Transition Programs

Transition Programs for High School Students

JJC's transition programs give high school students the opportunity to take college level courses as high school seniors. If they pass the course, they can opt out of JJC placement testing.

Community colleges and high schools have worked together to create these courses. These courses emphasize:

  • Authentic learning experiences
  • Coursework aligned with future college classes and careers
  • Providing high school seniors with a new, motivating experience

Transition Math

Transition Math (TM) courses prepare high school seniors for college level math classes. Students who pass a TM course can immediately place into an entry-level college math class at JJC or any other Illinois community college without taking placement exams. Some Illinois universities also accept these courses in place of placement exams as well.

Transition English

This program is under development.

  • Transition English (to come)

    JJC faculty and administrators are working with several high school partners to develop an English transition course. Please check back for more information soon.