about Transition Math by visiting the PWR Transition Math website.